How to Grind EXP in WoT

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Source: LemmingRush

I remember when I had a T46 or whatever the low russians are called, and I googled “How Get more EXP in World of Tanks”.. The only answers that i found were “do more damage” “do more spotting” effectively people just said “play better”..
Hope I achieved that. Let me know if you have any /suggestions for videos 🙂



  1. like how you focus on mentality over obvious things like “spot tanks” and stuff. Good work

  2. Something I’ve come to learn by watching you is you don’t play the tank you play the team and position. I’ve slowly started gaining wn8 and my win rate, thanks man! Also am I doing it right? xD

  3. Everytime I watch you play the Ru or M41 90 GF my mind is always screaming “HEP HEP HEP” one basic example would be that Jagdtiger, 102mm of pen on HE can easily pen the Jagtiger’s sides.
    I guess it just depends on the player, I’m no unicum (though I am if you count recent stats)

  4. It's not what you think

    When are you uploading the Type 4 game? It’s so much fun

  5. I wish this video was made 2 weeks ago when I was grinding the Leopard PTA and I wanted to kill myself.
    thanks for the vid, definitely keep this in mind for future grinds:)

  6. Omg you tell us how to play and you don t know what the ru can do with hesh!
    Fighting against light tanks there is hesh recommend. Side shots also hesh on a ru minimum is 10 hesh!

  7. Lemming taught me how to play mediums better. Actually probably how to play better in general even. Instead of the usual “use your medium tank’s superior mobility to flank the enemy” rubbish advice you get from the “other guys”, Lemming gives practical advice and explains things less with tank vs tank stats and more with proper frame-of-mind advice. Thank you, Lemming, for making me into a solid below average player! (that’s actually a compliment because I was absolutely total tomato before your videos)

  8. This game shows the main problem of Wot. It’s mostly not 15 vs 15. If ur really unlucky, it’s 1 vs 29.

  9. Thanks for the light tank gameplay. I play lights but find some maps are hard to find a good location for me.

  10. The thing about the ‘play the tank because you want to’ mind set, is that sometimes you just really don’t want to play a tank. For example, I really hated the Pershing, but I wanted the M46 and M48, so in that case I played to try and get away from the Pershing. In some scenarios it may have damaged my grind and made it feel longer, but I think it helped in the long run because it made me really decide whether doing something was worth it or not, or what would get me the most XP (ie. would shooting from a bush just to hit someone once and get spotted earn me more XP than just waiting and living out the match? Or is it worth losing 20-40k credits firing APCR to get more XP?) I just don’t think that mind set is possible for some tanks in the game for some people so the only other way to really play them is to get away from them and on to the next tank.

    But those boosters help a shit ton for sure. I thought for the longest time that they didn’t really do that much, so I ended up collecting over like 150 of them, and when I used 100% boosters to get down the Swedish tree I realized how incredibly valuable they actually are. I went past the T20 in a single day just by using 100% boosters, and went past the Emil I in only a couple days. The credit boosters are incredibly helpful if you need quick credits. Pop a 50% credit booster, hop in a tier 8 premium and bam, you can easily make a couple million in a day.

  11. Great composure Lemming. I would have sacrificed my game to tk that wanker. Thanks for your videos, you are easily the most helpful WoT youtuber and my dpg has increased by nearly 40% just from playing positions and teams rather than trying to force the tanks supposed playstyle in every game

  12. Damn that playercount is depressing, 5000 people on West server…..

  13. Large Number Nine

    LemmingRush u should make an ASMR channel

  14. It looked to me like the guy on the hill had the position, you moved and took a shot, which is fair enough, but then blocked the other guy from being able to shoot, that sort of thing really pisses people off.

  15. thanks counselor lemming

  16. I’ve noticed you kinda go off the topic often in your videos, try using guidelines for the topic you want to make a video on, it might help you say everything you thought was important, and stick to a cohesive thought process.
    My tips for easier exp grinding are:
    – use your free exp to unlock modules (avoid playing stock tanks as much as possible, and if you have to play a stock tank, try to make sure the tank is stock for the shortest time possible)
    – don’t be afraid to shoot gold (it can make a difference between 1k dmg and 2,5k dmg battle which makes a HUGE difference in exp gained)
    – track tanks whenever possible (this will gain you a consistent assisted dmg, which people often underestimate, but gives you a LOT of credits and exp)
    – EVERY tank can spot, only needs to be in the right spot at the right time (most tier 7+ tanks can get near max view range with optics, and you’d be surprised how often that is enough to spot effectively, and again, gain a lot of assisted dmg and exp)
    – do everything you can to win (winning gives you double the exp and credits, everyone knows this 😉 )

  17. Dislikes must come from that asshat that pushed you off the hill and his friends.

  18. Hey LR, off topic how are your setting for wot ? Thank You. P.S. if you push me off a hill, I’m going to climb out of my tank climb up the hill and put my foot in your ass till we look like a Pogo Stick. I applaud you patients.

  19. This is why I’m disgusted by some unicums. Yes, the M41 90 GF shouldn’t have pushed you off, I totally agree, but I’m disgusted at the fact that you called him a cunt for it. You drove into his shot, why are you blaming him? You guys are both at fault. Don’t point the finger at him and call him an a cunt, you’re just as bad or worse. Second, what’s wrong with the T-10? Did you have a problem with him not sitting there and letting the T95 shoot him, and him bouncing the T95 most of the time(Yeah I understand that there’s a cupola but side/rear shots almost ensure penetrations) and flanking an enemy turretless TD, like you should, and preventing you to farm him? Sure I might sound salty, but maybe I am. Maybe you weren’t being serious but you sure did sound serious, especially when the M41 90 GF pushed you off and you blamed him for somthing you both contributed to.

