How to Make Credits in World of Tanks

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. Today I’m looking at the mechanics at how credits are earned in !

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  1. How to make credits? Find a tank that has good standard penetration for its tier so you don’t have to waste a lot of credits for premium shells (such as Sherman Firefly). Or get a premium tank that has really good DPM such as Su-122-44. Assist your team, spot and tracks when you can. If you can’t pen something, fire HE or find someone else to shoot. Buy consumables on discount. Play mid tier vehicles because they have cheap repairs and ammo. Ocasionally play a KV-2 with full HE, it does a lot of damage even when it doesnt pen, and rounds are cheap. Play in platoon with friend = win more games.

    I actually play Lefe for making credits even though it sounds weird but it’s really easy and relaxing, I often permatrack tanks and never fire HEAT in it because it’s not useful. I make ~25k per battle in it after resupplying ammo with a premium account which is fine because it’s easy and fun to play.

    But if I had money, I’d buy a Scorpion. It’s probably the most useful money maker at the moment. Don’t buy premium tanks with poor standard pen such as Ravioli or Super Pershing or IS 6 or T 54 mod 1 – better get a Scorpion, Jagdtiger 88 or if you don’t want to camp and like to play actively, get a Blackdog.

  2. So basically you need to pay real money to have in-game money. We didn’t know that !

  3. Can you make credits from bouncing shells that the enemy shot at you?

  4. Ammo rack a Maus, is that even possible? LOL

  5. NitrouSx The MLG

    how to make credits for free?
    Make that missions and get dat T 34 85M, and then play with it. Done

  6. can you earn gold in wot… how do we get gold with out buying them

  7. Rich Dominations

    how to make credits. rewind 10 years to when you could easily get 300k per battle. and it continues to get throttled. quit wot many years ago but still enjoy your vids

  8. Best cash cows are USA medium tanks and Japanese medium tanks. Very hard to play, but both have cheap ammo and decent penetration and the M46 KR is very stealthy.

  9. A basic mathematical formula, with variable coefficients, not hard to understand at all.

  10. Love all your vidéos!!!

  11. like ammo racking a tank that has 800 HP and ur in a ISU-152/ Obj 704

  12. premium time is probably the better bang for buck. jk its WAy better than a premium tank

  13. i got 10 k spotting in my Cromwell 😛 on that match and than got team killed

  14. Hello Will Frampton!

  15. By far my Jagdtiger 8.8cm has been my big money maker. on a loss i will still make an average of 30-40k profit. I do run a premium account though.

  16. 2277 spotting damage LOL NOT was damage from more then 300 meters anyone else catch that ahaha.

  17. TheGamerHenstrike

    I made 183k creds with only 3k damage in the Defender lel

  18. will frampton up vote this comment because the words told you so

  19. How to make credits the fastest:
    Buy gold and turn it into credits…

  20. So to make credits you need to spend money 🙂

  21. Ślązak Grzesiek

    I play without buying premium account, prem VIII tanks have from marathons. A long time ago we could get premium account from missions, 250k credits etc. Beautiful times <3

  22. 1919 assistance damage, the 2277 was your damage done beyond 300 meters. Little bit of a mistake there QuickyBaby. But no big deal, just wanted to point that out to you.

  23. But the real question is; How many procent more do you make if you kill a tank?

  24. If there is one thing I’ve learned about credit income in WoT, it’s that once you get to tier 6-8 premiums, the tank you will make the most money in is the one you have the most fun in. I make far more money in my AT-15A and AMX 13 57F than I make in my Lowe or my IS-6, because unlike the latter two, I actually enjoy and do well in the AT15A and 13 57. For so long I assumed tier 8s would always make more than 6s and 7s, but in reality it’s what you perform best in.

  25. is joining a clan with level 10 financial unit will get you many credits boosters???

  26. Heh , Look how much the shell cost of the IS-3 is…

  27. LOL. Look at Quicky selling the “Pay to win” model for WoT. Hope they giving you a good return son. 😉

  28. Sure the most efficent way to get credits is a premiumaccount.
    But for all the flamers/haters/pessimists out there:
    It costs you less then 6,-€ per month(!), if you buy 360 days of premium with 15% discount (when its offered)!
    And 6€ per month for a F2P-game is really really cheap compare to others.
    Wargaming has to earn money to run the servers and develop there game. The premiumaccount doesnt hurt the game, gives players more time to play what they want to play and keeps the game alive.
    For those reasons: I love to pay 6€ per month for one of my favorite games!
    Keep in mind WoW costs 12,-€ per month AND you have to buy the expansions(!) and dont forget your WoT Premium account also counts for WoWs!

