How To Play When The Team Does STUPID SHIT

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Stupid shit ? Where ? Like really, there’s nothing special, they just derped a bit…

  2. I found this video to have quite a misleading title, it says “How To Play When Your Team Does STUPID SHIT” yet i didn’t exactly see anything wrong with how the team pushed through and did the damage, i mean sure they were a little late of getting out the spawn but thats all i noticed, did i miss anything else?

  3. Dang, I’m so glad you showed that map. Playing mediums tier 9 &10 I never know quite where to go. You helped me a lot, thanks.

  4. Would you do apply this strategy in a bottom tier medium?

  5. Where are u going on vacation

  6. As some already mentioned – the title of this video is misleading.
    Perhaps: How To Play When ENEMY Team Does STUPID SHIT… would be a better title because as far as the NW corner goes: your team did nothing unexpected. Enemy team however FAILED on that corner because the heavies didn’t show up for the fight there…

  7. Continues to load heat the entire time.. fucking digusting

  8. Anyone that is any good at this game knows that positioning and knowing where to go is the most important skill in this game. Just the other day I was playing one of my favorite low tier tanks in the Skoda T25 and it was a tier 7 battle on El Halluf. Of course I head to the brawl spot at A/B line. After a minute I realized that our two top tier heavies (T-29s) were sniping from in front of the cap across the middle. I knew right then that those to players where noobs/idiots and tried to tell them they should be where I was. Thats when they preceded to tell me that i didn’t know what I was talking about and that it was safer to snipe in a top tier heavy. Well of course we lost despite me doing 3K damage and our top tier heavies wanting to be sniping TDs.

    As much as I hate arty and think they are cancer, good heavy tank players are rare these days. I’m a 2k WN8 (2.8 WN8 recent) player and I can say that watching LemmingRush has helped me. I wish it was mandatory for new WOT players to watch his videos, so that hopefully we could have a few less retards on the battlefield.

  9. I like how the title gives the impression that the team doing stupid shit is a rare occurrence when in reality its like 9 out of 10 games in wot lol. Nicee video Lemming you beautiful bastard

  10. Im all for loading gold to pen the maus but you shot way too much dude

  11. Lemming driving a tvp? what is this trickery

  12. Bullshit Title and get Skill Bot!

  13. 14:18 – 14:02 – Enemy T57 heavy and IS-7 get spotted taking the diagonal across the northwest corner, flow of battle changes – friendly team doesn’t want to get flanked from right/rear so they start fighting from around the E3 area

    13:58 – Enemy E50 doesn’t want to get clipped, and will only engage if he can land some easy hits.  Decides to turtle down.

    13:45 – Multiple enemy tanks including the enemy Maus get caught up trying to take shots along the diagonal in a line going generally from B5 to E3 – post game stats show enemy Maus with most damage on his team at 3,350

    12:28 – Enemy Maus seen stalling at  B5 with E50; doesn’t want to push up alone and get isolated; he decides to make a stand there.  E50 stalled because he was just there to farm some peekaboo shots and never got them – post game shows he only scored 201 dmg.

  14. You finally got a TVP

  15. I have noticed your tanks always do a lot of damage to other tanks (per shot) you rarely bounce. Why is this please?

  16. One of my big issues. Trusting my team. I trust them to much and expect them to act like normal people.

  17. lol in 85% of xour videos you never show your Detailed report so we cant see your credit lost GJ lemming you are great player but cmon you shoot 1 APCR magazine and everything else was gold….

  18. Sorry, but the moment you say “I’m loading my first clip as HEAT.” I click the thumbs down… You are an extremely good player, but held up by High Explosive Artificial Talent… Title should read, “How to sprem HEAT and win.”

  19. what happened to you is quite normal on the EU server.

  20. How to spam gold and farm damage on idiots. I get like 2800-3000 recent wn8 but if I shot as much gold as you I would be over 4000 wn8 I’m sure.

