How to get rich in War Thunder?!?!

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Source: Munitions

100K lions with 3 caps XD

holiday weasel
local elevator
holiday weasel


  1. On a scale of 1 to 10 how illegal is this?
    Munitions: Yes

  2. Fake news. If you try this they will just immediately shoot you on sight.

  3. Bro its a sherman

  4. Step 1, promote that free GE app pyramid scheme, step 2, profit

  5. did nobody notice the floating piece of wall

  6. Step 1. Be a sellout and be sponsored.
    (this doesn’t always work)

  7. I feel like this is something that Gajin would suspend your account over though

  8. if I try I am literally raped by a su122 and an M4 -105😂😢

  9. What I had only imagined became a reality….

  10. Sadly it only works on dev server

  11. Get a 500% booster and play SB. Did one match and researched 2/3 of the mig29

  12. İs that good in low tiers?

  13. man every time i played this game i dreamed of this to happen, its just a problem of people always shoot miliseconds after they have their barrel on you, thats the reason why i quit the game to be honest the community makes it not fun (sometimes they make it the opposite, sometimes)

  14. Step 1: insert credit card details

  15. LoL The Sherman didn’t understand what the heck was happening 1:26

  16. WT
    if there isnt try harder
    No russian crying baby cheater
    And yews gaijin that wont sniff this out and patch this exploit

  17. You can get banned for this

  18. Nimród Sebők-Darmos

    Bro, are you hungarian?

  19. Bro got the other team to kill their own team😂

  20. Dev server, it doesn’t carry over to the production server

  21. I actually had this happen once in a real match, was very funny.

  22. Is your pfp the mig 23 after burner?

  23. Tobitusz madafakusz

    Where are you from?

  24. I make money by Uptiering myself and making my Sherman A3 as the designated repair guy

  25. businessmen

  26. So noone will ask about the flying things in the side😂

  27. Really if you could co-ordinate an entire team, you could have 4 friendlies on 3 caps and 4 enemies on 3 caps and just rotate like this and everyone would earn significantly more loins and teach gaijin a lesson about earnings

  28. the kindest fight in War Thunder🥰😋

  29. Imagine if people let bombers bomb first

  30. I wouldn’t do that on an actual server because I got banned for doing that

  31. Battlefield farm servers:

  32. They are so going nerf this

  33. I used to do this same thing in a Roblox game called phantom forces you get Levels and money fast

  34. dik, magyar vagy?

  35. on battlefield hardline servers were dedicated to run from caps to caps!!we need that in WT

  36. You get rich once you are in top tier that’s the easiest way I grind 2 mil in two days


  38. sigma thunder

  39. Gigachads meet in wt

  40. I love the sword fight on the end

  41. 0:57 why did i hear “vettem, haladunk előre”

  42. Te magyar vagy? Arra you from hungary?

  43. Honestly…

    Disliked this video because of the blatant clickbait thumbnail

  44. The Board Game Brothers

    If only I could do that without a modern tank. The old tanks will take forever to shake your head.

  45. isnt this bannable? farming

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