How to Kick Ass on Glacier!

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Second class Mastery?! You got robbed…

  2. great now 15k morons will try to do what you can! But it worked on Lemming Rush’s ch umm putz your not him

  3. Gg nice vid again lemming most players dont have the paciant the only yolo amd whant damage no teamplay spec not on eu server

  4. 00:54 Chinese med, are u lemmingrush or jingles?

  5. How do you play F6 if you don’t win the north? Or do you just not play it?

  6. Antonious sykas

    IF you wanna scout center maaaaybe repair your parascope 😀

  7. Crazy Russian Bot

    please play more Type 95.
    it is superior to 62

  8. I always thought lights were great on glacier.

  9. How to kick ass on glacier: Drive around ineffectually, chai snipe, claim full credit for victory!

    • I mean if I played like lemming and got him to scout and tank for me like an average player does, I can be that 61 percent guy too, its just against my morals to take credits for what u didn’t do

    • His assuming he is a carry in every single game, like ya sure no one else is better than him? If he just took out the t30 after it fires, he could have saved all those heavies there


    • Overall his just a selfish player who let’s his team dies while he deals dmg behind their backs

    • He’s a great player but this was not his best strategy video – imo

  10. WhosYourDaddyNow

    Kick ass = do 0 dmg the first 4 minutes and then camp in a good vantage point!

    Light tank gameplay is just sad in this meta…

  11. Sorry Lemming, normally I like your vids but this one is just bad. The job of a light is to provide vision for your team. Instead for most of the game you sat at the back and sniped. Far from winning the game for your team, you damn near lost it.

    • Such a load of horse pucky. The job of lights does not consist of providing campers with shots. A light can change position fast and offer angles of attack and harassment to the enemy. And that’s just one use, but imo one of the most effective. Campers who sit in one spot, shoot straight on and whine about not having anything to shoot at cause they can’t see should probably expand their play style for once and try another approach. You will learn more about how the game can be played, instead of the noob approach. Which map was it back in the day, dragon ridge or something, I think that explained how stupid the simple spot and shoot mechanic was. If those are the games you are looking for do us all a favor and at the very least stay off the radio.

    • +ARCNA442 At the ~4:30 mark he should have crossed over the ridge (as the T71 did). The T30 was a one shot and he had surprise, could have finished him. Then sprint to G4 and shoot IS3 in rear and clear out arty. Without enemy Arty his team would probably have not lost the NE. Yes may have taken a shot from Skorpion while crossing, but he did at 5.10 anyway. From there could have worked his way along South and spotted/pressured the Skorpion/Pershing and they would never have reached the cap.

    • +Mark Shaw 3 arty in the team. I suppose you expect them to spot for themselves? Absolutely agree with you on harassment, but do you really think he did that? Every point of damage he got in that game was at over 300m (probably over 400m). Great TD gameplay, but not the way a light is meant to play.

    • +Trimat All of what you suggest is flanking/damage dealing – not providing vision. While killing the T30 and IS-6 may have been valuable, the T71 was already doing that but no one else was covering mid. If the reds had pushed after Lemming abandoned mid, they may well have capped out. Trying to pressure the Skorpion and co in a light tank would have simply been suicidal – as the T71 (and in the end Lemming himself) demonstrated.

    • +ARCNA442 After about the 4 minute mark Lemmings 3 arties had very few, if any targets. They managed 1300 dmg between them, which is incredibly low for this map. The opposition arty doubled that despite the fact their HT’s were muppets. What I’m suggesting is that Lemming would have been more effective if he had provided vision of the enemy arty, so they could have been counter battery killed, and then vision of the Skorpion/Pershing from behind. I am not suggesting he should have traded shots with them.

  12. What do you think of the Black Market thing where WG sells premium tanks for credits and some rare prems for ridiculous amounts of gold?

  13. Where is the w key located?

  14. I would NOT say that was a “kick ass” video/game.

  15. Yeah I wouldn’t say that was kicking ass necessarily but you did show how to have a decent game giving the circumstances.

  16. I Climb Everything

    Pretty clickbait for an alright result

  17. 8:15 someone died or teamspeak going crazy ? 🙂

  18. I thought unicums didn’t play games with arty in them? 😉

  19. Kick ass on glacier: Easy load gold!!!

  20. Can’t slate LR for bring passive cause he was bottom tier against 3 arty

  21. Leopardstar 600

    thanks for these type of videos they are helping so much can you do a match in a light tank on mannerheim line?

  22. is he serious or sarcastic when he says i am so good like at 12:10 ?

    • He’s being sarcastic because his track absorbed the shot and he took 0 damage. He often says things like that when he randomly bounces a shot or succeeds on a really unlikely play.

  23. What about for mediums?

  24. 5 seconds into game: “If I die now, we’ll lose…”

  25. Lol you’re a farmer…I unsub because you’re a hack!

  26. How much helium did you inhale before this ?

  27. Can some one tell me what is that sound in the background at 8:17 or 8:18

  28. Kick ass?????

  29. It's not what you think

    “If you were an arty player, who would you be shooting at? Me in my light tank or the heavy tanks pushing into you?”
    Boy, with the amount of retarded boomers playing this game, you really think they care about the heavy tanks?

  30. my brain can’t process how fast you’re speaking, so I have to re watch some moments lol

  31. I definitely would have yoloed forwards at 3:37. I’m not smart. But slowly getting smarter watching these videos. 🙂

  32. you are such a conceited player its is annoying

  33. Azegul Star Rider

    A lot of the negative comments show why the state of this game is so bad. While some of us want a tactical co-operative style of game, the others just want a run and gun shoot-em up. Shooting just to see things go Boom, without the understanding of the big picture and the satisfaction of good teamplay.

  34. I’m just here to see if you’ll comment about your bad ping.

  35. How did you bounce a Skorpion twice…

  36. The Tokyo Craftsman

    I always learn something watching your videos.
    I guess I have to play my light tanks more!
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  37. Hans_von_Twitchy

    Advocating patience in World of Tanks! I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous. No fair using a technique no one else can copy.

  38. Am I the only one that heard screaming at 8:15?
    Lemming, What is in your fungeon?

  39. fix your view range port!

  40. Alexander Janus

    It’s impressive how you play, explain and make decisions. I barely can play and breathe at the same time 🙂

  41. Ыуат май

    Hey guys, its _QuickyBaby_

  42. I love all ur vids but I don’t think this was ur best tutorial vid. u showing a LT or med tutorial? “Carrying the game” not sure it’s carrying the game if ur 7-3 up. And “let the arty spot the scorpion” – really? Why not go to the ridge near base and spot them for arty – two guns are better than 1. U cud both have survived. Just an observation. Keep up the good work.

  43. Absolutely fantastic medium tank gameplay. Absolutly trash light tank gameplay.

  44. Caernarvon – KA – NAR – VON – it’s the name of a town in Wales with a famous castle. It’s not Caan, of Khan or whatever.

  45. shit game coward play

  46. sorry worst ive seen you do, team won the game way earlier that you did anything substantial.. why upload a complete farm a few hp GAME./.

  47. Is this sunlight I see going into your room? Dear god what is wrong with you Lem?

  48. How do you bounce a scorpion 2 times from that range as well? Wow that guns shoots apples ….

  49. Gosh Lemming kicks names and takes ass

  50. Dovlas Saturnus

    First of all, this is not a tipical what happens on this map…
    Second, that camping in the middle, in the second part of the game, I don’t know man…
    At the end, u could flank persing and scorpion easy

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