How To Play El Halluf If Your Team Loses the North (Bottom Tier)

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. GG. Swindle321 done same vid from other spawn today. Spooky.

  2. You forgot a simple detail, and that is pubbies don’t ever retreat EVER. Because that’s considered ‘dishonourable’ in their minds. They don’t wanna be commandos and think, they wanna be soldier heroes and die.

  3. Tier 8 is so fucked up nowadays, imaginge you would have shot AP with 212 pen, which has been actually pretty good once.

    Gj on the video. I think you can do some similar stuff on Redshire and lakevillecity when you just lost the east side and there is still some heavy with enough brain to draw’em out and block’em.

  4. more light tank gameplay would be appreciated!

  5. Hey lemming, I love the video! Question. Could you make a light tank guide to this map? I am always at a loss

  6. Thanks for the advice. I never really thought about sniping from there. I’ll have to keep it in mind. U the best lemmin

  7. hey lemming ive been having a lot of trouble on north spawn of cliff recently. it seems that every time enemy rushes 5 tanks to E3 there is just no way to dislodge them and they tie down most of the team such that we get surounded, as it gives such good lanes of fire on spawn central hill and the 2 line. have you got any insight into how to counter this?

  8. Whenever I don’t have support at C2 I just run away. There’s always a heavy tank that yolos me when I stay there. The problem is that I don’t go far enough away. Thanks for showing that spot back there.

  9. I have no idea how to play on Overlord with ANY class… help!

  10. thank you and i see.

  11. Now all your missing is the other side, lol

  12. It’s a valuable replay – no shit, you’ve shot the entire fort knox, of course it’s gonna be valuable :p

  13. I REALLY appreciate your making a video about this. Playing bottom tier is a part of the game that many of the ‘casters don’t spend enough time addressing, and Lord am I tired of watching players throw away their tanks because of despair at the end of a match.

  14. makes a video on how to clutch 1 map. sorry but there are loads of maps what are the chances of me getting this map AND losing >?

  15. I think you got carried by that awesome ISU-152 player. 😀

  16. Bloopers inside the actual video… nice… 🙂

  17. thats what a bottomtier matchup looks like.

  18. Can you make a video on how to play tanks that are ass, and autoloaders at the same time? cough t69

  19. I find it amusing that between this video and the first video about this map, LR says the premise that the south sucks.  Yet in this game, pushing south totally wins this match….

  20. This is Pierre, everybody’s knows ” French tank is bessssst”

  21. “Oh my God! I thought I’d left the mic turned off!”

    One word: “Checklist” (of things to do before starting). 😀

    Okay, now, that was an extremely exciting and instructive video.

    At the low levels where I work, the instinctive reaction is to “Sit there and take it” and “Do it for the team.” which, more often than not, means getting blowed up real good in fights that you can’t hope to win. Your approach shows a sort of “meta-sense” that invites you to use what you actually have (in this case, the ability to control vision on your tank by shifting your position and spamming gold at a distance that denied the opposing heavies the opportunity to shoot back as they pushed for your cap circle.

    One especially cool thing here (aside from my having fresh bootprints on my butt from an hour ago on El Halluf) is your explanation of what overcommitting is (other performers say it but don’t tell you what it is) and why it’s a mistake that can cost you your tank and your team the game.

    You seem to be “coming along nicely” in terms of your confidence and ability to just keep cranking out the videos. At some point, I hope you can make the money necessary to get a proper microphone since things like the truck passing that broke your flow in the middle of the video are avoidable only via editing the audio portion of your vid or via the use of a more highly directional microphone of the sort that it seems all the big boys get sooner or later.

    You might consider contacting mic manufacturers and asking them if they can let you use one or more of their mics on a test basis or even possibly in exchange for an endorsement. It really doesn’t matter *that* much, though, because low-end, highly directional mics used in radio are not what you’d call “budget-breakingly expensive.”

    As always, nice video. High marks on everything as usual but I found this one particularly good, if for no reason than its spontaneity and genuineness evinced in your thinking you’d lost all your audio.


  22. A TD at G3 can also help when losing B2-C2

  23. Luckily your team won J,K line.

  24. Good video I’d like to see more bottom tier disadvantaged gameplay. I often find myself in situations like this. Based on this video i’m doing the right thing. The difference is I rarely use premium ammo. It’s not guaranteed to work, but you still have to pay big for every round. That’s not how this cheapskate free-to-play player plays. So, with that said, often the best i can hope for is to stall the enemy until team mates arrive to help. Bouncing rounds off of enemy vehicles will slow or even stop some of them. Others know I can’t pen them and continue to advance. That means how long I can stall varies based on how knowledgeable the opponents are.

  25. You are just lucky

  26. TheCardboardJedi

    I don’t get much time each week to tank. Videos like yours will help me make the most of the few rounds I can sneak in. Cheers!

  27. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Should have shown a video where you had to go all the way down to K6 where you’re actually being pressured because in this replay it was very breezy easy. Most of the time people with brains go down below the high ground and reappear with most of their HP.

  28. CDC’s gun handling is literally SHIT and they have to fix this shit

  29. L E M M I N G why do you always talk like your on the verge of cracking up?

  30. Those different colored circles on that map thing mean something? Hmmmm..

  31. Thanks LemmingRush appreciate you doing these videos, keep up good work. Maybe one day if you are on eu server we could all platoon for a game or two hahaha.

  32. Herr_Messerchmitt

    With that amount of gold fired even a Cromwell would have won that game 🙂

  33. What is your setup for the CDC? I got Vents , rammer and coated optics. But I got in storage gld and vert stab to swap the optics.

  34. Richard Gustafsson

    Why the hell did youtube unsub me? Is this still a problem?

  35. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Any chance we could get help on playing fishermans bay like what houses to use early down mid or how to gey early shots on crossing tanks saftly? This map is a difficult one for me and probably lot of other tankers

  36. It's not what you think

    Make a guide on where to find suicide hotline phone numbers when your teams are shit all day.

    IS3 is going to be easier to pen than the mouse but the Patton will be the easiest.

  37. Nice half pipe fakey??

  38. Really nasty enemy teams will not only win north, but will often simultaneously breach in from around E2 and wreck the G1/H1 snipers.

  39. Nice vid. Sadly it also illustrates a big problem with this game and a major reason why I’ve all but given up. -22k creds. For the last little while I found that the credit grind in this game has become much more difficult.

  40. Marshall Allshouse

    the same philosophy applies to any map that has a strategic location on the high ground / across open ground, as i have found.
    if you run away and set up somewhere, you can punish the enemy for pushing

  41. What about playing difficult or bad tanks? Or stock tanks without premium ammo?

  42. And this how you farm credits with your premium vehicles in World of Tanks.

  43. great video. Will have to try it.

  44. Mátyás István Fülöp

    You shoots a lot of gold even in the premium vechiles. And you use premium consumables. How can you farm credits???

  45. Excellent map tactics & explanation, tnx!

  46. Tanks parking behind me and blocks me gets my blood boil….

  47. This is actual gameplay. Not like QuickyBaby, Foch and DezGamez wich are on Wargaming payrol! Tumbs up

  48. Why does it make sense? Were you not dissing a rhm player a few weeks back for not playing agressively in a tier 10 match? Why is he a coward while you are not?

  49. Hy, thx for the advices, but can you do a video where you don’t spam 30 prem rounds, and have the same result? Because alot of us don’t do this (aka shooting so much prem ammo), thx 🙂

  50. perfect video…. thank you

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