How to Increase & Improve Your Winrate in World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

Please let me know what you think, I tried make everything clearer when compared to my last one vid on winning. Thanks..

Ive decided start offering lessons to help people get better at WoT.


  1. and it feels bad if your toptier in a game and everyone incloluding arty is shooting gold. it feels like a test server

  2. Andrew's Pitiful Life

    Here’s an idea for your next informative video or “Lemming Lesson” :p It seems when people get low on HP they either camp the rest of the game or yolo. Could you explain how HP is to be used and illustrate how useful low HP tanks are?

    Keep up the good work, I’ve learned a lot more about map awareness and team composition from watching you than I ever have from QB or Foch.

  3. It's not what you think

    What if they have a Maus on each side and a sniping O-Ho?

  4. That first Pilsen strat seens solid

  5. LemmingRush, I just started watching you content a few days ago and I’ve already watched more than a dozen vdeos. Your content is much more educational and useful than QB’s. You deserve more popularity! 🙂

  6. excellent video! btw does Lemming Rush speak Russian?

  7. What about lights? I found doing early scout runs and the occasional bush spotting the only impactful things I can do. otherwise its just a shitty med.

  8. Hey lemming , can you do a video for padding wn8 ?

  9. clear, instructive, pedagogical and useful -> I love it ; )

  10. Very good video as always but I’m going to give you some constructive feedback that I am sure you’ll take on the chin.
    This is actually a very specific set of circumstances and the ‘perfect world’ as so to speak. Because 1) The amount of times I have written in chat ‘push East hard’ or ‘push west hard’ and been greeted by no reaction is ridiculous. Even this simple strat is to complicated for pub games, random players are really that stupid or ignorant.
    2) You have cut the campers out, they actually play a major part as a Grille 15 knocking off 750HP from a heavy tank can dramatically change the course of a battle. Arty can do the same. If you’re in an E100 and you win the East and you lose 1000HP to arty or a high tier tank destroyer even the best of players think twice about attacking that cap circle and priorities keeping there gun firing as a dead tank is no use, as we know. If a good player is thinking this imagine what tomato is thinking? He’s not driving another meter forward to that base so the mediums actually have an advantage when defending the base. Seen this many times.

  11. Only problem you are assuming a bunch of random people will play like a team. Most times your allies just do random things and not what should be done at any moment.

  12. Awesome video! Being a meh player myself (850 win8 and rising) I enjoy this kind of content to try and help increase my skill at the game. Keep it up!

  13. rush your game plan is as always great but there are tankers with a low skill level now if you have whole team with low skills and the other side all blue then well it’s a no brainer it’s like having a race a v8 against a four cylinder ay like a ferrari against a ford cortina if the sides are heavily matched where you have one side all blue tankers and the other all red well need i explain when tankers have low skill level even if they’re in a super heavy they have no skill to make that tank work the way a skilled tanker has ay

  14. nice w/r plays at 4k recents with 61 w/r lawl winning all day lawl

  15. In a perfect world. Absolutely everything you say is true. Now getting a team to execute this tactic only happens on rare occasions. You do what you can with what you are dealt. Short of winning… You go for as much damage and kills as you can and move on to the next. Great video. Now if we can make it mandatory that every player views it.

  16. Now let’s say that this player… 😀

  17. Sorry to burst your bubble Lemming, while your strat may be all well and good, the current influx of players from Latin and SA on the NA server has made the matches nearly unplayable. You can not rely on any of them to know what they are doing, where to go on a map, how to do ANY basic things like side scrape, use camo, NOT yolo, or my favorite…Lemming Train, they all go down one side with one or two maybe going to the other side and then as expected they either A) lose the side they have the advantage on or B) win, but don’t come back to help defend the base because the weak flank has fallen and the enemy is now capping you team out. I’m sorry but I don’t care how good you are when you get a team of complete useless stupids you are going to lose period.

  18. Lmao I love your humor

  19. Why second attempt? First video was clear and easy to understand.

  20. You are doing a great job with these videos. I at least find these vids understandable. Keep up the good work!

  21. what skills do you run on your t-62a?

  22. Urgh I wish I played on NA rather than SEA, such potatoes.

  23. Hey lemming what do you thnk about the new lights abd about the huge nerf to them with the new micropatch?

  24. Pubbie logic usually goes in the wrong direction because WoT is just that different than most other games. They always frame it in terms of: “How can I win this 1v1?” Of course, being able to outplay a single opponent counts for something, but without a grasp of the fundamentals, how many 1v1s do you expect to find yourself in?

    The idea of having to deal with an enemy TEAM is very different. And the typical pubbie reaction is to back off, play passive. Getting in close is just asking to be focused. They think its a better risk/reward scenario to snipe from a distance. The funny thing is, they’re not wrong. The one thing they forget is that holding yourself back with passive play means giving the enemy a numerical edge up front. And when the enemy pushes with numbers, you’ve got nothing.

