How To Play Stock Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m giving tips and tricks about how to play stock tanks!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Prolly the most useful video I’ve ever seen.

  2. I have to play without premium. It sucks.

  3. The sub-100% crew is basically a scam that really turns everyone off.
    You’re constantly fighting the (War)Game(ing), rather than actually fighting the enemies in-game.
    I guess it makes sense to some degree, but imagine having the same system in World of Warships. You must level up all your sailors before the ship can function at-capacity. I’m not even talking about the sheer volume of sailors, but the ridiculousness of having the crew not function at 100% already just completely makes the game different entirely!!!

  4. look at the top of his head bhaaaa haha look at the top of his head haahahahah xD

  5. Welcome bank to World of Tanks!

  6. The stock gun on that tank IS the accurate one, lol.

  7. I would like to buy my first premium vehicle. I don’t know what vehicle though. I like big guns. I’ve never tried autoloader but please suggest so I can look into it. So my list of tank features I like. I like big guns, good but not great armor, 25-50 for speed, I would like a turret. I don’t care if its a heavy or medium or anything. I could sacrifice one of these features though. I like to go to the main battle. But I would like it to be able to snipe a little. Not so much of a sniper so like I said, just a small sniper. Please suggest or recommend a tank in my comment section. I would like to cost below 7,500, or near there.

  8. Hey QB, you need to play stock M103…

  9. один день мама

    that forehead doe

    daaaammmnn nigga

  10. In the first few minutes of this video, QB assesses 5% of his win rate as pay to win.

  11. StreetRacingSyndicate

    i tell you:
    1.) Buy OP premium for Elite XP (Skorpion G, Defender; Chysler you name it) and profit from everything it gives you.
    2.) Use even more gold to get FREE XP.
    3.) Fully Equip tank with all modules a 100% crew and use the credits you earned from your tier 8,5 tank to also buy full equipment food etc. and to shoot more premium than standard ammo.

    Not gonna lie. This alone will improve your wr by like 3% or more (i dont want to overexaggerate). Might reduce your honour and wallet but ay it is all about the stats right?

  12. Stock IS-4 is the mother of all tanks

  13. Like how QB did his hair lol

  14. Stock tanks…yes they are bad but you picked up one of the tanks that have tier VIII gu. Which is OK and armor which is bouncy. 50tp is not that big of a pain. Yes 75%crew is bad but it’s not end of the day. Playing tier IX Patton for example in stock is much much worse same as stock conqueror… Vid is great but 50tp as I said is one of the easier stock grinds

  15. for crews I discovered a few weeks ago that we can actually take the SKILLED crew from the previous tank in the tech tree and retrain it for credits for the actual vehicle (it keeps 6 sens, brother in arms, …). So instead of playing 75% non skilled crew it’s 85% or 90, so you can purchase the vehicle without a crew.

  16. quickybaby tried the good old Draco Malfoy harcut i see. Quarantine hits all of us.

  17. You wait for a free experience sale and use your gold from gambling at the Christmas boxes to research modules.

  18. Stock Leo PTA… Never had such a bad stock grind.. No dpm, no gun handling, no pen, no speed, no armour, no single shot damage, no concealement… I deffinitelly need tips with it. And to top all of it off I berely win with it to boost the progress with 35% wr

  19. How to play stock tanks? My advice is:DONT.

  20. I really like stock tanks
    *hit the 2 key*

  21. Rolled fully out in a stock E75 (only radio upgraded), the tortoise passed me, having a 320 dmg gun with a tiger 2 turret, and of course with 75% crew is quiet an “experience” i can tell you.

  22. How to play Stock tanks: with one of the best stock tanks haha


    I like ur hairstyle quicky


    play a stock T32, wait that tank have not much changed even fully upgraded. TQ wargaming

  25. I tried putting female crews as gunners instead of commanders and it pays off well.

  26. Bubbles_and _Fishing

    you dont you free exp the top things first

  27. On the first look i was like what stock vehicle in the progetto until i realized its the 50 tp

  28. Chris Fehn's nose

    oh god it’s so much worse on console

  29. Why am I not surprised you took a Polish tank as an example? The whole line is just a pine in the donkey. Though it’s worth to notice that there is a lot of other terrible-when-stock tanks. Personally, I like to play stock tanks all gold, ’cause it’s often impossible to pen anything with stock guns. Sure, it cost a shitload of money, but it’s worth it, you don’t get sooo frustrated playing it.

  30. The biggest thing that bothered playing a stock tank was that a fully upgraded tier 8 is better than a stock tier 9, it never made sense to me.

  31. ummm hey Qb, I’m creating a new account and your invite doesn’t work, no free premium tank 🙁

  32. more videos like this for us F2P players

  33. loving the hair, stealing my lockdown hairstyle xD

  34. Wiktor Jóźwicki

    You know the real cancer? Stock tier 10tanks, like bc25t

  35. This Emil II was a joke!

  36. Jakub Komorowski-Marcjan

    And then there i am, at a terrible 41℅ total win rate. Amusing how XVM users call me a noob for that but don’t notice the ‘1k battles’.

  37. but what are the strenghts of the stock 25tp?

  38. do platoon with Claus kellermann

  39. Nicolas BERNAUDIN

    I’d love to see that with the centurion mk 1 stock, or even the tier 6 french td

  40. Play the stock v39 then we talk

  41. How to play stock tanks! *plays the polish tech tree* KEKW

  42. QB: “Stock tanks are a pain, but you can still take advantage with them”
    Also QB: “I’m plying in in the stock 50TP with only 75% crew, i can’t do much, low dmg low pen”

    What? Stock 50TP has 218mm of pen…that’s t8 worthy and can be managed on T9, you have good armor regardless of those weakpoints. If you want to talk about a crappy stock tank, go and showcase the Chinese heavy line, the IS-2 on t7 has the 122mm gun with 175mm of pen…that same gun is also on the T8 110 AND if you don’t go out of your way to research the turret AND the gun on it and just want to skip to the WZ 111 1-4 in hopes of having a better stock tank, you’re shit out of luck because yet again the same shit gun is on that tank…a T9 tank has a stock gun that’s even shit on the T7…and even if you decide to force your way to the 100mm gun the tank before, it’s still pretty fucking shit for a T9 tank.
    So showcasing a pretty good stock tank to talk about how to play a stock tank…i’m sorry but it just defeats the purpose. If you did the same thing with the 110 or hell even the WZ-111 1-4, then this message would have gone through way better than playing in an arguably pretty damn strong tank.

  43. How to play stock ?
    Baby: picked best stock IX tank there is.

  44. Quicky baby. I really enjoy your take on things. But I have to say it’s getting to a point where it’s irrelevant to me. I do not play tier ten. Or nine. Or eight. I play from tier four to seven. Where I believe the cream of this game resides. Where you constantly put tier ten videos up I’ve gotta say this.

  45. If you play your tanks only until the first win, it’s going to sink your winrate faster than the Titanic.

  46. A “Play for free” player like QB can work only if you waste 80+hours on marathons so you can have the money to do something

  47. *sigh* Stock ARL V39 *sigh*

  48. Your Local Meme Dealer

    Stock tanks? Get those tracks with free exp and duke it out with patience and grind the fuck out of it until you get that gun.

  49. “50TP is the mother of stock tanks”
    *laughs in T28 prototype*
    *laughs in 25TP*
    *laughs in arl 44*
    *laughs in KV1*

  50. currently grinding stock panther 2 with a 75 mm. Feels almost as bad amx 65t

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