How to Not Throw Games in WoT

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I've decided to stop putting those shitty overlay ads, that appear in the lower centre of the at the beginning, that you have to X out of. They piss me off and I don't consider them the frustration they cause to profit ratio.


  1. I can’t find you on EU server, how? lemmingrush ??

  2. thank you LR. you’re the first one doing that. consideration still rising. keep it up 🙂

  3. 2:28

    Jagdpanzer E100 in tier 6 holy shit

  4. Comes back to help the OI and OI calls idiot team a ton, lol – WOT Life

  5. This type of video is tremendously helpful to me.
    You explain the hows and whys, which is so different from some other youtubers who only talks about the what (as if I can’t see what’s going on).
    Keep up the good work, I’ve become much better at this game because of you.

  6. Totally agree with your sentiments. I think videos about process are far more useful than some 7k video wher arty always misses and opponents feed themselves to a hull down tank one at a time (or some similar one in a thousand game). Gg

  7. Keep the game firmly grasped in your hand and set it down.

  8. Chinese tank are always happy because they have no depression

  9. Would you be interested in doing some one to one training, for re-numeration of course ?

  10. You learn more from your mistakes than your successes.

  11. You never run away, you just advance in another direction…:)

  12. It’s so refreshing to watch someone who actually uses his brain, knows what he’s doing and looks at the damn map. Thank you for such informative videos Lemming!

  13. Good Stuff Lem!

  14. one of your better vids, you should do more like this…

  15. “The only way to beat the Luchs is by not brawling it.”
    The second you said that it was the first red killed LOL.

  16. Gj on educative video without the need for epic! We desperately need more! We need map tactics on all tiers and tank classes, scout play on city/small map, slow heavy on camping map, not epic stuff, just average tips on how not to suck completely in those situations.

  17. How to not throw games: Situational Awareness and Patience…

    There, an 11 minute video summed up in less than 10 words.

    • I mean, the way to get more wn8 is to shoot tanks more…

      There, just saved you 5 years of practice

    • Woooooooooow… RIP me I guess, you fuckin’ savage…

      But seriously, I understand that, and I do that (Thanks in part to watching your videos and Circonflexes videos, so thanks for putting these videos up) But I don’t play for stats like you do, like you said in a previous video.

      I play for profits, winning, and trying not to overly think a game. Unless it is CW or Advances, than I gotta pull my A game, but for pubs if I win and make credits it’s good enough. However I have noticed here lately I have been able to apply things learned through yours and Circons videos to the point that I’m doing a lot more damage than I have been doing normally.

      Case in point: That’s my new highest damage record, I know 6K isn’t much for someone of your caliber at the game, but for someone who is still a recovering shitter the fact that I didn’t do the typical shitter thing and get over aggressive at 3k and rush out because I thought I was hot shit won me that game. Situational Awareness, and Patience won me that game because as much as my inner shitter said “GOOOOOOO FAAAAAAAG” I remember the videos I’ve seen and realized that no, I should just wait to move until my spot was no longer useful, don’t force something to happen, let the enemy make the mistakes…

      But you got one thing wrong, it’s not 5 years of practice, I’ve only been watching your videos and Circons videos for about 4-5 months… So 4-5 months practice, 5 years of slowly realizing how this game works, and then realizing that perhaps I need some offline studying of the game from another person who is better at it’s perspective… Because I can’t exactly afford to pay you to mentor me, but this is working well.

    • I’m glad killswitch, Congrats on improving 🙂 doesnt matter what your best game is compared to mine, all that matters is that it’s your best. I thought it was cool seeing your name, recognizing you as a forum poster I though I owed it to you to bully you slightly :p

    • I’m bullied by my clanmates on a daily basis so I’m fine with it…
      Some of those guys Nico Nico Need to calm down though because damn they savage…

    • killswitch95 I don’t think neither you nor lemming “plays for stats”. This just empty rethoric. Fact is that in order to win more games, you need to do more damage and vice versa. WN8 and win rate goes hand in hand for many reasons.

