How to Play When Your Team Mates Leave you to Die

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Source: LemmingRush

Not an outstanding game but should be practical those who’re frustrated with trying to hold sides by themselves.


  1. I’m Kinda interested in trying different video styles out, is there anything you’d like to see me do that isn’t live gameplay?

    • Review replays from us and help us get better

    • Hey LEM – a series where you become “” ARTY DEFENDER – Lemming Rush “”. In this series you attempt to prove how absolutely necessary it is to defend the Arty ALL through s series of 12 games that you play at Random, you might have to play a hundred games, edit and designer lemming commentary of course, but even if you lose your tier IX 257 in a ball of fire you defend in all the creative lemming ways possible
      ; b

    • Well, the point of non-live replay is you can be more thoughtful and analytic, really get some perspective on what’s happening in the game. I really like to see stuff like that; more in depth game commentary. I do enjoy the live gameplay too, though 🙂

    • BUSTER SIXTEENNINETY fuck arty anything but those scumbags

    • Mile WorldOfTanks

      Arty plzzzz 🙂

  2. Baller_Community

    Very informative as usual ??Why don’t you stream on twitch anymore lemming I miss you ???

  3. Greetings Asgardian Lemming Rush, tis good to see thine Visage. Doth thou still punish the humans in their steel coffns, methinks verily yea ! ; b

  4. Ah what a nice present for breakfast. Morning all

  5. This tank is better than the Ferdinand in every way except gun handling.

  6. best tier 8 ? its actually my lowest winrate vehicle i gave up after 100 games or so

    • U need some brain to play him not like a defender …u need to use his angled armor .With defender press W and win ,they will not pen you even in the side armor …

  7. Next episode:
    How to play when in 2 minutes 7-8 of your teammates die…

  8. Did you transfer your account to the EU server or did you make a new account ? Nice video btw

  9. Trick with the WZ is when you are trading with an enemy at mid to long-range angle your tank slightly to increase your chance of ricocheting.

  10. Crazy I was binge watching your vids and I click on your page to find ones I haven’t seen yet and boom a new vid just perfect lol

  11. Aye im finally early

  12. best way to improve by yourself? watching replays for example dont say buy prems that means youre bad and just like to whine about it

  13. Lemming Rush please team up with Taugrim! You and Taugrim are the best streamers who can play World of Tanks well.. not necessarily the best players, not the best streamers but the best streamers who can play.. I tell you this and you both don’t get it so I will explain: if you win the triathlon are you the best swimmer the best cyclist or the best runner? No probably not bu you are the best cyclists who can swim and run.. this is what I mean you two are both the best streamers who lack nothing by way of explanation, you are good communicators, you explain how you think well.. and you are both NA.. I think you need to team up for a session and see how it goes

  14. So how was this game related to left alone to die?

  15. I bought the WZ-120G FT because I’m really not a TD driver, and this is more like a turretless, 122 mm Medium. Great to see more WZ gameplay!

  16. sure, you can do that. Or, you can simply die on the hill and write “idiot team” in chat, like the rest of us 😀

  17. More games Lem!!! moreeeee

  18. Why not 1080p60!!

  19. I love titles of your videos ?

  20. 250 pen and loads heat for bp gj

  21. It looks like they never went up the hill with you from the start

  22. Hey Lemm, you’re getting smoother in your presentation. It’s good. I’d love the have the money to buy a heavy-duty chinese TD and just go to town on players who’d have a bad time trying to shoot through the armor of what is basically the 122-44’s big brother. We’ll see.

    In the meantime, you really should take me up on my offer to exchange lessons in WOTing for lessons in pronouncing foreign languages, I’m preparing my German language tutoring materials and it wouldn’t take you at at all long to be able to say, ‘Panzerselbstfahrlaffette” like someone who was raised in Hamburg. 😉

    Oh, and there’d be another benefit: I could tell you the exact origin of the tank’s name.

    Think about it. The offer remains open.

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