HOW TO SAVE $4841 in War Thunder

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Source: DOLLARplays

The Maus, AMX-50 Surbaissé and T-10m are the free to play version of the most expensive tanks in War (The E-100, IS-7 and AMX-50 Surblindé)



Intro: Rue De Jaffa – A.M. Beef

Background: Transhumanism – ELFL
Das Auto – Trabant 33
Two Sides – Martin Klem
Disco Diagnosis – Liru
Train of Liberation – Arc De Soleil

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. But I really hope Gaijin will start redoing these events, or an event where you could choose your reward out of vehicles pool. Everyone should get a chance to get these vehicles for free.

    I hope you guys enjoyed the video 🫡

  2. Dollar how do i get your decal if i have an existing account?

  3. thats the whole purpose of mounted a heavy MG on top of a tank since the start of WW2 …to engage low flying planes at that time and helicopter later also light armor targets…infantry squad and light fortifications…both american and russian 12.7 mm and russian 14.5 mm are perfect for this job.
    now imagine the idiots that design other tanks …thinking only 7.62 MG is what tanks need for secondary weapon.
    imagine how many times you got killed by a Pantsir or BMP2M or tunguska or other light targets in game because you missed your shot or not good enough to disable them and all u had was useless 7.62 MG…and by the time you reload you were already dead…so both in game and real life heavy MG is very important.

  4. My collection needs the E100….

  5. Роман Сырник

    There are so many solid phrases in all the Dollar videos that you can make a whole mod for the game, replacing the phrases of tank crews with his replicas. If he is approves it, I would immediately get down to business 💵💵💵

  6. I love your wacky video style man. Sub+like.

  7. Reverse speed saves lifes.

  8. Haha Gaijin surely watches your Videos! Patch today offers the report reason: Bot User 😀

  9. I Really miss your tarkov Vids. Anyplany to come back ?

    CHeers… Starting watching your WT Vids… i dont even play the game 😀 CHeers

  10. Always on point, these videos always cheer me up, thank you Mr Betty

  11. DOLLARplays you were in my match on Maginot Line yesterday and I got my first nuke! I destroyed you in my AFT-09 while you were driving Maus. I have uploaded it to my channel.

  12. Corsairs of Nar Shaddaa

    2:48 You not killing that BT with 3 shots is peak versing Soviet tanks experience.

  13. Данило Гецко

    I`ve seen t10 in real life. In kyiv. It was a nice surprise

  14. Francesco Boselli

    14:59 lol the decal here is one of the best spot 😂

  15. Sorry mate i fall assleep again😅

  16. Filip Włodarczyk

    Mister @DOLLARplays , I have a challenge for you.

    I’m sure you know from your own experience how everybody loves low lvl players with premium tanks at high BR (specialy when they are good). I wish for you to become a smurf and annoy high BR players and show us some of their rage while playing on a new account. Do you think you can please your empire like that? With luv

  17. why did the link for the decal doesn’t work ?

  18. Hello, what are your war thunder settings

  19. I can’t help but notice the lack of British vehicles …. they really are rare I wonder why?… *Ahem* *cough* AP sucks!

  20. Always angle in parking lots to defend at least 3 parking spots

  21. 5:25 the sound is very nice I lovet

  22. Bot everywhere

  23. 2000 for a E100 is wild lol

  24. Amico mio, il tuo italiano è perfetto 👌

  25. БОМЖ Под насваем

    Найду ли я тут русских?

  26. Hi there, I have a problem with my controls. I play on xbox with a controller and I enjoy playing air with the pointer aim control and it’s working fine, but when I want to change the controll binding for realistic controls, it automatically changes the binding on every other control mode to the ones I applied for realistic (and the other way around). I want to pull some cool moves by toggling the control modes, but because of that, it’s not working. Is there any way to separate the bindings of the control modes or not?

  27. Hey I need free to play pt #3..I love seeing guys play as free players like my broke azz

  28. as a teir 3 american tank what should be my play style?

  29. I like these videos, but like i keep having people mock me for spending so much on my IS-7, yet i got it for 60 lel

  30. Today I got the Surbiasse. So far it’s a mixed bag. I love the tank in itself but 80 percent of my matches have been up tiers to the Max. Still love it because it’s cool looking as heck.

  31. 7:37 😂😂😂 🤣🤣HAHAHAHAHA

  32. What’s up with bot thing?
    And if he is using bot why is he so bad !?
    Or am I missing something here??

  33. Oh no. My wallet!

  34. Didnt know i had to take out a small car loan just to buy an E100 in a digital game that already quite frankly sucks, thanks for informing me and the community about this!

  35. Just see it from the eyes of that BT-7M having a bad day or a really good one fighting a fricking maus 😂

  36. yeah, bots all days

  37. Chicken
    Who else agrees?

  38. How did that daimler pen the Amx 50?

  39. They added the bot report in the complain menu

  40. Onfogo's Leisure Activities

    your videos are too cool bro

  41. I almost got a Is7 in the boxes unfortunately it did not

  42. Nearly $5k I’m assuming as a warthunder player this is to unlock top tier of one tree with one catagory and there are like 10 different nations all with different categories so to get every vehicle “that you can buy, in the game it will cost you over 200k

  43. dat ending is chef’s kiss!

  44. lol how to save 4000 bucks? just dont spend it on premium bullshit lol. that was hard to find out… thank god i saw a useless youtoube video…

  45. Q the maus reverse montage😂

  46. Do these vehicles really have those prices? Whoever has them could exchange them for real money?

  47. Where do you find that music??

  48. the interaction with the bt had me on my knees laughing x3

  49. Just kills a fricking BT-7 that can never hurt him…
    I’m unsubbing

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