How to get the MOON ROVER / War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.


Good day, friends! The air, land and the oceans have already been subdued by you, and, as the International Day of Human Space Flight looms closer, it’s only befitting that we move even beyond all that… to conquer space! Yes, really, we’re serious. This not a joke.

A unique vehicle, the Soviet heavy “lunar rover” Object 279 has been found on the surface of the Moon. If you want to add it to your collection, you’ll have to build a rocket and send it all the way to the Moon AND back.



  1. War Thunder. Official channel.

    For PlayStation 4® and Xbox One
    The lack of the Marketplace won’t slow your progress. Obtain special items for Golden Eagles right in your workshop:

    “Permission to refuel” — allows you to get extra Fuel and Oxidizer in battles, 4 items for every 10 minutes spent in battles, no restrictions.
    “Materials” — 22 material items ready to use.

    • I left this game 4 or so years ago and only came back because of Life of Boris channel played it. I left because of poorly implemented events. The events you guys make feel like work, not fun.
      parenting 101, you don’t give children goals and expectations that are extremely difficult or near impossible to achieve. they will resent you for it.
      employer 101, don’t give employee’s extremely difficult tasks or too many tasks that are beyond their abilities. they will resent you for it.
      you need to make goals and rewards attainable.
      I’m no game maker, but I do both of my previous points. I imagine that making events the way you guys do isn’t right. when it doesn’t feel like fun, something isn’t right. I know I’m right when I say your events are beyond the limits of your average player, and they resent you for it.

    • H00DLUM777 Gaming u can bind your acc to pc to play on pc

    • Gaijin with this event i completely lost any last hopes i had with your company, your game had potential but you buried it so f*** deep there is no turning back

    • Rory lied to Dory


    • Professional H8r

      I built a rocket and all I got was depressed as it Dissapeard from my inventory

  2. We needed to make three rockets? I grinded for all of 4 days and barely got half way through my first rocket. Wtf is this game

  3. Wait do have to build the rocket 3 Times?! That’s bullshit at least make it so we can get materials or whatever they are during the match from kills or capturing points or assists

  4. Would be nice if they would have given us till the 15th to get and earn containers

  5. Wait… then it ends in 7 days

  6. I dont know what to do with the object 279. I am a level 15 and only have german tanks. I guess I’ll just sell it….

  7. We want the maus or the actual puma

  8. I sold materials and bought 3000 GE 😐

  9. this game is starting to be wprst patch by patch

  10. Answer: Pay.

  11. I am sending my first rocket this night , will I have time for object 279 or I will get just one low br tank or ship ?

  12. If this was in summer and the time when people were on their holidays but when they weren’t abroad on the sea or somewhere (probably every one will be locked in their homes because this will last for a long time) else this might be plausible but in April even with qouratnie you are mad

  13. Awwww yes a event where those you have no lives and $10000sss in cash will end up with it and then when u get into a game with it u get blown to pieces. but oh wait the market is available to those who have “to many parts” but those of course go to the people who spend a hour straight refreshing the market to get it…….or of course your like me and play on console……….but then theirs war thunder CONSOLE PLAYERS here is ur market but use eagles to buy your parts…….literally the only way to get those is $$$$$$$ and of course why not make it happened during the time where just about every country in the world is shut down for a virus but by all means you need the money more then we do to spend it on yet another useless event we will have down the road ….thank you

  14. can i use planes simulator to complete this event?

  15. At least give us more time, like is really stresfull playing 3 hours a day for 1 week just to realize that you don’t have enough time to assemble the tank
    Oh and btw i dont see the market maybe cuz of ps4?

  16. So I’ve been playing for about 7 days straight al day and I’ve just built my first one last night. There is no way to get it without spending money on it

  17. The amount of times the market is mentioned is sickening me. Please stop eating asbest

  18. Mister onsépatro

    To have fun during this event play arcade and drift around

  19. The fact that we need to build the rocket twice is frustrating

  20. Grinding for the first rocket then I hear we have to launch 2 more rockets!

  21. I thought the game said that none of the items are for sale on the market

  22. Good event!

  23. Seems like the puma and the British boat are the only two things you can actually get without wasting 12 hours a day in game

  24. I’m only at the end of my first rocket hope I have time

  25. So the event is cool BUT to unlock the thank we need:
    To win 80 of fuel for only one rocket.
    A fuel is winned all 10 min of play so we need to play 800 min (13,5H) for a single rocket.
    We need 3 rocket so two more 13,5H
    So at least we need 40H of play, only for the fuel, expecting to get the good mats to build the three rockets.
    BUT there is also the buildings time and lauch time.
    At the end for a “normal player” who don’t pay 100$ to boost the process you need 70H to finish the tank
    GG Gaijin

  26. Market was mention 7 times- 7 times too many. 6 days left and I am close to end 2nd rocket. I play 8 hours a day. I wont be able to get one minor and one major vehicle. I could If I use market, but why I should pay to finish already hard event?

