How to Save Money in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m going to give you a few tips and trick on get the most from World of Tanks while spending the least.

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World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I needed this video lol, i am to the point where i only have an e75 and an
    e100 left because i kept running out of money and wanted to keep playing
    those two :/ hate when i run out of prem.

  2. Pz. IV H – best tank *3* 20k profit per game, even the tier 7 ones ;)

  3. i expected this video to be the usual great quality but it was even better!
    You have helped me progress so much as a player with all your useful vids
    like this one, keep it up and never stop!

  4. You have to remind the less gifted ….. I mean … thrifted?

  5. great vid very useful

  6. The missions for the WZ are a bit unfair in my opinion. For example i dont
    have Chineese france tanks and i just have Tier 5 British and tier 6
    Japaneese heavys. The russian, German and american missions was complete
    very fast but the other ones are impossible for me. and with Tier 5
    artillery from the british nation i have to spent the double of time
    because they do not much dmg.

  7. Or… you could buy the 50x consumables on the premium shop, wait till the
    special goes off and sell them for 500k credits

  8. qb i think make stronghold in T6 with lights tank Is a good way to make
    crédit because the shells and the repair cost are cheap and the battle are
    faster so you make credits faster sorry for my bad english i am french ;-)

  9. You may have encouraged me to pick up a premium tank man.. Appreciate it

  10. Great video QB, you said a lot of information that i only got after playing
    maybe 10-15k battles? So great stuff, especially for new and relatively new
    players(so under 10-15k battles) Also, it just amazes me how much effort
    you put in your presentation, with gathering data and then going to the
    lengths of organizing it into something concise and easy to understand(like
    the chart for tier 1-10 costs). Keep it up, we do appreciate your videos,
    even us “veterans” ;)

  11. Remember to sell unused modules, shells, equipment, and consumables. Visit
    your DEPOT and sell some shit. There may be a million credits sitting

  12. Omg qb. Why would u use the auto fire extinquisher if you can script the
    normal 1 to make it automatic.

  13. i like the russian medium playstyle.
    what do you think which prem tank is the best for me?

  14. Already for 1.5 years I haven’t bought any large repair/extinguisher/aid
    kit. There was just too ridiculous amounts given in missions and individual
    missions. Even since 7vs7 changed to new format I have empty T1 with large
    fire extinguisher.

  15. Great tipps for noobs, thanks alot QB

  16. Remember there is also the premium account bundles like 30days+3500gold or
    The best way to get a steady is not to spam premium (the game ruining amo).
    Remember only 1 or 2 camo nets, repair toolboxes or bino’s are needed as
    they can be moved around to any tank for free (there are also mods who does
    it for you, so you don’t need to think about it)

  17. I only have 3 tanks lol

  18. SELLOUT Kappa

  19. Hi. (Excuse my bad english)

  20. great vid!

  21. Yes finally i could be rich in wot.thx qb.wot forever

  22. Using the CDC and Loving it! Making a gross income of 100k and netting a
    profit of 80k is great per game!

  23. the best moneymaking tier 8 is the Jgtiger 8.8. It makes a metric ton of
    money on wins even if you don’t do anything. On losses it still makes
    decent profits as well. Too bad they removed it from sale, i got mine last
    year luckily

  24. This is a great vid for tankers just starting out or don’t know better. Nj.

  25. **** i got 14.000 b. not knowing some tips from quicky..

  26. This video is for teenagers I believe.

  27. anyone notice how he was using peppys account

  28. exactly how i run my account

  29. excellent video been playing since release so knew the content but it was
    very well laid out

  30. Great Video, very helpful especially for new players.

  31. CheesyKiller Cheese

    yea lower tiers 5 and 4 are best to make credits if no prenium tanks i know
    that i use them myself to make credits to higher tiers


  33. Great tips. There are teenage boys all over the world that learned a very
    cool concept about saving and buying cheap that will give them a new idea
    to use in real life. They will all think that they are the smartest

  34. Are you paying too much for your tank insurance? Well join QB as he
    explores the depths of world of tanks to find you the best deal anyone can
    get in the Eu region in two simple steps.

