How to get good at World of Tanks? Tip #1 — Dont play on Weekends

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I tried to make a video.. i really did.. but I did it on an x3 weekend like a retard.



  2. I’m glad to see this happens to super unicums too…I feel your pain.

  3. I totaly forgot that and yesterday i played worse than in the last 6
    months, i notmaly dont blame the team as i never trust them but fuck
    yesterday was just hell even green players were doing stupid shit.

  4. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    sry lemming but this is hilarious rofl I’m dying

  5. Last three days were horrible. I been trying to grind credits in premium
    tanks and all I was getting was tier 10 matches with teammates I literally
    out-damage them in a tier 8. I hit rock bottom yesterday and decided to
    grind credits in the op e5 just to get my winrate to stop sinking >.<

  6. 50 games played, 35%wr yup yup

  7. Sorta figured this one out a long time ago… but that didn’t stop me from
    trying… and OH BOY was tonight ever bad.

  8. Im gonna amend this title: Dont play ALONE on weekends. Especially holiday

  9. Christmas time = Winter Break = Dumbass kids coming online and fucking up

  10. mark lewis (cowsgom00)

    LOL yup, holiday and weekend teams are pure cancer to stats. Really looking
    forward to the x5 event, that’s going to be so much fun.

  11. Christian Rautjärvi

    haha finally a video I can relate to 😀 !!!

  12. haha, yeah I have lowered my win% by 0.15 yesterday which says a lot about
    the trolls playing and the mm. Almost every match has been total defeat and
    the whole team suiciding within the first minutes….

  13. LOL try and play on the SEA server. You have no idea. Words cant explain.

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