How To Know If You Should Go Back To Base

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Awesome video and very informative! You have helped me climb to over 2k wn8 making smart choices… For the most part :p

  2. Never trust your team mate

    WOT Rule 101.

  3. Keeping on pushing is way less safer, ppl sacrifice so much hp for not driving safe routes straight into TD’s line of fire. So I usually prefer to clear the brawl area in which we were commited, then retreat go around and help the other flank. So the kemping TDs are left for last without feeding em through a large portion of time. Instead in a shorter period. Also finding their sides with both flanks pushing at same time.

  4. I 3 marked my Object 416 today…

  5. Lemming dude, loving the new upload patterns it really shows in the videos how much time and effort your putting into your channel, keep up the amazing work 🙂 !!! like if you agree!!

  6. 0:08


  7. wz-oneoneoneoneone Love it! 😀

  8. Get the e-50m yet? im really looking forward to a review on it

  9. @Lemming
    Pleeeease make a guide on the m4 rev.
    Im constantly doing around 1900 dmg but i still fail to carry games
    My wr in that tank is only 52

  10. It’s my birthday today 😀

  11. love how you say wz 111 14

  12. Lemming please make a how to play light, or lightly armored tanks on city maps or small maps? Or if you cant make that video can you tell me here how to play?

  13. i uninstalled WoT today, it’s a good day !!!!

  14. I’m not sure if you have, but if you have not would you mind sharing your setup for the E5 I’m about to get it

  15. next pls what to do in slow tanks if you get no damage even when you press double r all game

  16. Its always fun to see these videos, while I am no super-unicum, its nice to see what I have been experiencing to be very similar to your recommendations! (only 2600ish WN8 last 1k battles.)

  17. Lemming there’s a MAHOU clan in Blitz on the NA server. Is that connected to your clan?

  18. LR i think u also can add a subtitle like:why beach is not a good place to go on overlord 9/10 times

  19. Hey Lemming rush this is guys

  20. TBH you should do one and when to cap since people don’t get it or they go to farm damage when they should be capping and taking the win

  21. Good vid, I struggle with this decision often.

  22. I have an idea for you. How do you deal with playing a lightly armored tank on Abby? I’m terrible middle and really I have trouble with that map in a light tank.

  23. hello i don’t comment much mostly just watch and try to learn something from your first class videos..would my tire 8 obj 416 have a chance with a heat shell to pen that Beast?

  24. Make a guide of in what situation should boost or not in Sacred Valley

  25. Righteous Reptile

    one one one one oen .. wait, was it a one too much

    pls loop yourself saying 111 1-4 for a minute or so XD

  26. Anonymous Coward

    I see tanks push to cap when the enemy already has a winning lead on the cap and there is no convincing people to defend most games.

  27. How about you are mid/bottom tier and simply no one is near our cap and no one has the sense to defend the cap ? How should I do. Should I go back on my own or what ?

  28. its that IS-4 pubbie who calls the whole team beach every game. Iwon a game doing that with him 10 tanks went beach

  29. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    00:00 – 00:07 Increases the Tension gj

  30. Marshall Allshouse

    Great video, as it illustrates a point that even I am still learning 😀
    also I love the stratsketch overview at the end, I feel as if that is what makes your channel unique and probably the best as far as educational content goes.

  31. Pls tell me more bout SHIT teammates…..

  32. Ursl SuchtdenHasen

    Apart from Claus Kellerman you are the first.

  33. and it is sometimes helpful if a good player tell the team to “defend the base” as not everyone has so much experience. Sometimes I’m so under pressure that I do not realize whats going on at the moment on the minimap. But I often notice a message like – “defend the Base”

  34. how many times did you practice saying WZ 111 1-4 ?

    awesome videos tho…..keep it up m8 i think you are UNIQUE in your content

    Thank you !

  35. WZ one one one-Americans >: (
    It is supposed to be WZ one hundred and eleven- Angry English who is actually not English

  36. TL;DR 3:25

  37. Great job, mate!
    Not just this video, but every video you put up is spot on.
    But the catch is that your videos help green/blue players become purple (unicum) because worse players (red, orange) still don’t think correctly (don’t know how to say that diferently) or are just not capable to play WoT correctly.
    You are doing a great job, you are open about using premium ammo, you don’t bitch about it, and you seem to handle pressure really well.
    I myself am blue (~2100 wn8), but I am increasing rapidly (~3600 wn8 in last 1000 battles, 11k in total) since watching your videos.
    Jingles is really funny to watch, QB gives nice tank reviews, SirFoch is salty af and I love him for that (#nohomo), and Circon is absolute king.
    But your guides gave me the most solid advice of all of them.
    I have been playing wot for 5 years, almost, but since discovering you, 3 months ago, I noticed the most significant shift upwards in my performance.
    Again, thanks man, and keep up the good work.
    (Sorry if my English is not that good, it’s not my first language.)

  38. always appreciate more knowledge….ty:)

  39. Lemming, I have been watching your videos and let me tell you, you have helped me so much. Thank you!!!!

  40. “WoT is knowing where to position yourself when!” Love it.

  41. Good vid helps me get better keep it up! xD

  42. What graphics card do you have?

  43. clause kellerman talks about this all the time.

  44. Pushing the beach to the enemy’s base on this map hardly ever works.

  45. If there’s more of them than us AND they’re closer to our cap, go back and defend. Keep it simple.

  46. Lemming, have you ever played wotblitz? and if you haven’t will you ever?

  47. 10 seconds of black screen…… someone forgot to make sure their intro worked!!!

  48. WZ 111111111111111111 1-4

  49. First of all, keep up the nice work you’re doing with your channel! I really like where this is going !o7
    2nd: I really do like that you’re trying to teach us “normal” players to become better by giving us a look at your mindset/ decision making!

  50. So many good videos lately, keep it up!

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