    1 git gud
    2 look at menus

  35. WG be like “Quickybaby, y u do dis?”

  36. you forgot one more thing on earning credits ( the more you spot and the
    team shoots at the tank that your spotting the more creds you earn

  37. I really don’t understand why you need auto fire extinguisher?
    Just reconfig the short cut to space bar and you can spam the bar
    extinguish the fire as fast as the auto one.
    I play like this for many years and no bother with auto fire extinguisher.

  38. Luckily there was a 50% discount on equipment last Sept 25 (SEA server).
    With only 500k credits I Manage to buy all the necessary equipment (Vents,
    Rammer, Stabilizer) in my M4A3E8 which, in my opinion will be my
    non-premium credit earner.

    15:03 derp

  39. Nice analysis quickybaby. Thanks for sharing

  40. Wargaming must be so happy, with this video, encourage all those sales!!!

  41. Buy BT-7 Artillery it cost like 5 gold…

  42. I love the T20 its my fav tank for Farming!!

  43. I knew about buying bulks of repair/medical kits during discounts from the
    store button but I bet many people had no idea.

  44. why i can’t find the scorpion in the premium shop ?

  45. Hey QB, my brother just started to try and play WOT (east US server) and it
    takes 3-4 min. to get a T1 -T2 game, any word on when WG will put a VS Ai
    mode in WOT like they did for new players in WOWS?

  46. :^) I expanded garage space and got some premium tanks without using a
    single penny in the game.

  47. If I want to make credits fast I normally play my M4 or my Hetzer because
    they has a low repair cost and their ammo is relatively cheap using just AP
    or HE rounds.

  48. D “Doom” Wilson

    I’m saving plenty of money in WoT i don’t play anymore 🙂 got sick of the
    abusive community and admins and customer supports bull crap copy and paste
    reply also as a result i don’t get pissed off for no reason anymore…

  49. I see how it is WG, give the EU a great sale, while we only get an E25
    after 210000dmg….

  50. Quicky showing us how to Costco World of Tanks

  51. WG may dont reduce the 1 month premium price, but there is nearly every
    month a pack with 30 days premium with some gold

  52. Simple, don’t play World of Tanks. It has one of the shittiest free to play
    models on the market. Its the equivalent of trying to be good in Clash of

  53. thanks learned some new things

  54. Can somebody link me to quickybaby’s XVM setup?

  55. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    Blitz is better than PC. No artillery.

  56. Hmm wasn’t there a mod that automatically uses the manual fire extinguisher
    the moment your engine catches fire ? Won’t that save you more credits than
    using a premium fire extinguisher or when you stock em during sales ?

  57. Good useful video QB.

  58. As soon as I saw this video I grinded the crap out of the Panther 8/8 to
    put vents onto my T57 heavy :)

  59. When I can make 20k creds in type 59 if I died within the first 5 mins. You
    will never lose money with a type unless yr a total noob.

  60. Wow. That was extremely helpful! Thanks Quick!

  61. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    i havent spent a single euro on WoT and ive been playing it for half a year
    now and i play it a couple of hours everyday in my opinion is it conpletely
    possible to reach nice things in wot without premium accounts ammo
    consumables tanks and stiff but its totally legit in my eyes to do so i
    would never call someone gold noob or stuff because its their desision and
    wargaming deserves some money for their work

  62. Why I cant play rampage game mode ?

  63. Don’t forget that your Premium Account carries over onto Word of Warships
    and World of Warplanes as well.

  64. do you play world of tanks blitz ?

  65. i just stay by my kv-2 with over 900 games played ^^

  66. typically, i try to buy gold discounted, and then buy tanks and other such
    stuff discounted as well. That way, it is as if i got a double discount on

  67. Борис «boribbn6» Петров

    great video quickybaby, I just hoped I hadn’t bought the T110E5 exactly
    before it was top of the tree and thus not lost 2mil. credits for nothing.
    never the less you gave some pretty useful tips so thanks man ;)

  68. I used to always have at least like 10 million credits backup. Now I stay
    at around 500k, because all i do is play tier 10s and lose like 30k-50k
    credits a game. I don’t have a prem time anymore, and I only earn like
    20k-30k a game with my t34.

    I think you forgot to mention that a perm account also gives you a better
    garage I think. The garage also seems more stable. Don’t quote me on that.

  69. great work. very informative.