  27. Wouldve been a blast (to me) if we had an event with 30 or more players to destroy like a UFO (together), or a wave of marsians attacking earth.

    (yes snail flashback) dunno, but having teamwork to accomplish something is in my eyes a lot of fun.
    and this spaceballs event is kinda meh.. dont like it, i am bad controlling these things, and others are just to good. (”git gud” they say D: )

    i am not really a player that sticks in WT for too long, because it gets boring, i love the game without a doubt but, playng it too long is no fun.
    unlocking the japanese MBT type90 was an accomplishment for myself. but yeah, i am not the best player so having fun is all i need.
    grinding is less fun… as much as i want to have that object UFO tank, i am sure i wont be unlocking it in time. ooh well..

  28. Húxiān Cyclops 4

    Let us sell these materials for golden eagles 🤣🤣

  29. How do you get black paint

  30. Loopatang's Garage

    I’m so upset because I’ve just started playing war thunder so I can’t get any kills with my tanks witch means that I can’t get any materials so the only way I can get the tank is by buying it and it’s quite expensive also the object 279 has always been my favourite tank ever since phly daily drove it in video 1 or 2 years ago.

    Like if your having the same problem so gaijin can see

  31. General Guisan Quai i

    Yes just another extrem armed CAS plane for the US and just another very heavy Tank for the Soviets and don`t forget the little paper thin German tank!

  32. 🖕 Gaijin.

  33. I feel like the ownly thing wrong with this is the slow slow amount of fuel you get it takes for ever

  34. What shop, there is no shop to buy anything wtf?

  35. How do I get the menu where I can do stuff with radar, my engine, an other stuff

  36. When your a PS4 player so there is not market. T_T

  37. Three rockets!! I barely made one, and the fuckers want us to make 3!!!

  38. Herman Pewdiepies Brother

    This event is stupid its to small amount of time for the huge amount of stuff you have to do, i have done the maths and i am not liking the hours you have to spend in the game each day. This is honestly worse than wargamings events because there you actually have a shot at getting the tank but here its no way

  39. No one told me you could play normal wt and not the retarded support filled space thunder

  40. DerHeiligeSpaten

    To be honest, i thought this event would actually be something possible to do. But if you don’t wanna pay any money for it, which should be the case since it is an event and not a premium vehicle, you’re screwed. Here are some quick calculations:
    For one rocket you need approximately 80 oxidizer, 80 fuel and 60 to 90 containers of materials (I am calculating 80 for simplification). One of each can be earned by playing 10 mins in any battle. So in order to build one rocket, you have to play 10*80 mins, making 800mins or 13hs and 20 mins in total. In order to get the full tank you need to play for a staggering 40hs. And that is only 1 Tank. If this isn’t redicolous enough: If you want to get all event vehicles, you need to play for 106hs and 40mins. In terms of days, this is 4ds, 10hs and 40 mins of pure play time.
    Gaijin, i generally don’t have problems with the game and i stille like playing it, this is why i care about it. I also understand that you are a company and need to make money. But this event should still be doable, at least for players who play the game regularly and then a lot(3 to 5hs per day). But this event is beyond anything possible for any human and thus forces the players to pay ridicolous prices on the marketplace. Please, i like these events and i would really want to have these vehicles, but if you continue like this, i won’t bother playing anymore.

  41. Its funny how you could get max 400 conteiners, witch is bretty much 5 rockets, just one off to get the 279 and the AU1. WeLl ThErE iS aLwAyS tHe MaRkEt PlAcE. Just sad…

  42. 2:32 hahahahahahahahaha This is the actual April 1st joke, 7-9 items, yeah sure I am getting 2-3 maybe 4 when I am “really lucky”.

  43. sturmtiger for free plz

  44. For us unfortunate Belgians out there: we won’t be able to use the m a r k e t

  45. the fuhrer epicness

    Bruh I’ve only completed first and third stage and it’s already April 8

  46. It be nice if the resources weren’t so rare

  47. I like how this tank cost more then the xm-1 and that 60$

  48. I just want the SdKfz…

  49. Don’t know if i should sell it or use it.

  50. Tough event. I don’t have much time and pocket-money to obtain special vehicles.

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