How to Play the Mid on Fjords – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. You still doing livestreams? I miss your live commentary.

  2. Woah. 0 likes, 0 dislikes, 1 comment.

  3. You should lower the gain on your mic a little. It’s gonna make your mic sound much better.

  4. 4th comment hell yeah

  5. Shout out fool

  6. Nice game fellow Wonka !

  7. It’s midnight and I’m tired

  8. I’m def a fake Canadian

  9. Good job Nuclear!

  10. He did actually roll for 270 with AP holy shit D:

    • Lowest dmg roll you can get with 390 alpha is 293.
      There is no damage notification popping up on the screen so he either completely missed the Tiger P there or the shot went in to the hill side.

      That said, the Conqueror hit the Tiger P there for 270, that is almost average roll with the 32pdr.

    • He joined a platoon with a conq that has the stock gun……so what ever the conq hits….it shows up as “orange damage”. Enigma solved.

    • Well replays are usually known for their bugs…

    • ….it’s not a bug though……I literally just explained what happened.

  11. He got really lucky because the guy in the tank up there with him stayed out if his way. I find when I’m up there alone things go well but when I have “helpful” team mates they always get in my way…not always unintentionally…and it gets you killed by clickers

  12. #NotNotificationSquadJustSawItInRecommended

  13. Can we send you replays for you to comment on our mistakes and say what we should have done instead ?

  14. this side of the map is much stronger

  15. Hey Gratz on 40k…BTW

  16. Usually youre just artyfodder in that position

  17. 9:12 That was an AP round and not HE. RNG just screwed him.

  18. My question is…….

    What is a fake canadian anyway??? XD

  19. #NotificationSquadFromBellButtonWorkingAsIntended

  20. 40k now wtf!!!!! Good job dude as usual, keep it up !

  21. Bryan Manuel Salguero

    31st today!

  22. the mid sucks if arty decides to focus you down.

  23. Soviet bullshit op medium shooting premium rounds, even at lower tier tanks. Well, never seen that before.

  24. Is it considered cancerous that I stopped playing wot a couple weeks ago…..and migrated to fortnite?

  25. great video as usual

  26. 3k blocked on russian medium hahaha, why he went straight into patton because he knows he will bounce shots. Russian meds are just to op.

  27. ShamelessSherman

    40k subs

  28. What is a fake Canadian?

  29. didnt know there is real and fake canadians 🙂

  30. Personally I think it’s a GG as luck is always a factor that even RNGesus can’t influence. Ideal matchmaking of course, but getting it and then having the ability to maximise it are far from a guarantee!

  31. How to Play very fast heavy tank (aka russian mediums) on Forjds.

  32. Hey, cool video.

    The name of the medal is pronounced, “BEE-Loh”.

    You can hear it here:

    Thanks as usual

    For next week’s challenge, the PzsfL or “Panzerselbstfarhlafette” (Pahn-TSER Zelbst fahr La-feh-teh).

    The fun part about that name is that the last part of it, the world “Lafette” is a borrowing from the French that has come to mean “gun platform” but that is so old that the original item was basically a log cut in half lengthwise to which a primitive cannon was affixed.

    Slap the whole thing together and you get, “Armored self-driving (self-propelled) gun carriage” instead of Jingle’s “Panzer syphillis” or what have you—nothing *like* complex when you break it down.


  33. I feel so relaxed when I watch this content.

  34. anonymous beaver

    Fuck wonka

  35. I still think my wz-132-1 replay was more technical and aggressive. 5.5k damage and 7 kills isn’t 8.5k but I also didn’t camp in one spot the whole game in a russian med… Sry LR but that was just another top tier russian med dominating +-2mm. (-constructive criticism, not hate.)

  36. I got a Bruno’s medal in my Kv1, Prokorovka, got slaughetered in 2 minutes, radio man and commander down, engine out, ammo rack gone and detracked with 20 or so HP left (before reusable consumables), and my platoon mate convinced me not to suicide, but stay and fight. Killed at least five enemy tanks and survived to victory.

  37. The medal is pronounced “Bee-iott”

  38. If artillery moves around A4 or A5, middle position is pretty risky and not that useful. Of course, unless arty player is a douche bag shooting lower tiers only, throwing away the match like that.
    Also, how do you make 430 hit anything? I have 4 skill crew in it, full equipment and consumables and yet it keeps missing miraculously even at close range!

    • Ivan Stepanovic Keep shooting till you hit. The gun definitely misses a LOT, so just keep finding as many shots as possible

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