  70. lol “choose a tank with high pen and a dependable gun”
    and one of the better money makers is the KV-2

  71. Tournaments!

  72. gave you thumbs up for all the hard work you put in this vid! thank you QB!

  73. Nice review QB, that was pretty thourough and useful ;)

  74. nothing new to me, but a great video!

  75. Me be like: When is Wargaming gonna cry to Youtube over this video

  76. So Not sure when but they had a gold sale. 15% bonus on gold so i bought
    100 dollars of gold + 15 dollars of gold. and was then able to buy 3 tier 8
    premium tanks, 112, T34, Lowe because in game they were also 15% off for
    gold. so effectively i saved 30% on each tank. i spent 115 dollars for 3
    tanks that would normal cost me. 155 dollars. Another great tip is Ebay. A
    friend showed me got to Ebay search “World of tanks bonus codes” there i
    got a Jagtiger 8,8 code for 20 dollars + garage slot, 1250 gold and 7 days
    premium. Cant go wrong with that.. lol

  77. how much u get from wargaming for this video?

  78. Great video. Really appreciate the time you put into this video

  79. The Costco Method: Buying (relatively) non-perishable items in bulk during
    sales, preferably with membership bonuses.

    I think the same applies here to.

  80. I don’t believe its 225% increase. Its only 125% increase over 8k credits.
    100% more credits would be 16k.

  81. I recommend taking part in the regular tournaments to earn gold for a tier
    8 premium (and then getting it on sale) if you don’t have the time or money
    for the other ways. I’m not that good of a player by that is how I got
    mine. If you don’t have any pals to do the tournaments, try to find a clan
    that specializes in that sort of thing. That is how I got my old tournament
    group together. The best way to prepare to do well in the tournaments is to
    try and get a few good tanks for a couple of tiers and wait for the
    tournament for that tier. I got most of my gold from tier 5 tournaments.
    Hopefully this helps.

  82. Good one Will!!!

  83. João Francisco Marques

    Basecly, if you saw this video, now you know everythig to do in world of
    tanks. This is probably the best video ever about wot because it is the
    most helpfull. AMAIZING Quickybaby!


    Step 1. Use less premium shells than quickybaby

  85. Good moneymaking tanks no one seems to mention are the T-34 (using the
    ZiS-4 gun with rammer and vents and 100% crew, third module at your
    discretion) and it’s Chinese counterpart, the Type T-34 with the matching
    setup. They both have 1.94 sec reload and in good hands can rack up damage
    fast, shell also costs like 56 silver a pop :)

  86. 25000 for a 75% crew you mean. Gamers math… ?

  87. Why does it say peppypepper in the top left of his screen?

  88. just join a clan!…whole game has been changed to benefit clan players
    hence i don’t really bother playing much anymore due to the
    anti-casual/solo player mechanics that have crept in over the years…its
    just not as much fun anymore for the casual/solo player.
    Still love watching the vids tho :-)

  89. #goldnoob

  90. Larry Tam (Mycronaut)

    @QuickyBabyTV These are some pretty great tips. I have a question about the
    premium tanks. If tier for tier the best level for profit is tier 5 why not
    use a tier 5 premium instead of a tier 8?

  91. Thank you for defending us in Clan Wars! QSF!


  92. You have answered all my questions i have been searching for them but never
    could find a good explanation I’m so happy thank you QB :D

  93. 8:34 I really want to click that “Games to check out”-Folder in his

  94. my best non premium credit maker and fun to play tanks: pz iii/iv,
    cromwell, bishop, and matilda, 10k credits avg :D

  95. 11:53 vBAddict not vBA Addict :D

  96. 15 thousand battles and I just learnt that you could buy consumables from
    the store in bulk…FML. Great video QB I’ll be saving more credits from
    now on :)

  97. could this possibly work on Xbox?

  98. QB, I really appreciate stuff like this you do for the average player and
    NO, I Don’t believe your a “gold nob” lol

  99. Lego AnimationStudios

    300k Hype !!!

  100. #goldnoob Kappa

  101. gotta use this

  102. Hey QB. Doe’s that chart include premiums? Just wondering cause there’s a
    crapload of t5 prems and I was thinking that might have something to do
    with why that tier is most profitable. Thx

  103. Why does quciky baby normally hardly have any xp on tanks? Thought he
    played wot a tonne

  104. wrong , Tier 10 is 20.000 and plus

  105. i own a lowe and i cant warn you enough dont touch that pile of crap it is
    useless at anything other than sniping pratically any prem tank is better.