  25. Great info you’re sharing with us. Thanks. Also, y’all rolled over us in a skirmish last night. lol

  26. Vytenis Kajackas

    Hey Lemming! Just bought obj. 140 as my first tier 10 today… any suggestions how to run and play it?

  27. shit video

  28. You’re brilliant! You have a real knack for breaking down the game into simple, edible pieces and explaining it well. I’ve read scores of forum posts, watched hundreds of vids, and your’s are the best by far. Well done, and thanks!!!! 🙂

  29. Hans_von_Twitchy plays World of Tanks

    Please “keep doing videos like this.” Making sense of the strategic situation is a gaping hole in most players’ skillsets. And it’s something that players of every playing ability can work on improving.

  30. All right man, I new you existed for a while now. You got me… finally subbed.

    *Show a face bro! (When Jedi did that weird food review, he shown his face… his analytics skyrocketed)

  31. CockAndBalls strat on Pilsen. That’s how MAHOU wins so much CW right? Eural won’t be pleased that you leaked MAHOU secret strats…

  32. I can’t see the video 🙁 why?

  33. Do you want to increase your win rate? Take tier 5 or 7 medium tank with trained crew around 4 skills. Play between 08:00-11:00 CET, hide in bush, be sneaky and win.

  34. Hey. Great video. Ques: All the tanks are on sale, which do u recommend. type -64, 25% off. T26e4, 13% off…worth it no?

  35. Btw, was that a clan war map strat on how to screw the opponent? XD 😛

  36. Been watching your vids for a while very informative been putting them into practise and doing a lot better still running into lemon trains or campers though but happier with my results

  37. actually makes a lot of sense, thnx for explaining it so nicely. btw hello from W-W 🙂

  38. mostly people just want to either pad damage stats, kill stats, or try and Cap fast just to get the win rate. If people think I’m full of shit just remember the recent kill 30 people mission!!!!! Thank u WG for that abortion.

  39. Fire gold rounds, problem solved. 😛

  40. Another great video Lemming!

    However, a couple of questions from a struggling blunicum that I’m curious about.

    1. You emphasize in the tutorial part of the video to go to the strong flank and help win that quickly, yet in the example replay you show you go to what seems to me to be the weaker flank. (By that I mean logically, when I look at the team lineups, the field is theoretically the stronger part as you have more mediums then they do, especially once some of your heavies started going there. 3 t10 meds + 3 bottom tier lights vs 1 top tier and 2 mid tier meds and 3 bottom tier lights) Why? Am I reading the lineups wrong, or is there another piece of information I’m missing?

    2. In the tutorial, you assume that the medium flank is able to hold while putting out damage towards the enemy meds. However, I’ve noticed a lot of the time they don’t hold and only put out a minimum of damage, with the remaining enemies being at high HP. If your heavies push and end up on low HP while their mediums fall back and are on high HP, even though your heavies have the defensive advantage they’d likely lose because of HP differences. Then what?

    3. Similar to the #2, you also assume that there’s going to be that one good medium player on that flank that manages to hold them off long enough for you to push while dealing damage. What if there isn’t, or you can’t convince the pubbies to push with you?

    4. There have been times that I’ve gone to the stronger flank with the intent of pushing it, attempt to push, but then realize that we can’t push any further without dying because of the enemy’s strong defensive positions. (Namely, we push up to a point, then can’t go any further without getting crossfired and wrecked.) I know we need to push this flank, as the other flank is definitely weaker and falling, but you can’t go anywhere yourself, nor can you kill that one or two key tanks that are preventing you from pushing. By the time you do kill those key tanks, the enemy has broken through the other flank; now what? If you push you get capped out, but if you fall back the enemy has the overmatch on this flank because we couldn’t kill enough. Is there anything that can be done in this case? Or does the fact that this scenario exists indicate a positional failure earlier in the battle that’s now costing the team?

    I think that’s it for now; hope to see you around some more!
    ~Sheller3, NA

  41. the problem is if you dont have mates who push 😀

  42. the way i see, (before i’ve watched the video) camp to do damage push to win.

  43. Henri Liimatainen

    whats ur recents and current wn8

  44. Theory is one but reality is totally different thing. You can be smart how to play, if you would play with 14 people that you know, and will listen and cooperate with you. But in reality, 7 out of 10 games, you are with majority of morons, each one playing it’s own game, and then there are bots and people who barely know how to drive a tank, and even if all go on one side, it would fall quickly as majority of your team suck and would do nothing, so after 3-4mins you are alone…aaaand dead. So yeah, people who have brains know the theory and how it should be done, but in reality, it’s hard to pull that out and win by a text book strategy.

  45. how to increase win rate? EZ,just buy defender,skorpion G,or E 25

  46. Christopher Estes

    penis strat……… ok- please DONT explain that one unicum lol

  47. How to improve your win rate in World of Tanks….have less Polish players in your team then in enemy team.

  48. lol you say the heavy side is the 1,2 line as and IS7 and an IS3 drive by in the opposite direction ???

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