How To Grind Tanks Without Sixth Sense

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Max van der veer

    and so on and soforth

  2. hi, perfect example how to handle with “impaired” skills..why are u unicums so clever and cool?…i would shake from anxiety and be frozen like a rabbit in front of a snake

  3. Without sixth sense…damn!

  4. hey lemmming,ik alot of ppl wont like it but could u upload your livestreams to youtube?even if its just in a playlist that would be awsome.I ask cause i like to watch ur streams and look for tips and tricks during ur natural gameplay

  5. AMX 13 57 is brilliant, especially at bottom tier.

  6. Lol you freaked out at the end xD

  7. most people don’t even care about the enhanced equipment – why not use some of those bonds for sixth sense directive. it has a practical value rather than reducing reload by 0,2s on one tank after saving bonds for 2years. i dont spend bonds on directives but I know many people who do and I think it’s absolutely worthwhile. live gameplay is always nice!!

    • Lutz well if u play ranked battles and do all the frontline and other short “marathons” u could already have gotten like 6 improved equipment

  8. Wow, your ability to comment on your own game, and relay your thoughts while playing such an incredible match stuns me every time. Congrats on the result, and a good video too!

  9. Do you play on NA anymore?

  10. Greg & Nancy Spear

    For some reason I don’t see the AMX 13-57 in my tech tree

  11. Wp man. Got that adrenaline rush going just by watching.
    I’ve had trouble playing without sixth sense because i’ve used it so much, which sucks when i’m playing with new tanks and new crews. Good vid and good commentary on how to play without it. Keep up the great work lemming

    • Even with sixth, play like you don’t have it. If you see guns turning towards you or someone is close and you’re not sure, pull back before it triggers. The few second delay can get you killed if you get over confident.

  12. without 6th sense just play like you’re perma spotted. Great game.

  13. If i bought u this, does this mean it is sponsored content

  14. Awesome Lemming. That reaction at the end realizing you were live was priceless 😀

  15. xSupeRxNoodleSx

    Amazing game, you’re getting really good at the commentary, joy to watch

  16. If you don’t have the time to watch it. Play really conservatively. If you even ***think*** in the smallest chance you might be spotted, hide. you will conserve your HP and will have better games until you finally get sixth sense.

  17. Awesome game! 🙂

  18. Patrick star fash

    thank you kanye very cool

  19. also can you make a vid when you are a bottom tier light tank, and there is another top tier light tank on your team? since they have the better view range (and probably crew as well)

    **edit.** Like it so Lemming sees it!

  20. some say he grinds his premium tanks, all we know he’s called lemmingrush

  21. Matches like this are why I love being bottm tier. So much fun.

  22. I almost get my 3rd mark on 13 75 without 6 sense 😹 and im a green player atm.

  23. Holy shit… if I had even ONE game in my entire WOT career that was like that, I’d drop the mic and uninstall. Amazing work!

  24. Good to see carries in bottom tier tanks man. Good work to you and the other 1357!

  25. YoungHittaTrappin [MOMS]

    ABSOLUTELY GG. Well played man. Thats a game that you would actually commentate on instead of playing live lol. Next level shit
    -Situational Awareness(without sixth sense)
    -Solid Team Communication
    -Tactical Repositioning(or what noobs would say Running like a bitch)
    -Wise Ammo Selection/Intuitive Reload Timing
    -Basic Light Tank Role
    -Mid/Bottom Tier Supporting Higher Tiers
    -Map Awareness
    Also great job to the enemy team, the 257 did well.
    Again GG from a Blitz Player!

  26. Well played mate

  27. J.R. the Expat Canuck

    Well done Lemming – another useful video for us non-unicums. We rarely have trained crews with 6 sense when we haven’t played too many games, so this is super useful. Btw I’ve increased my win % by 2.5% over 700 games or so since watching your videos

  28. I just think you have to do more zig zag driving bcause you never know when you are spoted and who is leading a shot into you. Sixt sense or not thats what i always do.

  29. I have 5 tanks to play with sixth sense directive and I have 2400 bonds. I think it is worth it

  30. 8:42 I thought you were Canadian…

  31. AMAZING !!!!👍

  32. That was amazing! Nice work BOSS!

  33. yre a little too late to the party:

  34. Great game!!! You dont have sex sense??? Hahahahaha

  35. Great game man!

  36. Good teaching again. And now when the 6th sense is 5s it is even more usefull. Old situation when it was 3s you could quite often get away from situations when u were spotted. Now almost all tanks with guns pointing 45degrees away from you can still hit u pretty reliable when u are spotted. In 5 s there is even time to turn your gun and u can aim so much better than 3 s.

  37. branislav gojic

    Very nice play man!

  38. Bravo!

  39. Scrub this should have been your highest exp game of all time. Git gud with your OP light tank you morn

  40. Fucking beast omg.

  41. So good I just don’t know where to start. Fantastic game and commentary with your usual salty remarks. Great start 0:31 “Oh perfect we’re bottom tier” and then a classic at 11:35 “If someone shoots at you, you know you’re spotted”.

  42. Your genuine excitement at the end was great. It shows that you don’t fake it until you make it.

    Also, that sweet symphony of the AMX 13 57 firing rapidly, it’s like a tank firing a bolt-action rifle. She’s like a mobile MAS-36.

  43. That was a great match!

  44. You know you’re spotted when people are shooting at you? Good tip 🙂

  45. Nice game dude

  46. Not judging but that seems like a lot of apcr rounds.

  47. that was soooo awesome. Never in a million years did I think you could pull that off 😀

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