  106. god dammit ive been playing wot for 2 years and i didnt know about the bulk
    buying through the store

  107. Fast credits: Get over 2,5k WN8, join stronk klanu, play T8 skirmishes with
    T8 prems and 50% credit bonus from stronghold activated, bad games are
    usually about 60-90k profit, good games can go up to 200-250k. Geim is ez

  108. 7.2 pounds is very similar to 10 euros in Serbia….

  109. a lot is missing like tier 10 pay ~~~25-30k for repair , prem tanks cost
    less in repair ,

  110. Wot is full of noobs

  111. this was a great video

  112. Hum would a tier 5 premium tank be better at farming credits then a tier 8
    premium without a premium account?

  113. QB the best THX so much!!!

  114. Why do you have so much gold on your acc? You have all that you can have in
    WoT,i dont get it. Do some giveaway dude,ppl like that.You dont need to
    give away prem tenks,just small amount of gold for players that you show
    replays or do random pick you your subs.Guys,support me on this so QB maybe
    will see it.

  115. don’t forget guys that while playing world of tanks and your tank got
    destroyed in one game, you should leave that game immediately and play in
    another tank that should be profitable. It’s a small tip, but using your
    time more wisely also helps. :)

  116. very useful, thanx;)

  117. one of the best QB videos ever

  118. Thank you for the tips!

  119. +QuickyBabyTV
    This is impossible. I don’t use gold rounds and still can’t buy a tank.
    Haven’t bought a tank in months and I got like 15k games.
    Obama’s Medal: kill everyone on your team and the enemy team.
    The Golden Tampon: Kill 3 enemies with less then 10% health and survive the
    battle while complaining about the game in any way to anyone ever. Can only
    get this once every 28 days.
    The QuickyBaby Medal: Play a game of tanks with an overclocked computer and
    destroy the computer and win the battle.

  120. I think all prems are ok but the T-34-3 is a Bad Tank in my oppinion its
    the worst Tier VIII

  121. Two tier 8s (if killed fast in one game to jump into another tank and don’t
    waste time waiting for end-game) plus premium time is the best combo for me
    when I ‘farm’ credits… cheers

  122. giannis kontopoulos

    yes but we cant buy now premium tanks cuz wg have remove donate with
    paysafe.. and we lost the offers -12%

  123. Quicky Baby. I think something often overlooked is the amount of free gold
    you can get from tourneys. They arent that hard for a half decent player
    and you can pretty much make premium time and more with a decent team on
    the NA server at least.

  124. Really appriciate this video, I’m sure it helps lots of people. It will
    save me more time grinding and getting bored.

  125. You should send all modules to depot when selling tanks so you don’t have
    to buy those same modules again. Tracks and turrets can be sold from depot
    afterwards but most engines and radios usually fit to the higher tier tank
    in the same tech tree line. Remember to clean up the old modules from time
    to time – you can squeeze up hundreds of thousands credits from useless
    stuff laying at the depot.

  126. This video surprised me but is actually really awesome. It didn’t really
    help me much but I wish I had had something like this years ago.

  127. How I save money in World of Tanks: Don’t buy anything

  128. matilda makes the most money

  129. you cant save maney in this game…

  130. I play my tier six, British Cromwell, and I can make between 20k-50k

  131. T26E4 SP is my only tier 8 premium tank and I am happy from the profit!!

  132. I got my Super Pershing, TOG II, Chi Nu Kai during these specials (along
    with some lower tier premiums as well). Tomorrow I’ll most likely unlock
    the WZ. I do however invest in gold or/and premium time sometimes if I know
    I’m going to play for longer periods of time.

  133. tiger 1 best money maker

  134. The M4 Sherman was a good money maker for me. Good for free XP too.

    Even if I did no damage, died, and lost, I’d make 5k. That’s not much, but
    considering if I did good I could make ~20k, it’s pretty nice.

  135. How can i see the shell penetration holes in my tank? my graphics are on
    maximum. please help someone :(

  136. Could you please make a video about how to save Money in World of Warships

  137. pro tip for saving money: dont touch WoT for atleast one year, repeat next

  138. omg why did i just buy my ru251 and not wait a day… NOOOOOO!!!

