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Killing the Immortal on hard in Mirny: Hope is essential to getting the cheaply – here’s increase your chances!


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  1. If you get the bug just close your game and start it it fixes it

  2. man this game mode is so hard because i keep getting teammates who have no idea what to do.

  3. Just use two doubles on adds and 3 Cerberus on the immortal and it goes down fast and easy every time. Our group was killing him so fast with that combo that we had over five minutes left. The cerbs got his weak points with ease. We all finished all the way to stage 8 in one night once we figured out that combo. Super easy

  4. Zachariah Candelaria

    They need a 4rth difficulty that displays a significantly larger difficulty. Did 3 lights first try in a random group of peeps.

  5. I have all other reels decrypted after many hours of fails in random teams, but winning on hard seems impossible. I’ve got to stage four many times on hard, but I’m just almost useless there because trying to hit moving weakspots causes too much headache for me. Thus, I’m pretty much useful only for cleaning bots with half of my shots to the Immortal just missing the weakspot. Maybe I’ll just use 10-15 more hours to get those 100 extra keys because four other players can’t really cover my weakness in hitting randomly moving targets. Platoon might help but maybe not enough because I’ve never tried that.

  6. im gonna have to check that discord for tomorrow night i recently switched over to the EU server bc NA server is dying judging by the numbers i have seen with active players on peak times but if anyone wants to team up with me let me know otherwise ima join that discord tomorrow

  7. This game mod has been incredibly annoying to me i literally played two days straight been doing 28k-33k of damage a game and still lose to either dying to the immortal or time running out and even sometimes bugs where the game disconnects my platoon mates or doesn’t let them fire and i feel that limited time at the end is really unnecessary.

  8. i did it in my first game in hard mode , what a lucky game !!!

  9. Just a Wandering Old Man

    I’m not playing WoT anymore, but I can say that this kind of gameplay is more fun than the regular gameplay. No pay to win and just straight up using skills and teamwork. I remember when I was still active, I also played one of the Halloween event where you fight a giant tank that looks like a P 1000 Ratte in co-op. It was one of the best experience that I had in WoT. It just like fighting a raid boss in MMORPG, but with tank.

  10. I have attempted hard about 24 times and lost every single time. It is usually by such a small margin and it pisses me off.

  11. He called the captured king tiger just a regular king tiger, then he called it a tiger 2. He’s losing it fellas

  12. Great to hear you having fun. Well done Wargaming.

  13. Bots have been selecting me if I have low hp regardless of how many tanks are around them

  14. I also find that you want to spread your damage between multiple enemies in a camp to significantly increase the quantity of Mirium you can collect

  15. Cezar Stefan 'SEGH' Jucan

    Grenadier is useless in this mode, Hornet isn’t that bad and the rest are great, with the Legio Ferrata being the best. Be mindful of hedgehogs, because not paying attention will end you in seconds, especially when playing with zero armor vehicles, thence the whole opposition to lightly armored vehicles. Teams need to work well, otherwise there is no chance, even on easy.

  16. Playing solo is very playing this mode

  17. its actually KING_JEDY …..just in Latvian. so dont bother pronouncing those dz dsh shhh 😀

  18. every time I get to the second stage on killing the immortal at the end always ran out of time with about 3k hp left on the immortal

  19. the mirny grind was incredibly fun and entertaining, even tho I was playing with randoms we managed to defeat the immortal 6 times on hard

  20. Energy shield is good for blocking hedgehogs. I’ve been able to bait hedgehogs in to me and went invulnerable so my team doesn’t have to waste time shooting them.

  21. i won hard without even knowing this discount thing and only now noticed lmaoand yeah it was a random team and yeah i was using a hornet and yeah its rare but my team worked together so GG

  22. Tanooki War Robots

    Me that solo immortal

  23. The best way to win against Immortal in the high difficulty is playing in a platoon with your friends. Tried it twice yesterday, lost the first one in the last phase and then won the second one. Easy.

  24. All the tanks are good. Play ehich ever you feel or notice you do best in.

    For me it was the amx 1390, in which I did 30% more dmg than in other tanks.

    Stay alive and focus adds when they spawn. It gives you the most quality shots to the boss.

  25. I have defated it already its easy with a decently team

  26. Hey, I was able to complete the hardest difficulty on Mirny but I am not seeing any 100 key discount for the Tiger (C). Got any idea of something I may have done wrong?

  27. Qb, please check Wot replays for the Su130PM I had an insane game managed to get 13 kills without losing any Hp and had over 8k Damage with good teamwork with a random. Very intense game.

  28. I think the Double is the best tank for this event. We did it in plutoon of five and got the Immortal on first try. It’s broken good. 🙂

  29. Have no friends 🥲

  30. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    I look forward to the tech tree showcase each week BUT now it is sooooo annoying with the trolls I can’t watch.
    It is also the rock solid reason I will never reinstall the game…

  31. Play the Doublette. It’s definitely the best one.

  32. I actually didn’t take too many tries to complete it with 4 randoms

  33. I managed to beat the immortal with randoms on high difficulty in like 5 battles, but i got a good team:)

  34. I’ve found that the best strategy is using the meds as damage dealers to immortal, use the lights to keep away enemy tanks at bay, and use heavies to get their attention. Other than that just find windows of opportunity to shoot the boss. Or you could play the T49 on low and farm keys a few games at a time. way faster, way easier, waaaaaay more fun.

  35. I would be happy if I could enjoy this game, unfortunately it is one big scam. Everything is so expensive and fast. I just started to play War Thunder instead.

  36. I legit need just 20 more keys to get the king tiger. It’s hard enough but not impossible, love it

  37. Was able to complete this today using malachite. It was all luck. Had the best teamates. 4 malachite and 1 double. Best team ever. Grenadier is fun to play also in lower difficulties

  38. There’s 15 platoon rooms available for you to try and make groups on Discord good luck everyone!

  39. i did mine as a hornet,only focusing minions and hedgehogs in the final phase of the hard mode and only doing damage when there are no minions present

  40. Howcome you don’t use your “Gold shells”, they do more damage.

  41. Player 8 games yesterday, Medium gamemode. 6 of my “Teams” yesterday were to “skilled” to read the timer…

  42. Also when you get eliminated you can experience a bug: you can’t shoot and use equipment in next round edit:looks like I spoke to soon

  43. Given how much money wg are earning from players, I found it unacceptable for them to make a game-mod like Mirny with bugs like the one you spoke about when you can’t control your tank (except the movement). It happened 3 times in just one day and it’s very annoying! 😡 It’s like they didn’t even tested it before lunching! Another black point for wg.
    EDIT: Sure, the soundtrack is great, but let’s be honest, gameplay is much more important then a song played on background

  44. This is just what i needed

  45. Just killed the immortal on hard with 3 lights în my team, in random battle!

  46. Hard really isnt that “hard”, with Double its quite managable and you can carry if you know what youre doing. I managed to average 30-35k dmg with Double without platoon in hard mode and its far more interesting than the less difficult modes.

  47. Just activate shield, let immortal drive on you and push him down the drop when he is on the bridge.

  48. You forgot HT can do ram kills and with reload boost double shot twice…

  49. Last night i m finishd that event .. gl to others XD

  50. Finally did it a couple minutes ago

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