How To Not Suck In Your Heavy Tanks – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Light tanks being bad at scouting. 100% right. Almost all maps are so small and corridored that light tanks can now days be used only for flanking maneuvers. And to my opinion that is shame. Now days u need only meds, heavies and TD’s on this game. Dunno do WG hate light tank players or what is the big issue to them. All other tank classes get inside game buffs, except lights. For. e.g. maps are turned even more campier or corridored, obstacles (like bushes) are being taken away from middle of map, maps get closed obstacles in the middle of maps so heavies can be covered but light tanks cant use them bcause of rushing of other all tanks classes, view range is not what u can use for spotting in high tears, penetration in top tear is almost ridicculous, 6th sense gets nerfed and so on.

  2. Hi Lem, how would you play the italian auto-reloaders? It’s currently the highest skill-cap line in the game, ‘couse you have to have skill both in single shooters and autoloaders and then combine it. Cheers!

  3. More of these pls❤️

  4. Patrick Asselborn

    Do you play wot blitz?

  5. Lemming is the best. Very good video again. You are able to tell new things to me.
    Although about spotting: maybe you should be more careful about describing the requirements for doing that aggressive spotting. E.g. you need good support + you can not do it in a much weaker heavy (lower tier or less armored).

  6. This video was awesome ! Very helpful !

  7. Remember to NEVER put yourself in a position to where you’re team cant back you up if at all possible as well. I suppose that applies to all tanks, but specially heavies because you’re normally slow.

  8. Lol!

  9. Nice video, you are welcome to do more of these.

  10. Got some good tips from this!

  11. Hey there LR,
    Any suggestions how to play T110E5 in current meta? It’s not fast and the armor isn’t realy reliable. The gun is amazing and I had aawesome games in it, but lot’s of bad too. Sometimes I get pened by everyone, sometimes I bounce everything. I get god-like game and then when I start playing it more often I get shit games.

    Nice vid as always. Keep up making 🙂

  12. Lem, problem is no pubie listens, they sit/camp

  13. Dimitrios Galiatsatos

    Can you do the same video for other tank classes like mediums?

  14. “Anfield is kinda low on hp”
    … has been hit once #unicumlowhp

    Nice vid, thank you

  15. Bullshit….the way the game is , armor is irrelevant if the enemy pushes the 2 key, speed and cammo of heavies is 0, so heavies are just a fat target for medium, TDS and arty….they play only one role, that of the big fat piniata for the enemy to feast upon… To make a heavy work , you must find one spot that covers your weak points, covers you from arty, and then hope enemies will come to you from the angle you expect them.. Good luck with that…. long story short, heavies are BROKEN and not worth playing as long as armor is cancelled with the 2 key

  16. Every heavy tank driver should have to watch a vid like this, so sick of heavies just camping and snipping.

  17. Now i know, why there are a bunch of scout medals on my Maus… x)

  18. I have said for years it should be heavies that should spot

  19. I love videos like that except for the finish where you say you are going to give us a micro tip and it cuts abruptly, but keep up the good work.. great!

  20. I haven’t noticed before that you are friends with Anfield. You both sound good guys to me and not just as players. It must be fun to play together… By the way, I do most of the time with my Pz VII the same as you explained after I realized you can even spot with that tank and not been demolished in seconds. I have got many times the most highest assisted damage in game with some heavies. THX for your videos!

  21. best helpful video on YouTube

  22. Alot of the engagements in that fight you were using gold ammo. Is this need specfically on the vks 15cm, or is it something heavies just have to use in most of the early brawls against tanks of equivalent tier.

  23. i must ask, how would you have played these situations with the standard t10 instead of this version? getting hit that hard convinces defensive lines to stay steady much more than the current standard cannon.

  24. Chat at 5:23 ..

  25. Optics>vents on a heavy?

  26. BagelsGamingOnline

    Thanks for this, this was really needed

  27. I’d ne pleased to scout like you in my Patriot but I am allways with T10 so I just can’t.

  28. I did that long time ago
    Soo many mad people that I outspotted them in WZ 111 1-4 lmao

  29. all games were +2 toptier in one of best armored tanks what means, most of opponents can’t pen you. Do you really believe for yourself what you are say has a general validity ?

  30. 4:24 anfield is low on hp [has lost 500hp in a t10 heavy]

  31. Is this a famous youtuber who TK Anfield? btw gj LR 😀

  32. Love the tips keep them coming …. tips on types of heavies or squat tanks … 705 and 705a or guard etc ..

  33. How do you cope with missing multiple shots in a row when your are doing everything right and it’s down to just bad luck and shitty rng? It’s really been killing my love of the game at the moment and the excessive use of gold ammunition is just a joke.

  34. Hey lemmings would you be willing to review my game I got 5k dam in my 48 Patton I would like to know what I could have done better my tanks name is sacheal

  35. At first, I thought it was another sarcastic video! 😉

  36. Ádám Mészáros

    Dear LemmingRush! I was a 800wn8 bot at 2k matches then i found your channel and stream. Now im at 6,5k matches and 1800wn8 and its growing every day. My recent 30d is 2500+ every month, so thanks for these videos man!! 😀

  37. Spotting in a heavy tank? Okay I’ll give it a go. *Rushes up the middle road on Lakeville dies in 20 seconds*
    Welp that worked.

  38. Alexander Agustine

    And the final tip is: Do not forget to kill your teammate at the end … 🙂

  39. Samuel Cunningham

    I was laughing at your first tip initially thinking this was gonna be like your how to play tds video, but in the end i think this was very useful.Its nice to see one of the better players trying to move people away from the typical wot mentality of heavies go there lights go to that bush and meds flex the ridge, and actually encourage people to asses the situation!

  40. another great video, well done Lemming

  41. Ehi lemming, do you still find this game enjoyable?

  42. when i was still in the first tip, i thought you are doing a video like the camp corner TD guide LUL

  43. Thx
    Just thx

  44. 8:15 what micro tip? 🙁

  45. hanikrummi hundursvin

    I like your videos LemmingRush, you have a calm explanatory manor of telling what is going on, without getting emotions in the way. I have learned alot from your videos & hope to continue that, I was a potato (borderline bot), but your videos as well as other WOT youtube presenters have helped me to transcend to my current average player stats. Keep up the good work & I keep watching and learning. GRJohnson from EU server 🙂

  46. first tip about tank height very interesting, never thought of that, front or rear mounted turret probably also make a difference?

  47. as avarage wot player i find this type of vids  realy helpfull, i remember when i start understeanding game and discover xvm i have 7k battles and 750wn8, after learning from this type of vid i have 14k games and 1400 wn8. aswell as win ratio going from 48% to 51%. all thanks to guys like you,, love your videos,, keep up with that

  48. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Doing Scout Missions for the 260 in 2k18 ayylmao

  49. Vital_Bullet 128k

    Can you please tell me which line has the best Medium Tanks?

  50. Bastian Jünemann

    great vid! thx man!

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