How to Play Medium Tanks on City Maps – Ensk City Tutorial

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Source: LemmingRush

Thanks for watching 🙂 As always im happy to answer questions in the comments!

Ive decided to start offering mentoring lessons to help people get better at .


  1. Good video man…really like your style 🙂

  2. great tips, as always 😉 What I like most is when you explain on the map, kudos

  3. Great dissect of your brain process, though you make it seem too easy. 🙂 Thanks for those insights.

  4. Thank you for all the guides you have posted so far. It really helped me improve myself. Especially AMX 12t/ELC guide.

  5. So nice vid, but the real question is 140 or 62A?

  6. Lem,
    When you reposition due u count enemy tanks and consider their likely positions on the map? how did u know the courtyard position was safe, knowing there could be TDs, lurking near their Cap/middle map area? thx gj as always! 🙂

  7. Thibault Giesbertz

    i have the centurion 1 as medium, it doesnt have the russian armor, but is it still good to play city like this?

  8. Realistically, I found this video useful.

  9. You put a lot of effort in staying in cover while constantly keeping an eye on your surroundings right from the start. Great example of how being an active participant on the front lines pays off. Hoping you post a replay of your 2nd to last clan battle on Ruinberg last Friday – it was a great comeback.

  10. Really enjoying these videos where you go through your thought process. Thanks LR 🙂

  11. Dejan Arandjelovic

    awesome stuff mate, thx

  12. Really helpful video for a sometimes tricky map! Thansk Mr. LemmingRush 🙂

  13. What a unique style of gameplay

  14. What? A teammate who actually thanks for being helpfull? this isnt WoT :O

  15. Helpful video, as usual 🙂

    I tend to have so much trouble on this map.

  16. If the Lowe and Tiger weren’t idiots, I highly doubt you’d be able to launch an attack towards Death Star and O-Ho. Good play, nonetheless.

  17. Great video. I am a 53% 1900wn8 player and trying to improve. I have watched a lot of your videos and tried to play like u and it has worked. My wr and wn8 are going up and I would like to thank you for that.

  18. very helpful video lemming i love it, but i have a question regarding tank line up. If the enemy team has more heavy tanks (for example they have 5 and we have 3) would you go 6 line for support or how would you approach the situation?

  19. It's not what you think

    Why don’t you just rush any O-Ho you see?

  20. Lemming, I have to thank you for sharing your thoughts on how to play in general. You have boosted my damage dealt AND WN8 just from watching how you think and work each battle. Many thanks for taking the time to put these up for us.

  21. The Pleasant Pheasant

    Realistically, you can play meds however you want because realistically the enemy team 9/10 don’t realistically understand how to realistically kill you.

    Realistically though, this was useful. Just got over 2,500 wn8 so realistically guides from other unicums are obviously more useful for me.

    Thanks lemming <3

  22. GymLeader_Giovanni

    Aww yeah boii, love these videos. Well, I love all your shit, it’s good stuff.

  23. Thanks, yet again, for your insights! Question: where do you get those high def maps from?

  24. Schneedlew0odz vs

    This looks almost like the Ensk game I had in my T62 today!!! 😀
    It’s on wotreplays you can check it out same name there without vs. 🙂

  25. How about light tanks?

  26. Man honestly , only after a week of watching your videos I can see a difference in my games. I don’t die anymore in awkward positions and try to stay alive till the end or making plays to affect the game. Didn’t expect much lol, but I even get 1.5k games regularly on my Chaffee now. Thanks a lot lemming xd

  27. I find I often try and force situations in order to keep my gun active. Short term it is fine but late game I struggle due to a small health pool.

    Great video!

  28. Dude you are the only unicum that advertises that for everyone “UNICUM shows how to
    ..” How to light tank 9999999 wn8.. I dont know a single unicum that is saying that to everyone.. sry fans

  29. Hey lemming, I was wondering which of the tier 10 soviet mediums I should get first. I’m at tier 8 currently on the t-44

  30. Exactly… This is what I always do in my light tanks in City maps 😀

  31. very useful. I got my first tier 9, and like tier 8, I’m still struggling. didn’t help that it’s a centurion I think. should have gone Russian. I kick arse at tier 5, but really struggle with 8,9,10 battles. it really is like learning the game again, properly…

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