How to Not Suck on Kharkov!

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  1. I actually liked this map even before it was removed.

  2. I dont remember kharkov looking like this. Did they rework it?

  3. Rischi Elo-eghosa

    second comment …………lemming like this………..hahahahah

  4. Rischi Elo-eghosa

    third comment ………..lemming like this…………….hahhaha

  5. Rischi Elo-eghosa

    i gave my second and third comments likes

  6. It’s 12:54am, I should be asleep but instead I’m watching Lemming. Why? Because I need to git gud.

  7. Kharkov is hot

  8. Tbh i stopped playing this hame recently i like it and wanna grind down more lines but escape from tarkov has really stolen my gaming life

  9. Can you do a map guide for the maps that came out since 2017? I just started playing again and suck at the new maps

  10. 2:50 Hi Lemming. If u get spotted through the kv its all good. That’s how wot spotting system is working. You can be spotted even if u hide elc behind some japan hts and still you can be spotted by enemy. All I mean, you can your tank behind your team mates tank.

  11. How not to suck on Kharkov……………….that’s what she said

  12. HEY LEM.
    Great you’re on !
    ; b

  13. Dude, just dont pause the replay every frickin 5 seconds.

  14. Do something about your cunt Mahou mates in their platoons that throw games by cliff diving at the very beginning before outcome even decided ?

  15. I find myself when spotted, counting down from 10 so i can exactly know when im unspotted. Thinking about this more, this just robs me 10 seconds of time when thinking about what to do next.

  16. the TVP did a good job considering its a dreadful tank. Not as bad when top tier though.

    • If I had to do it again I would have spent a lot of free exp getting thru that tank it was not a good experience. In fact if I had to start again I would have skipped all the Czech tanks

    • Brendon Fernandes

      Yeah I have the T34/100. Hate that tank but I heard the TVP is worse ! But at least the TVP has a bit of speed which the T34/100 lacks. And with the 90mm gun you get decent gun handling which again the T34/100 lacks so in a way I think the TVP should be easier to play than the T34/100 which I am struggling with. Only thing in favour of the T34/100 is that its pen is very good for its tier while the TVP’s pen is very bad for its tier.

  17. Wheres the vlog

  18. I’m so triggered by your low view range XD

  19. Ooh you play project cars 2

  20. Maximilian Scheller

    Dude show us you’re music (Fl Studio)

  21. Thank you so much! I have a question; from the WZ-132 would you get the WZ-120 or would you get the WZ-132A? I enjoy light tanks but I fancy a change. Thanks for the great content as always. Enjoy the summer holidays. Thanks

  22. ihave NEVER lost a game on this map, some may say proof, I would say im a chritian and you can take it on faith.

  23. Always take the heights or clear the trenches, cities are smelly. cute wabits don’t live on concrete, do they?

  24. Im going to be lemmingrush’s father – Son WOT aint gunner get ya better grades nor a better gf. Get out n get some sunshine boy before I smash some stuff…

  25. I actually like the fact lemmingrush plays WOT, he has the exact profile of a highly intelligent and motivated serial killer, you keep playing tanks fella 🙂

  26. nobody: **nothing**
    LR: **so a bunch of people have been asking…**

  27. Like starting of on the left side then end the game if we have a foothold in the city.

  28. Can you do a video on how to do well in a scout on Himmlesdorf please?

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