How to Play the M3 Lee

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Ambassador Somewhere

    How about NO

  2. A team with 8 zeros? Sounds standard.

  3. CGC or ARL V39 is the worst.

  4. Nightshade Hunter

    Audio is weird.

  5. nobody:

    LemmingRush: “Here’s how to play the M3 Lee.”

    • But people were asking for this, though. He posted a comment in his earlier video asking what type of videos people want and they said videos on “bad” tanks.

  6. answer for every1 *you dont*

  7. Senpai noticed!!!
    Fuck yeah good shit, an excellent video with lots of good gems of info. Loved the format.
    If I can suggest some heavy tanks next like the tiger P or the mid tier French heavies.

  8. Super Special Agent

    No this is wrong Lemming…. 279e is the worst tank in game… get it right?

  9. You only Die when you get killed

    Worse tank ha laughs in DW2

  10. Sounds Clauseian…it must be a Canadian thing.

  11. That’s on EU on NA it could take minutes depending on the time of the day/ depending on time of the day tier lower tiers will never find a game as I have waited over 10 minutes before.. bragging about your load times

  12. Can you do a collab with the Canuck from Onterrible?

  13. Play the tanks that have the worst stats tier by tier.. 4-8..

  14. Doninateroftenks [HATED]

    Honestly it isint that bad

  15. I find it odd that I posted a comment to Lemming once that was impressive now lets see him get an Ace Tanker in the M3 Lee
    I’m still waiting

  16. Looking forward for this series

  17. That voice delay… It took me 2 minutes 20 seconds to figure out it is not a stream highlight

  18. How to play the Grant… its just the m3lee but even worse. I actually enjoyed the m3lee tho so idk why i hate the grant so much

    • I don’t know why you think the Grant is worse – it has 5m more view range, 10 more HP, 15 more shells (although I doubt anyone has ever fired through the 50 shells of the Lee), and a lower profile.

  19. 0:06 you having a seizure?

  20. The black prince is the worst tank in this game, prove me wrong

  21. Ummmm, I had to pay you last time you played it. I will take credit for you liking it!

  22. Didn’t Claus just cover this tank?

  23. oddly enough if u set the speed of the video to 1.25 the voice syncs to the mouth moving matches lemmings face window.

  24. I liked the Lee, except that it seemed to get tracked even by a moderately thrown rocks.

  25. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 20 second load time for lower tiers. The North American server is consistently over 60 seconds from the Vancouver area.

  26. July 22nd Code. HPZKYECW

  27. Just copy Clause, maybe fun for you.

  28. M3 lee. DPM the shit out of everyone

  29. Luchs doesn’t need gold to wreck a lee

  30. How to play the M3 Lee: You dont.

  31. t71 cmcd would make a good episode

  32. when he calls the M3 Lee a heavy tank..

    I mean yeah totally, best armor in T4

  33. You’d have to be a massive moron to think the M3 Lee is the worst tank in the game.

  34. How to play the M3 Lee ?


  35. That video was extremely helpful. There are a lot of low tier players like myself that need this kind of video. The M3 Lee gets a bad rap because it is ugly and does not have a turret. This is a tough tank to play for new players but it is excellent training for learning to drive a Tank Destroyer.

  36. xXTurkishPizzaXx

    It’s not a bad tank, but…

    Make a new vid about the STB-1!

  37. My first Top Gun came in a Lee. The DPM is fantastic and as long as you don’t play in the front line, you should be okay.

  38. ive never had a queue under a minute in any tank, but i play on NA

  39. please do the AMX 38. its so slow Im having so much trouble getting in positions for damage

  40. I love that you’re starting to do this, would’ve helped with the Tiger P for me lmao

  41. I wish the turret on top worked as well.

  42. Claus did same.. its really funny. thumb up.

  43. Lee is OK, it should only be matched one tier higher. I can think of a few other Tier 4’s that are worse. -like the Duck

  44. M3 Lee: I’m the worst tank in the game
    AMX M4 45, AMX 65 t, AMX 40, B1, SAu 40, Valentine, Churchill VII, Churchill GC, Tiger P, Panther 88: Hold our grease


    Isn’t claus kellerman doing the same “play the worst tank” series? I seen him playing the Lee a few days ago.

  46. I got Ace on M3 Lee, Top Gun, High Caliber…rly not that bad, there is replay on wotreplays.

  47. I love the M3 Lee.. 2nd i EU with it.

  48. Krisztián Nagy-Kőszegi

    Please do amx cdc!!!

  49. is it me or is the sound completely out of sync?

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