How to Heavy tank 12/15

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. well said i play console and had too fight that overbuffed piece of fake piece of shit around a corner on dragon ridge in my E-75 had too spam premium to pen needs a fkn serious nerf

  2. You know this is exactly why we need a tank game that isn’t F2P that is constructed with teamwork as a main element. Heavy tanks get to focus on providing a spearhead role rather than…this fucking shit.

  3. the sad truth about WoT. keep buying premium guys!

  4. But what if I dont even have Japanese heavies

  5. switching ammo part is really funny :)))

  6. My doctor said my salt intake was too low, so I started re-watching old Foch videos. #Worth

  7. The hardest mission is SPG 15 for t55a. Only mission left for me for about a year. I gave up on it.

  8. “avoid enemies who are shooting HE like this dicklord is3”
    my fucking sides

  9. cheese wedge ????

  10. “dicklord is3” bahahaha

  11. meanwhile i did ht 15 for 260 in me is 7

  12. Richard Gustafsson

    If you don’t have type 5, you can go fuck yourself!

  13. Thank God we have someone like foch to help me laugh my ass off and entertain the community with #TankBetter videos gj foch very accurate guide Kappa

  14. “There is nothing wrong with this at all and there is definitely nobody in my room with a gun next to my forehead at the moment at all…”

    Foch realest youtuber out there

  15. I did this mission in the E100 by cresting the hill on Prok and going afk to answer the door. 18k damage blocked because the enemy team couldn’t pen from max range at the strange angle. I tried for like a week and got it by accident -_- (of course while being a moron)

  16. The thing I hate is when I can’t pen someone WHO IS A TIER FUCKING LOWER THAN ME WHILE I SHOOT THEIR WEAK SPOTS

    Yes i drive French lights

  17. sarcasm level: through the roof

  18. Nailed it again!!!

  19. Your excessive amount of sarcasm killed the plant on my desk. And that was the one I used to hold down the W key when playing the 252U so I can give myself a handy and win at the same time.

  20. Had a bit of trouble doing HT-12 for the T55A. Then I got the VK 100. Fifth game on Prokhorovka. Altought that bitch ass Löwe player not shooting me almost denied it.

  21. remember when the Maus was a joke? who is laughing now?

  22. Love the sarcasm in the end. WG you greedy idiot fochs.

  23. by the view count on all wot vids. people are so disgusted, they aren’t even watching youtube vids about it, anymore. sorry to state the obvious, but, FOCH, i love your voice and ladies and mentle-gen, so much, i would watch any vid you make!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. ThAts why I like the charioteer at tier 8, it has the apcr 268 pen gun as standard and hesh as he lol

  25. So Foch, when you are going to play artillery???

  26. SirFoch now WG will force you back to their CC program for sarcastic slurs and promoting “proper” playstyle of their game – press W like an idiot and load full gold.

  27. SirFoch never change bro. That was one of the funniest and entertaining videos I have seen in a while. Thanks for your time and efforts. You Sir are the King of sarcasm just brilliant. Had me in stitches.

  28. I feel bad for Foch. To make a living off this garbage game

  29. I agree that mission is retarded. Why should you go for getting hit? Why would you go for playing the game badly and then get rewarded for that?
    I like your salty mood to day.

  30. Ugh I am no where near the type 5 or maus rip

  31. Playing a type 5 requires a lot of skill

    So does designing highway map….

  32. Heavy tanks are too hard to play these days, i reckon they should do AoE damage with like a 20m radius, it should also leave behind a 20m pool of fire that does damage over time, and WG should give Russian heavies active and reactive armour. Also heavy tanks are so big, so they should all be outfitted with auto-loaders without a drum reload.

  33. i can’t do midtank 15 for the t55 🙁 stock in it mounths 🙁

  34. So funny keep doing these

  35. World Of Creditcards

    yesterday i was shooting a IS-3 in my SP and coudnt pen him and then an retarded unicum said i was bot cause i didnt loaded gold ammo…. gold ammo in a gold tank…
    btw I never use gold ammo cause I hit that 2 key very often by accident

  36. hi foch.cya on stream today

  37. Still the worst part about this mission is that you have to have either Maus or Type 5 to get it done, which I do not and I really do not want grind and buy these dumb tanks just to do one mission, so.. Can´t think of any other suitable tank, maybe Patriot or something and idiots to shoot you constantly hulldown, but with nowadays short games it could take forever to get into this situation

  38. What? No “Goes Ham” title? Foch you are putting too much effort in this shit…..

  39. HEAT gets loaded as soon as I see one of those broken monstrosities, exactly what they deserve, full premium spam at them, they are broken WITH people shooting premium ammo at them, can you imagine if we didn’t have premium ammo, 15 v 15 Type 5s

  40. Tariel Soitashvili

    when i see a maus or type 5 heavy spamming gold ammo i am loading prem ammo too because fuck them…..
    aint even got a premium account or premium tanks 😀 😀 😀 excluding 7 day starter premium and some 1 day mission premiums aaand yeah u guessedit i am farming credits with a Pilot 😀 :D:d

  41. i saw this on stream. Many meme’s to be had

  42. i did ht 12 and 15 in the e100/e7 if you sidescrape and angle smart its easy

  43. And the funny thing is, Wargaming is still insisting that this is a good way for superheavies to perform…….They really are either cynical bastards or more worryingly have got no clue what they are actually doing……

  44. Foch should totally replace whoever is making these WG guide videos.

  45. I’m surprised to see that only 2 tanks were eventually firing gold at you. Like how often does that happen when you’re in a type 5….

  46. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    Somebody call 911 and tell them someone is holding a gun to SirFoch’s head.

  47. 5:08 -> Rookie mistake! If you want the Cheese Wedge to shoot you you musn’t aim in his direction!11 Facking Noob!!!! ;P

  48. this mission is the easiest one from Object 260 set… the most retarded mission now,it’s the SPG-15… 3500 stun damage,top exp from both teams and also do the game of your life in arty and prey to the God that your team will suck… and also,win ! :)) Good luck with that… i played over 3k battles in arty trying to finish this mission,the other missions i did them easily with honors,only the TD-15 without honors…i have 19 commendations and i need only one,my only chance to get the Obj 260 it’s to either do TD-15 with honors or SPG-15… but i will try better to do TD-15 because the SPG-15 it’s pure retardness.

  49. did all the heavy tank missions in a 113

  50. I got my object 260 when I had only 2 or 3 tier 10 tanks so it was super hard to get for me. Cant understand people who cries that missions are too hard even if they have all the OP tanks for those mission like maus and type. I did my ht 15 with is7.

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