  20. am I the only one who saw the Bulldog player push of the WZ after he pushed off lemming? At 6:51

  21. Here since lemming didnt break it down besides mentality here is a few things that you should keep in mind.
    Firstly, are you going to make the most of it. A grind session means you have to dedicate an alloted time to playing the game. Will you get interrupted or will you rage is something you have to take in mind before starting. If you are already on tilt dont start.
    Second, prioritize higher tier targets if its safe to do so. There is an XP modifier for damaging and killing tanks that are higher tiers than you, and it adds up fast if you keep your damage up. Of course the main objective is win, so dont tunnel on getting XP. Just take it as it comes
    Third, DO NOT USE A STARTING CREW. I know this sounds obvious to alot of us but from what ive heard other players do in tanks (I have seen players with no crew tier 10s…) this is an absolutely perfect way to ruin your session. If you cannot preform or are doing so at a massive disadvantage its not worth grinding out. Yes even after popping boosts since getting good crews before a session should have happened already. If you like the tank you grinded out of before get a new crew for that tank instead and use the trained crew for the next tank. It will save you loads of work since grinding 3 skills is much easier than working on that 1 skill when your higher tiered.
    Lastly, switch it up. If you are burnt out from playing a single tank take something else for one session or 2. Last thing you want a grind to be is a chore so play a tank you find fun to use and play that. It also helps to keep focused and not rage. Alternatively Have a game you can take a breather on if you need to, so you can focus again once you’re done. Preferably something mindless or something you can play casually. Personal recommendations would be rythem games or hack N Slash, or something focused on comedy.
    Its a few more tips for when i grind out tanks (im too lazy to free XP them with gold, figure that one out) and they help a lot.

  22. I’m not disliking for your comments about either of the tanks. Both were justified.

    I disliked this video because of the lack of structure. I came here for tips on how to grind xp, and basically the video was “use boosters and relax and don’t get upset during a grinding session”.

    While those are good tips, I’d love it if the video actually had more emphasis on things like this, and tips related to this.

    End result is the title felt a little click-bait-y. I’m just worried your excellent content might be going downhill if I saw repeated videos like this.

    Thanks for reading.

  23. I killed you earlier when you were in your Ru 251, sorry about that.

  24. Load the Skill rounds

    Useful thoughts for sure. Tanks I enjoy playing it’s so easy to unlock the next tank. Tanks that are frustrating the grind takes years.

  25. You have an entire garage full of high tier vehicles and you say you don’t have experience grinding? That said, this was a solid video with good advice.

  26. Shit, you play and record your games live? <3

  27. Lemming you live in Canada? I am just assuming because you had Canadian flags on your Patton. Anyway, salutes from Toronto brother.

  28. I’ve learned more from you in two videos than I have from any youtuber

  29. ((((ShockWave))))

    what I want to see is a “how to play the is-7” video from you :p stronk russian tenk (plus I got a 38% winrate in it . . . )

  30. ((((ShockWave))))

    good way to git gud is to be more relaxed, i would prob have a 56%+ winrate if i didn’t rage as much as i do . . .

  31. Mindset, nice state.

  32. is i even worth going of the RU251 anymore if i have 2 t10s cause i don’t see myself using it in any circumstance?
    Or should i get the t10 russian heavy
    OOOrr should i get the tvpvtu and continue my grind to the skoda and tvp

  33. I think most of us have this feel g that we get worse teams. But I lemming is right there’s a pressure of time on you and you don’t concentrate properly maybe not being relaxed and thinking well is the issue.

  34. Do a video on how to grind credits please xD currently at 11k credits LOL

  35. lol I skillfully went back to 3:12 to see the fps increase XD

  36. Lol the M41 90 GF bulldog first pushed you off than pushed the WZ-132 off at 6:51. What a cunt mcmuffin. People saying ur an asshole in the comments just don’t have eyes.

    Blocking a shot is one thing, it deserves a shot in the back of your turret but road raging 2 tanks off the hill is a bit mush. Should send the replay to WG and get him a nice ban.

  37. how do mahou gold hackers know how to grind when all they do is free xp hack to the top op tanks?????

  38. Is lemming russian or speak russian?

  39. TheToledoTrumpton

    Love your videos.

    Practical advice, without the arrogance that so many have. Wish I could give more than one thumbs up!

  40. Hey lemming! I have a challenge for you. Make a vid about how to play medium tanks in sand river when defending and NOT using the op middle position because its already used by multiple team mates. ( if its even possible to do well without using that) That would be very helpful and interesting.

  41. Bredbeddle deHautdesert

    scrolled down and read the comments, I can’t believe people are defending the m41 and the t 10

  42. This is not a Russian game, but a Belarusian game

  43. Lemming, you are the Bob Ross of tanks.

  44. what about low rolls

  45. I don’t believe that boosters give me worse teams but I believe they jinx my games. Every single fucking time.

  46. Lemming I’m a retard. What did you minimize?

  47. That bulldog did the thing i hate most in wot, someone blocking or pushing you towards enemies so u die thats so annoying. Btw I never heard that using xp boosters make u play worse 😀 I just use them and grind grind grind

  48. Thanx for the tip! You are absolutely right. Be cool and stay cool. Randoms are always full of retards, you can’t beat them, just stay above them and ignore them.

  49. What server do you play on?
    i thought only the NA server has updated to the new patch

  50. Frederick Burkert

    13 90 has a long long reload and has 10 secs of anxiety once on the hill – get it wrong and ye screwed by any rapid firing or huge alpha shots

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