  21. Thibault Giesbertz

    Have fun on your vacation, where are you going?

  22. U finally got the tvp u said u werent gonna get it bc u said “it has no skill to play”

  23. Loads first clip as heat because he has a 1 in 15 chance of seeing a maus but let’s load heat anyway

  24. lol…. title should be what to do when you are 1 of 3 top tier tanks? and answer would be; spam heat like there is no tomorrow and boost your wn8 on your rerolled account, btw mediocre game

  25. Thanks yes this was a good upload. Interesting stuff. Learned a little that’s all I need from a video.

  26. Claus would approve. HEAT up the ass!

  27. what did your team do wrong? winning 15-5 ? smh

  28. Stream some today. I miss u live :p

  29. Stop bragging about your stats all the time, you’re just a reroller

  30. On the stupidity scale in WOT… this is a 3/10

  31. The title is not misleading because they didn’t do the classic meta for this map until it should have been too late to do so. Lem’s team lucked out in the sense the enemy team sucked. If they’d have pushed the corner where the E50 poked, when LR was alone they’d have won.

  32. So by team you mean enemy team? Wanna explain the title mate? Nevertheless keep em coming

  33. This video is misleading. Everyone knows that you should always react to the situation by stop shooting stuff and instantly press your ENTER key to start bitching people in chat. Then you team kill a random arty and proceed to suicide.

    I mean… EVERYBODY knows that…

  34. F… team mates

  35. pretty standard fare on EU.

  36. Hey Lemming, I have been watching your Videos for a while now and it realy helped me out to get better at this game but I have a realy agresiv play style and often i just die duo to driving to deep. You got any tipps for me how i can overcome this Bad habit or make it into an actual strength ? I ask you because i realized you have a kinda agressive style yourself 🙂 Anyway as expected another great Video from you, keep going 😀

  37. I liked the live gameplay style of the video. You should do more of this, instead of commenting on replay’s.

  38. Tomáš Chochola

    Sure, how to play with shitty team… First clip gold… best advice from unicum

  39. The title didn’t really make any sense, but it was still a good video. 10/10

  40. better title would have been ‘how to deal with teams that don’t do the normal deployment’.

  41. Answer : FML

  42. Marshall Allshouse

    I find that teammates usually don’t do the correct thing, and I am trying to teach myself to adapt to that. Teammates are very inconsistent in this game, and can be the source of a lot of frustration

  43. lol, welcome to WoT, just when you think you’ve plumbed the depths of human stupidity, you press “battle” and see you were wrong.

  44. Rush, how do you read team lists? Do you have a mental check sheet or something? like, how many fast, slow heavy, light etc.?

  45. what do you use to record?

  46. >loads gold for Maus
    >shoots gold for whole match

  47. Shooting the non-kosher cross is against the law.

  48. I’d like a video that explains your evaluation process before the games starts. In other words, you look at your team, you look at their team, and somehow you weigh what you see and decide what you are going to do initially. I believe a lot of players either have trouble with that or simply don’t do it at all. The game in this video supports that. Why so many were slow getting off the base is likely because they were waiting to see what their team mates did before deciding what they are going to do. I’ve been in games where a good 30 seconds goes by before most of the players on my team have decided what they are going to do. You can see the turrets rotating back and forth as they look at each other waiting for the other to make a move. Those games generally end in defeat because the other team gains overall map control. The opposite is also true. I’ve been in games where my team was able to advance with little or no resistance well beyond the middle of the map because the other team was slow to get going. As to the concept of team mates doing what seems to be stupid, it is to be expected because there is no chain of command and little or no useful communication. I play better now that I turned off in-game chat. Every player thinks he/she should be the commander in every pub game. It has to be accepted that pub games are little more than exercises in chaos.

  49. how do you maintain 4k wn8 recent im at 3.1k to 3.3k and i cant get any higher 🙁

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