How to Play Slow Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Slow tanks require considerate play to perform well – here’s my tips and tricks to make them work!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. You should show how to play this shit in OPEN FIELD MAP! Not shitpire border where arty cant hit you!

  2. Hmmm. good lesson.

  3. How to play a slow tank? Like playing all the other tanks. Luck of a good team and praise the RNJesus favors you that match. This game is 70% loses, 30% suck a gold shaft, and 100% pay to win.

  4. Current state of the game is that even in low tiers(4-7) everyone just load skill whenever they are against tank with more than 50mm of armour. I wonder when WG realize that gold ammo is killing the game. Players have said that for at least 4 years now. You think it will take another 4 for retarded russians to find that out? I bet it does

  5. 4:34 so quick xD. QB how fast can you talk?

  6. Play the Matilda black prince if you really want to suffer

  7. slow………..LOL Play the Atcher going forward

  8. My best gameplay is in my slow heavies. They just lend themselves to my slow hand/eye coordination

  9. I always liked the black prince, it was too slow for me to rush into dangerous position and it has a good fast reloading gun for a tier 7. I would always just track the enemy tanks and just perma track them and kill them. So many times with the black Prince I would perma track tanks them and their guns were behind an object or whatever.

  10. You are a master of this game sir….

  11. On console BP has a penetration buff. 200 standard 244gold

    It doesn’t help, it’s still trash. And getting auto penned in the front deck blows. As does getting auto penned by arty in the front deck, turret roof, rear deck.

  12. And after this video is released, you will see a tonne of heavy tank always camping in the base. Because campers always wins.

  13. I have been playing wot since the China server release d. I was totally a noob by that time never thought I should play thoughtfully in a game. Then I move to USA which I started to watch your videos (it was around 2014 I believe). It’s been 5 years since then. I learned a lot just by watching your videos then try the new skills in game. Great job qb.

  14. “So darm slow”

    *Laughs in 9kmh on most terrain and a solid 14 on flat ground*

  15. I still have my ace tanker replay saved from like 4 years ago in my Black Prince… a ton of bad BP games, but when the good one happens, it is better than sex.

  16. Any tips for my T32? My First T8 tank as F2P

  17. Let’s face facts the British and German tech trees are irrelevant !

  18. Simple, don’t play slow tanks.

  19. Slow is pointless in this game… because of 2.
    In general your super slow vehicles are also heavily armored vehicles. That armor is pretty much negated by the 2 key. So having armor, and being slow, is playing to lose.
    WoT is *ALL* about speed, then alpha. *NOT* armor. So slogging through things like the BP (I did well in it, but I hated it), most of the brit/german/american siege TDs is a study in absolute frustration designed almost entirely to goad people into burning free XP to get around them.

  20. Watched this one on stream. The chat’s reaction was priceless! Well played QB, excellent comeback

  21. I am glad i don’t play this game anymore. I feel like the only reason anyone does is nostaligia.

    All they have done is make the game worse, name one thing done that improved the game play, i will wait.

  22. 4:55 Did he just quote Toy story lol?

  23. Another thing if ur playing a slow tank, DONT TAKE ORDERS Such as “Go” “Attack” Etc dont get peer pressured

  24. slow tanks are for suckers….

  25. Kha'Zix The Voidreaver

    And if your team roflstomps the enemy you get 0 damage. Yes i know.

  26. You played it wrong when you turned back to base. In most situations when playing a very slow super-heavy you should NOT turn back to base and it was probably going to be an easy victory if you just went for their base and capped. Instead you chose to gamble everything on being greedy for more own damage and it is pure luck that saves you. Even sitting in base and waiting for THEM to cap is kind of playing for draw, which is a loss.

    It is a shame you teaching the players to play like this. I have seen many videos lately where you talk about how to win and play aggressively when you have to but here you just go back to your normal WN8 padding play…

  27. Simply dont play slow tanks! Thats it.

  28. Trapybaby

  29. Could you also do slow turretless tanks? I just hate playing my T28 but I want the T95

  30. I’m by no means a unicum, but I would like to give some tips towards your play as well, QB;

    While this situation you were in was a nice game, a more coordinated team could have taken you out fairly easily, and some of your replays are very situational, where the situation actually influences your win to some extent. Which is logical, most good games require a degree of luck in World of Tanks, like beneficial RNG- not at all an attack on your personal ability to play.

    But you committed some grave slow-tank sins. Like scooting up to a corner by yourself against two mediums. Luckily they didn’t push, or one could easily get behind you while the other hides from your gun, or takes the shot while you’re distracted. And while you did snag a win by returning, it’s critical that you commit in slower vehicles. You could have made more of a difference on the cap, ultimately you didn’t slow the enemy team’s advance that much, and the time it took to get back could have filled up 60% of a cap and caused them to split up.

    Not a put-down or anything, just something that generally might net more results.

  31. when i played the black prince i was hopin someone would kill me so i could end this horror for a little bit. its super slow at the time trash armour i played it pre turret buff and the gun has slightly less pen 150dmg istead of 390 and since its a dpm tank and 95% of the time u cant use the dpm.

  32. Powercreep killed the game for me. I really don’t play anymore since the 4 horsemen came along.

  33. Today the most battles last about 5 Minutes and if your Team wins, you always drive behind your Teammates 🙂

  34. Cool prem spam 🙂

  35. Old school quickybaby!!?

  36. Yea, I love my heavy slow tanks, and yea I get the pros and cons of playing them, also; as I usually have to play more reactively than I do in playing proactively because of its blazingly slow speeds! The challenge is trying to remember that “angling your armor” to best effect, in order to bounce shots and be relatively effective in public matches. For me, the challenge is to not get targeted by enemy arties before finding any action!

  37. If you enjoy slow tanks, it generally pays to be in a platoon so you have friendlies on your flanks at all times.

  38. if you play WoT Blitz you know that you don’t need to know the flow.. its always left and right

  39. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    Armor is overrated …….

  40. 1:20 “..then, it just doesn’t perform very well against 8s, 9s and 10s”

    What Black Prince are you playing Quacky?

  41. What is worse than driving a 20kmh tank for 2min in one direction and then turn around and start driving the exact same route for 2 mins back?

    make thousands of people watching you doing this…. gosh this was painfull to watch

  42. How to play BP: don’t skip the Churchill line. BP is the best of those three. You’ll feel better.

  43. how this is not an ace? are there seriusly people plaing this painful tank?

  44. Beware ! WG will nerf it.

  45. The black prince was never good tbh
    Every time I see one, I just see it as free XP and damage- purely because they’re so weak. Back in the ‘good’ ol days, and even now.

  46. how play vs ??super tanks??? op with stock tanks!!!

  47. And here i was thinking my is-2 was slow

  48. Probably one of your best videos ever? made me rethink how to play my super heavys

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