How To Have Fun In War Thunder

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I see a lot of people expressing their frustration in the comments of my videos, so I thought it might be to share how I personally try to have in the game. Most people just say “play low tier” but it’s a pretty shallow phrase that doesn’t help all that much. I hope that this helps a bit, so you can squeeze a bit more enjoyment out of the game while Gaijin gets their act together.

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WH40K Mechanicus – Dance of the Cryptek
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

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  1. The air RB sweetspot is 8.7 for jets and anything below 6.3 for props 6.7 is fucked big time

  2. I feel like I am one of few that genuinely enjoys top tier. I only have up to the M1 Abrams, I got it yesterday. Stock grind was pretty bad, but the few moments where I killed a Leo 2A6 with my 105mm HEAT-FS were just amazing. I have yet to use the APFSDS on the M1, and can’t wait to get on tonight to use it. I do enjoy lower tier, but I also enjoy top tier quite a lot. Mid tier America is just horrible other than 6.7, so my go-tos right now are 10.0, 9.3, or 6.7.

  3. Happiness or war thunder, pick one. You can’t have both

  4. How to have fun in war thunder:

    Save up and Buy an actual tank in real life, get the necassary NFA permits to re-activate the main gun and get shells for it and Take it to a range and shoot at targets with its main gun, because unlike war thunder, it would actually be worth the time, effort and money.

  5. USSR has no 6.7 lineup. only 6.3 and 7.3

  6. answer: you can’t

  7. I play arcade.

  8. Me:tries to snipe in my td
    Every single tank in the server:

  9. “6.7 specifically is probably where you’ll have the most fun”

    Not for me. 6.7 is the most frustrating in my opinion.

  10. I’ve been playing wt for a while now and when I play lower tier Ill stick to the stock rounds and uninstall all of the upgrades beside the crew and fire prevention i dont get any enjoyment in dumping on all of the new players but I do enjoy playing low tiers

  11. I love having ads like this

  12. Churchill 7 is the most fun bcs ecen on uptier its hard to pen you

  13. How to have fun in warthunder: not scientifically possible. I say we stop buying premium time and vehicles off the store until they are willing to listen for once.

  14. How to have fun in War Thunder
    Step 1: Don’t play War Thunder

  15. The video we’ve all been waiting for

  16. Lol when they remove or lower repair cost and make the grind a little shorter this would be my favorite game

  17. I’ve stopped playing WT. Its a good game, but the economy is unbalanced, a lot of BRs are unbalanced, and I just get frustrated by the lack of reward. I get sniped from across the map, one shot and I’m dead. That itself is fair, but I get minimal feedback. Where was he? How did I not see him yet he saw me? What mistakes did I make and what do I need to do better? It’s frustrating when I keep dying but I don’t know why. All the while there is somebody on the other team that wipes out a dozen tanks 5 mins into the match. I just can’t seem to *get* it. I mean, shit I’m 200 hours in and I still don’t get it.

  18. I think travel in group is more effective. Such as five shermans vs two tigers or panthers.

  19. The guide on how to have fun in WarThunder.

    Step 1. You don’t.
    Step 2. Rage because you are killed by overpowered premiums.
    Step 3. Uninstall.

    I hope you enjoy the game.

  20. Your short, concise videos are enjoyable and informative. Great channel, and I love to watch you play.

  21. *you can’t*

  22. Having fun in war thunder funny joke

  23. All jokes aside it actually an enjoyable game because if you’re still playing it you’re still having fun and just don’t know it

  24. Warthunder fun? Warthunder is nothing but a misery simulator. Of course you will show the modern/cold war vehicles to have fun while we spend months in the ww2 grind.

  25. schläfriger Schmidt

    step one, play a totally “balanced” vehivle

  26. If you want to relax in WT, play low tier naval arcade.

  27. …you dont

  28. Su6 am42 hella fun, tu 14t sometimes too

  29. This method of implementing a sponsorship is how it should be. This sold me more than those poppy, fancy looking and sounding sponsorships by far.

  30. 2:55 literally what
    are you a rapper
    are you trying to sneak something into a sale therep

  31. As a new player I thought world of warships had piss poor team play, nothing compared to war thunder. I like the game but talk about frustrating. I don’t know about higher tiers but I do feel their is a certain amount of seal clubbing at tier 3.

  32. Bro u make sense and thats why I enjoyed ur video

  33. How to have fun playing WT.. Close WT uninstall it and play a better game.

  34. Yea “gunner heat pc” is a great looking game in the making.

  35. Mid tier HEATFS gang

  36. Like an abusive relationship, I live and breath top tier.

  37. The first KV-1 is so fun

  38. When the only 2 nations you play is UK and Sweden. No wonder i dont like 6.0 area brs

  39. I play GHPC when I can’t take it anymore

  40. Just play arcade. Everyone gets handicaps and no skill required.

  41. I have always enjoyed light tanks.

  42. 6.7 Germany is just endless suffering

  43. You don’t have fun in this game

  44. Fun fact: I actually thoroughly enjoy naval, and it is currently at a weird spot where there is some semblance of balance in top tier, because while BBs while obliterate cruisers, their AA is limited to like… three 7.92mm MGs, so you can bomb them with impunity when they move away from the cruisers, which, spoiler alert, they always do. And it is oh-so-satisfying to bomb them

  45. You know something’s wrong when this is a video

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