  18. I just threw a game cz I tried watching and playing at the same time.. Thanks a bunch!!!

  19. I’m aggressive player lol I need to work on my map awareness, it’s not bad but no where what it could be

  20. covenanter derp hurt a lot, uh?

  21. Only 480p?

  22. so u got your mic set up better? remember me from a EU stream

  23. Nice replay. That lucky JgPzE100 who got in a tier 6 game! 😉

  24. crusader is killed by a jagdpanzer e100
    words one never hopes to hear again

  25. …. I like u +1 sub nice vids

    (I swear I’m not gay)

  26. This helps a lot… thx

  27. That O-I EXP player is hilarious, he goes into the wrong part of the map for heavy, then proceed to curse and insult the team for dying stupidly.

  28. i was literally about to dislike and unsubscribe if you kept up with that corny bulllshit haha! thanks for the vids though. helping me become a better player

  29. What would you have done if you had been on the enemy team? Would you have pushed the north or would you have gone to support/defend the south?

  30. Lemming rush
    since you covered a video about cheating
    would you be interested in a replay about a cheat that can circumnavigate the automatic damage/ban policy ?

    sorry for posting here- don’t know where else to post

  31. Leming your MS….

  32. As always, explained well, and played good mate….Bags2247 NA

  33. Load the Skill rounds

    Good info

  34. If it’s already an unfair fight to the advantage of your team and they look like they’re winning then I might guess delaying could be useful.

  35. This video is fairly easy to explain. Just load gold.

  36. Great video, love the clear and logical explanation of your strategy. Keep up the good work!

  37. Luchs is not gonna do 400 dmg . He will probable have dome half your hp. It has a 17s reload, so you could have brawled him 1v1, but you would have for sure lost half your hp.

    • its 30 damage per shot and 10 shots in the clip. The type 64 having no armor whatsoever, would’ve taken the full 300. More than half his HP for a bottom tier light tank? not worth it at all…

    • Michael Rogers lol. Where in my comment did I say it was? All I did was state that the luchs doesn’t do 400 dmg in a clip. Which is true. I also stated its reload time. Didn’t say anything else.

  38. Galjin They’ve made 70k in like 5 days

    If those guys need help, I wonder what I need xD

  39. Are you playing with no mods?

  40. WHY, are you ALWAYS in the tip 64? M8 come on play ur rel wn9 grindin tenks. Get gud at gem ur nob

  41. When you play enough tier 10 everything is a jag pz e100

  42. yep . no sense fighting a losing battle . you’r no good to the team dead

  43. I’ll hit the like bottom whether you say that or not. XP great vid lemming!

  44. Being too agressive is also my problem but if I am not angry and keep calm, I can re-think the position and play smart. But sometimes I still give away…

  45. It's not what you think

    Can you make a video on what to look for and how to react to losing situations in slow tanks?

  46. Yep the key to any carry, is being in a tank that can make a difference i.e. A tank with penetration. There are certain tanks that make a difference within certain tiers. There’s nothing worse than being the last few tanks in a game that cannot penetrate the opposition. So always be in the right tank is key but would make a boring game. Good vid I’ve learnt a lot from the guru’s of the game cheers

  47. This is the kind of video I need to watch more of. Sometimes I need to understand why I’m getting so frustrated with losing so much. I am far far too aggressive it seems. And I end up dead far too often and once I die I notice games we were winning often turn to losses. So it appears I’m not an awful player just careless maybe ? I do have brief periods where I choose to be more careful with my health but often end up disappointed with a long losing streaks anyway. It sure feels like the game is shitting on me more and more despite me contributing more and more to every match I’m in. Respect to all the good players that can carry games I just don’t seem to be able to pull off those big comebacks. Maybe I’ll learn something eventually lol

  48. man
    this guy has good teaching skills in WOT

  49. Luchs has 240 clip potential,
    Leo has 300 w/o top turret and 360 w top turrrt 🙂

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