How to Play Light Tanks – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m giving you as much help as I can in the shortest time to get you into the light tank mindset of World of Tanks!


is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Rickardo Pandiangan

    yeah 4 full crew skill, comsumable, and extra coated optic

  2. These fucking clown cars man x)

  3. legit have never had good luck in my german light tanks. it probably was just me sucking. but like, the entire experience as a spotter, up to the SP1C vk28 was trash. then the ru my dream tank was neat to have but i dont even play it now.
    they were fun as assassins, but never any fun as spotting tanks. ever.
    havingg tons of fun now that ive earned my fdirst t10 medium and went with the object 140 am on track to get the 430U soon enough. also E50 and Grille and chinese or french lights are on my list after. but mediums are WAAAY more fun to play. and i can spot more consistently in a medium than i ever have in a light tank.. ;-;
    …i suck

  4. you’ve answered a question whose answer i’ve somehow missed previously, re: coated optics, being able to use them on the move vs having to be still for binoculars

  5. Tuấn Ngọc Nguyễn

    Could you do more of this kind of video, about how to play and tank review

  6. 06wallst says you didnt consult him.

  7. Rémy Grandemange

    Still doing an amazing job Quicky.

    I play no more Wot, but still a pleasure to hear and see you. Great player and great teacher. A must listen for new players.

  8. How to play “Light tanks” *looks* “Dat not tonk! Dat clown car!”

    Also sitting in a light tank without cammo net and won’t get spotted more then 50m is a lie. Because i always get spotted through bushes no matter what cammo rating i have by tanks 300m+ also bush shooting doesn’t always work because again… still get spotted. Spotting is random. How do i know? When the last tank alive is 300m away on the other wide of mountains and still spots me. Or when i’m in my skorpion G and don’t get spotted sitting in the open shooting a tank at 70m but get spotted behind 100m of bushes shooting a tank that is 400m away because yeah. k.

  9. This are not tanks, this are Need for Speed headless sh*t wagons. Too many of them this days.

    • The french army do actually field light tanks like this though. Ever since the early 1950s.
      Yes they’re annoying, but not exactly inaccurate

  10. 3 marking the lynx for one of the most fun things I did in WoT since I started playing in 2013. It’s an exceptionally good tank.

  11. Just got my first tier 10 light tank, the T-100 LT. First few games, top EXP thanks to your tips on your videos!

  12. i like to have an extra light tank category, a sort of support tank like the Super Chaffee

  13. Softeis Verbieger

    Ohhhh, we talk so much about tactic you have to use, Equipment what helps you out and what ammo to load and and and… For what? 10 out the 15 players in your team have no idea what to do anyway because they just wanna get all tanks (the collectors), go fast into tier X (VIP Big Boy Club), or they just play for Fun and give a shit about all the basics you need to have for some good gaming ( ego players who have fun of destroying games).
    WoT is sometimes like when u play a soccer game and the half of your team is on the field with icehockey gear 🙈🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  14. Lol, try replicate this gameplay with any other light tank line in the game. They all got nerfed into hell. Maybe the russians are still viable, but other than that its frenchy or nothing. Oh…and the op black bulldog and chinese t6 since those idiots dont nerf premium tanks….damn this game is f*cked beyond repair.

    Nice plays though :]

  15. Coated optics comander vision system and silent exhust on many light tanks

  16. Auto aim is remarkably effective on wheelies, once they turn to straighten out. Especially with an auto loader.

    On the flip side if you’re driving an EBR it’ll feel like voodoo getting hit 3-4 times.

  17. 2012: in 2021 every wot player will be unicum
    2021: how to play light tanks

  18. Mr NovemberHotel

    How to play light tanks: don’t play light tanks, play wheeled tanks

  19. Had a privilege to watch it live. Bloody exciting battle.

  20. Same bullshit as usual from QB of course using a wheeled vehicle

  21. “How to play light tanks, a guide by quickybaby

    Step one, being overly aggressive and lose most of your hp in the first minute of the game

    Step two, farm damage

    Step three, pretend you actually played like a scout instead of like a dickhead who snipes most of the game”

    Literally all he had to do was not pull a prok ridge rush on their td hill, go to either castle; the mid bush, or take the bush on their side of cap and he would have had the same outcome, if not better outcome, without trading half his HP for around 450 assistance damage.

