How to Improve Your World of Tanks Skills

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Source: LemmingRush

Starts at 1:05 🙂


  1. Thanks buddy I have learnt a lot from your videos. keep the good work.

  2. Hope you get well soon :3

  3. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    How to improve: Turn your Graphic to Minimum cuz then you dont get distracted by all of that vegetation shit *everywhere*

  4. This is a really helpful video! As always, high quality stuff! Keep em comming Mr. Lemming Rush! 🙂

  5. I can tell how to improve. As our lord and savior from Europe, QB, would say, dab the 2 key

  6. Yea, unicum expectation in pub is a handycap. “The tools of the mind become burdons when taken out of the enviornment in which they were made”. They will fail one often. We do what we can.

  7. Good video. It’s so important to realize even as a good player, sometimes you make potato plays. It’s great to see people own it instead of blame someone else. And you’re right, that IS how you improve. gg

  8. How yuo liking T54 ltwt?
    It was the most pleasurable grind of any tank I’ve played.
    I often get frustrated and make stupid plays but I’m rocking a 3900wn8 in the last month.
    Keep the helpful vids .

  9. My understanding is you can be lit for up to 14 seconds.

  10. the new maps are disorienting.

  11. get well soon man !

  12. Words of wisdom

    “Don’t always expect unicum plays from teammates”- LemmingRush

  13. Drive the bias 430u fuck his guide

  14. Yup Abbey can go fuck itself. Worst map in the whole game for me.
    And yes they made it even worse for lights. Their map design is sad and the people reworking these maps are just abysmal. I feel nothing but contempt for them it’s going to make the game more campy than ever.

  15. Why is there no stream this week?

  16. How to get better: play obj 268 4 and press R twice

  17. This is the life of light tanks. Everyone want YOU because they would rather hold and take a guaranteed penetrating shot than try and take two risky shots on a heavy tank. I hate people lol

  18. It's not what you think

    Check my replay you cunt.

  19. QB streams when he is sick….. suck it it buttercup

  20. Noooooo…. God No!!!! You did it !!! You made a mistaaaaake!!! aggghhhhh

    Oh well… there goes my god crush on leming

  21. Christopher Schultz

    After watching this, I realize all my time spent on videos has been worth it: I’m starting to think like this in-game, making similar decisions based on what I encounter. Thanks LR for your insight. The game is less frustrating and things are starting to gel.

    • Christopher Schultz Same here, took over a year break at one point but still kept watching videos all that time. Had 6500 games and 400-500wn8 back then and now at 10k games I’ve raised my overall wn8 to 1700, recent ratings being anywhere from 2500-3500 depending on do I grind some stupid shit or just play for fun with tanks that I like. Sure its partly due to the fact that I take the whole game more seriously than back then but heyho, improvement is still real.

      And the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I can keep my nerves and make more calculated desicions. Rushing or panicing over shit aint helping anything anyway. Every tank I have recently unlocked and played has 900-1100 average xp on them which is huge for me.


    What do you think of 1.0 lemming?

  23. personally think that a gaming carpet is all you need

  24. Long time no see? Where u been? Thanks for the vid.

  25. I made duration of 6 sense longer. counting is to much effort 😉
    nice you are back. miss you a little 😛

  26. Haa Haa…you lost situation awarness mate 🙂

  27. Michael Frederiksen

    Hey Lemming,
    I really appreciate the videos, I was really struggling at red wn8 and not understanding basic concepts like map positioning but your videos have been amazing not just in improving my wn8 but making me a better player all round.
    Keep up the good work, hopefully see you on EU, on my team, not the enemies ?

  28. AnonyMouse Poaster

    Lemming, I’m stuck at 3k wn8. I know that’s technically in the 99th percentile of wot players or whatever, but it’s extremely frustrating because I’m not sure how to get from where I am to where you are. Basically, I want what it takes to be able to join a top 5 clan. I’ve been playing for 3 years now, and have steadily improved from 400 wn8 to now 3.1k recents. Lately, however, it’s leveled out and I’m not making any progress 🙁

    Your videos are always helpful btw <3

  29. At around 10:00 I don’t understand why Lemming talks about being *perma*lit. Wouldn’t that just be *lit*? Where is the difference in this situation?