    If you dont have any money. You can get premiumtanks for free (marathon-missions)! Like the T-34-85M! Or in the past: FV4202,TOG II,T-44-100, Dicker Max,T26E4 etc Or as clanwars reward: FCM50t, Chieftain T95, IS5, etc
    You dont have to pay money for WoT, if you dont want to.

    BTW: if you buy comsumables on a 50% discount you save a lot of money(!) -> for every million you spend you get a million for free (basicly)
    I have 2000 small repairkits in my storage that’s 3million credits i dont have to pay/grind, and if needed i can sell them without losing credits. (Buy: 1500credits(50%off) Sell: 1500credits(0%off))

  29. Norbert .Durcovic

    Win battles 😀 that’s sound great, but i personally know about games where I made 8k or 7k dmg, but still lose, because your teammates were suciding.

  30. is it just me or he is selling premium acccounts for WG ?

  31. hey will! nice video

  32. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    Also the fact that WG doesnt want to post credit earning coefficents for all the tanks…thats how greedy they are.

  33. meteor_falling_from_the_sky

    Creates a video about making credits.
    Drives his tank with premium consumables.

  34. I remember getting 100k profit was about average in my T34. Maybe it has high multiplier

  35. sonja boscherini

    please sub channell quicky guys, we are having a world of tanks videos and clash royale

  36. Broken MM? 6 tier 8’s?

  37. Buy me M4A1 Revalorise please

  38. Firstly. No one will remember there tips. Secondly, In a battle you won’t have enough time to think about credits.

  39. dudnt know u did plugs for premium and premium tanks

  40. Quicky you missed one important thing. You can actually stack personal and clan reserves in team battles and tournaments. You can stack them in random battles too, but at a reduced 30% rate for the clan reserve. Gather a bunch of your best clanmates in team battles and then stack 50%+50%+100%+50% with the best personal reserves and tier XII clan reserves. You’ll want a tier 8 prem that has a high pen cheap standard round, like the lorraine 40t. You’ll earn 175-200k every winning battle and most last less than 7 minutes. You’ll make 40k on a loss. Skirmishes can’t use the personal reserve but are almost as good because the battles are much faster than randoms. If you’re not making at least 1.5 million per hour you’re bad. 😉

  41. How to make credits: don’t play tier 8,9,10.

  42. “Premium tanks can help”……while playing a Premium Tank lol.

    Also…that final coin amount would have been the end result of the *3 round….for a normal round, 1/3 that amount.
    A non-premium account in a non-premium tank would have been significantly less.

    With the right tanks though, yepp.
    I made over 150k profit in about 3 hours yesterday in my T71 yesterday by spotting and plenty of damage inflicted.
    So it can be done….just be careful what you do next though.

    1 tier 9 round later trying to pen a Defender and a Type 4(yes…I know lol but I was one of the last 3 left) and about 15 gold rounds later = 50k in the red 🙁

    Easy come, easy go.

  43. StefannoTheConqueror

    1.Get a premium tier 8
    2.Get premium account
    3.Play like a savage for days on end

  44. To sum up QB’s 15 min video.
    WG needs cash, so buy premium tanks, and premium time.
    If you cant afford it, get use to tier 1, 2 and 3, WG dont want you playing.

  45. not wondering why they were 5 top tier vehicles, but how you were top tier with tier 8. what about shooting lover tier tanks, do you get less credits?

  46. Answer to have strong armour hmm use the Black Prince the best tier 7 armour in the game even some tier 9 tanks can t pen you

  47. we already know what to do to make money… spend real money and make in game money.. its like you make trade with real money and in game money… Any other way you know without real money?

  48. وهب العراقي

    لعبه رائعه جدا

  49. Also tracking

  50. And this is why ammo cost in this game are total BS. Ammo cost should be calculated on the basis of the damage a shell does. Having a 390 damage shell being cheaper than a 320 damage shell is just retarded.

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