    Also no, him spotting all those tanks initially wasnt important, not a single person ever should be surprised that on redshire, medium tanks go to the 1-4 line or to the hill to snipe, that’s the single easiest thing to ever predict in this game, a real shocker would be a med going the 9 line and brawling heavies.

  22. we do not have video of swarms of light tanks

  23. Boo Baby booooo, on wheeled tanks how to video. Why encourage it?

  24. How to play Light Tanks… but that’s not a Light Tank in the replay..

  25. How to play light tanks:
    Shows EBR replay

  26. This isn’t light tanks, this is wheeled recce.

  27. The rings on the minimap disappear when the free camera is used. They worked before QB used the free camera.

  28. Qb. Would you call the eld with the 105 a td or light tank……?

  29. Another promotion of OP tanks …why not surprised??

  30. It’s interesting that everyone has forgotten that the ebr’s have the ability to rev their engines while stationary to get as acceleration boost. Although you can’t do it too often.

  31. Gerben De Visser

    a very different question, but what is the best tank in the bond shop?

  32. So if you have more than one LTs in your team, just chat on start countdown.
    “Don’t YOLO!”

  33. ,,You dont need camo net for pasive spotting”
    Blackdog/bulldog: *Im i joke to you?*

  34. God tier gameplay

  35. How to Play Light Tanks?
    You don’t, just use race cars!

  36. How to play light tank.
    Plays WHEELED vehicle. Nuf said.

  37. How to play clown car cancer-World of Tanks there, fixed it for you.

  38. Andrija Brankovic

    There are two or three issues with LTs. First, matchmaker that allows five or sometimes more (yes I saw battles like that), LTs per team. Second, very bad players in LTs that has no bloody clue what to do, and third, very good players, that selfishly play for themselves, and ruin teams game. I played day or two ago battle where excellent player in Type 64 just sit at one spot on a spotter friendly map, and left team to screw themselves while he was attempting to farm damage, witch he failed miserably… Needles to say we lost, since enemy LT player did his job properly, we were routed…
    Theres no cure for stupidity or selfishnes.
    Oh yes, LTs were pretty much Fcked up with introduction of tier 10 LTs, and “new” mm for them, and especially with wheeled BS vehicles…

  39. Max view range = more spotting damage = higher average exp score.

  40. American Patriot

    I just uploaded a light tank video on wot replays in a T-54 ltwt, username XNexesysX and I threw QB in the title 🙂

  41. Still doesnt help me for my 2marked a20

  42. Step 1: play wheelie

  43. QB talks about the camo net in 2021, even in 2015 camo net was useless. Also a lot of tomatos play the wheelies and die in the first 30 secs, and thats why they have bad stats. I makred ebr 105, i tried cvs too, idk bond optics, rammer, vents, worked for me better, i needed that dpm in some maps, in the late game the ebr can farm easily 3-4k dmg + the assist from early game.
    Ps. I marked today the Amx 13 105 too (bond optics, vents and stabs), (also, Sheridan, t100 and rhm light 2 marked at the moment, i will grind the 3 mark later) I find it easy to outplay ebrs with other light tanks. I had a session today with 13 105, 8 games, 2k avg dmg and 5.2k avg spot..i was lucky with map rotation , but also every game had enemy ebr, and i needed to outplay them.

  44. Ciencia Minecraft

    I feel like I just play what people hates XD

    I play wheels and arty

  45. “how to play a light tank”
    *shows off a wheeled vehicle*

  46. Who else is waiting for the video about the new modification stuff?

  47. pre nerf i thought the lynx was insane. now its kinds pointless

  48. 10:45, it’s partly because there are bushes that don’t work. Sometimes you drive into a bush and get spotted.

  49. The problem now is how long the wheels repair 20seg even when 3 skills and repairs

  50. That is a very good guide for playing scouts. And shown in a definitely not a best vehicle in the game.

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