  30. Thanks for another great vid, Lemming! One issue I have is knowing exactly when a front is crumbling and I should bail. I always feel like I am leaving either a little too early or a little too late. Is this something that just comes from experience or do you have a strat you employ?

  31. An MTV Decoded add is running on your channel and trying to cover up racism with a made up word “colorism”. Does CNN own MTV?

  32. you was light after shooting at strv and you just don’t wait enough for second shoot. So when u back in bush you was still light for STRV. I always wait 10sec for be sur i’m not still light before poke again.

    Also as a light player myself, on abbay i always go near river at the start for spot crossing tank or camping TD so my team can take an early advantage on the HP battle.
    After that i just go mid (but not in the high mid, too many med, to dangerous) but on the lower ground mid and try to passive spot base camper for arty.

    But yeah, this map is not really good for spotting.

  33. This video should be called “Good example of typical crappy team, and how to TRY and make the best of it”….

  34. thank you for the videos and live battle strategies

  35. This is exactly the type of videos that keep me coming back; following the tactics and evaluating in-game decision making like this is is such great stuff. Give us more! 🙂

  36. As usual a pleasure to see you play and hear how you think but I think you should make a more comprehensive series, perhaps broken down into elements. For dummies. Like me. The average player needs something more remedial and less advanced, maybe. From this, as from all your videos, I learned: identify your mistakes and fix them. If only it were that simple! That said I echo Christopher: I am learning from this – slowly – and I thank you for it, you’re a good teacher. Teach more! 😀

  37. i tot this is how to improve your editing skills

  38. Wow…




    It’s not because you didn’t wait till 10 seconds, it’s because you don’t blast the GuP Opening like real players do fam XD…

  39. Tanks are broken atm.

  40. This is WoT. You play nearly perfect and then you just blow up, because of no apparent reason.

  41. Stathis Papadopoulos

    You could just shoot the emil’s tracks there its side is 20mm you can overmatch it no matter the angle yet you went for the lower plate( which is still a pen but…)

  42. Tip number one: Play russian tanks(only)

  43. Guess who didn’t check map updates? Hahahaha

  44. There is a mod to keep your 6th sense lit for 9 seconds, just sayn 🙂

  45. Time of last shot on the Strv S1: 9:21. Time of death: 9:27. Six seconds isn’t enough to get unspotted. But that’s easily forgotten if you’re thinking about pushing out all the shots and worrying about getting flanked. I was actually more surprised the TD even had a shot on you from there.

    What would have been better was to take the road down the middle of the 4 line and then swerve left, and get to the center of the abbey.

    Even then it would have been very, very hard to pull the game back.

  46. Yea, I see you discovered just how much WG changed the Abbey map in the 1.0 patch; as I tried to do the same thing only to come up against the lack of access now into the middle area…….but the map does open up some new opportunities for some really interesting attacks on enemy tanks. It seems that the STRV S-1 took a good guess where you would be at, and took a blind shot to nail you……..really good guess.

  47. gianluca comellini

    i dont think you were going to do better on then top of abbey there’s almost no cover there and you would’ve got spotted there

  48. Tip: Create a 10 second “Six sense” sound in Audacity and place it in the specific folder for that sound (details in Sound Settings) then go to Sound Settings and choose “User Defined” for the Six Sense sound.

    Then whenever you get spotted you have a 10 second audio timer to let you know when you get unspotted.

    Learned this from ‘4Tankers&Dog’ youtube channel

  49. A good way to make sure you really wait 10 seconds (without mods, that is) is to have a custom 6th sense sound that lasts 10 seconds. See “4tankersanddog” youtube vid. Although, in this situation, this still would not have helped you 🙂

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