How to Not Suck in 1v2’s

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Lem, I am seeing you in WoT commercials, and it is unsettling to know you have a lower half.
    Also go to sleep, wierdo. It is like 2 a.m.

    • you have to show me this man

    • @SlowCooker I would, but it is so new that I can’t find it other than before videos. You will have to watch a bunch of WoT content providers until you see it. XD

    • I just turned off my ad blocker and refreshed this page a few times–apparently LR likes cool looking tanks. So do I (that’s why I play the Eagle 7, lol).

    • Allstar - ROTMG and More

      Weirdo*. Sorry I couldn’t resist..

    • John Sasquatch the Third

      Whats unsettling is this reroll is being promoted by WG. Whats unsettling is this S#$% brick Makes video guides after they have already been shown (long after they have been shown), but most of all whats unsettling is this “thing” promotes elitism. Now before you call me a “noob” or “baddie” check this name out Blackopsakula on NA

  2. Dr.deathfart stoneage

    0 views and 3 like and 1 comment nice

  3. Yes another lemming video just came out. It’s 5am here in the uk but I’m still gonna watch immediately.

  4. Hey Lemming could you do a vid about the AMX 50 B or 50 120 thx

  5. Nice hat LR.

  6. You’ve showed us this spot before and how to fight many tanks, I guess you was bored bro…

  7. Nice vid!

  8. The white touque returns!!!

  9. I like the thematic videos with specific lessons/techniques highlighted. High xp/hard carry games are impressive but the thought process in the game is easy to miss for non superunicums.

  10. DeluxeBestOfTheBest

    Lol demonitized due to rape lessons

  11. Good vid

  12. That location only works if there’s no arty.

  13. Bad hair day, no problem, white toque fixes any probLem-ming. Rush to safety ya hosers. Listen & learn boios.

  14. The Tokyo Craftsman

    LMU is what I call this, “Lemming Rush University”!!
    I always learn stuff on this channel about how to play WOT better.
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  15. Nice hat

  16. This is why LR’s content is so nice. He’s basically explaining his plays and thought processes— even in real time.

    Obviously this was a bit of tutorial but it’s a great one.

  17. Seriosuly your team lost this ? Lol ahead two tanks and lost

  18. wtf Lemming I thought you’re supposed to take all HE?

  19. Sorry, but You look Silly

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