  139. For people who buy a tier 8 premium but can’t afford a premium account:

    Honestly i think getting a premium account is much more profitable
    (especially if you’re playing a lot) than buying a premium tank. If you
    can’t choose both, of course.

    Premium tanks are generally not as fun to play as regular tanks, so you’re
    probably not going to be playing them all that much. I’d say i played (at
    most) about 300 games in my IS-6 (from event) for every 2-3 thousand of
    regular games (every 10th of my game is in a premium tank). And you make
    about the same credits with a premium TANK and a regular account, as you
    would with a premium ACCOUNT and regular tanks.

    To sum up – lets say you play a maximum of 1k battles in your premium tank
    over your entire WoT career (probably 95% of people play less than that).
    If you instead had bought a premium account for that 50 euro (about 180
    days without a discount) and played 2k games in your regular tanks (which
    is not that hard in 180 days – 11 games per day) you would have actually
    made MORE credits. While grinding xp for tanks at the same time.

    Wargaming are manipulating you guys with the idea that you will have a tank
    forever, yet the premium time will run out. But the numbers don’t lie.

  140. thats for the EU servers the NA servers only had the e25 and i wish they
    didnt because now they are everywhere like the animated channel that does
    wot cartoons

  141. that income sure is gross

  142. But… But the chieftain (crying) DX

  143. QB what tips do you have on reaching teir 10 quickly?

  144. NA wot server had the E25 for free prem tank

  145. Thanks QB. The mathematical breakdowns were very helpful. I now understand
    why, when playing from tiers 1 to 6, I could afford to buy tanks as soon as
    I unlocked them, but tiers 7 and above I’m having to save up for tanks even
    after unlocking them. Looks like I might have to re-purchase a tier 5 tank
    that I used to to well in, like the Churchill 1 or KV-1(S). Also, seeing
    how the Premium account makes such a huge difference, I might have to
    re-think my stance on not spending money on World of Tanks.

  146. Inb4 QuickyBaby banned from WoT and all Wargaming games for reducing their
    income :v

  147. Thanks you!! you made a great job here! thanks a lot :)

  148. “Cleaning out” your depot also helps a lot. Some people still don’t realise
    a lot of useless stuff get’s left behind when you sell and/or upgrade

  149. If you have a Jagdtiger 8.8 makes the most money in the game, but the non
    premium tanks I have found to make the most money are the M4 sherman,
    Jpanther, sherman Jumbo, AT 8, SU-85B, ARL 44, and, T20. Also I have found
    that the NA does not get as good of deals compared to the EU.

  150. I know the the best trick to save money! Just don’t spend a penny on a F2P

  151. +QuickyBabyTV can you suggest a good tank that plays well with a
    comet/centurion i playstyle? (Besides the two i just mentioned obviously)
    as if i do well in a comet in blitz the most ill earn is around (its been a
    while since ive played so i dont remember exactly) i believe 10-20k
    assuming i deal alot of damage and kill most if not all of the 7 enemies
    (never killed all7;-; final kill has been stolen 3-4 times have gotten a
    pools once w/ comet though :D)

  152. Alexander van Elten

    Tier 8 prems:
    -buy: FCM 50t, AMX CDC, T-54 proto, IS-6
    -don´t buy: all the rest

  153. Es porque soy pobre??

  154. WZ-111 demands a lot of time spent in game and the tank itself is a piece
    of shit. Totally not worth it.

  155. Easiest way to save money in this game:
    1. Get better
    2. Join a good clan
    3. Get gold every month from clan payouts and never have to put real money
    into this game ever again
    I haven’t spent a dime on this game in over 9 months now, and I enjoy the
    community I’m in.

  156. Quickly updated to windows 10. I can tell because when he was on his
    browser he had applications and files in the top left corner. Ahhh years of
    blue clues and Scooby Dooby Doo come to use

  157. i have a Q if someone can answer it ..soo lost all my germany heavy crews
    …. so what ive had to do is buy bulk chocolate ….+ vents + BIA soo in
    theory i can use my last remaining crew on all my german heavies … my Q
    is what effects will this have .. the crew are all over 100% now but theyre
    still red ..

  158. Go on Thriftybaby!

  159. I do grind all my money in my kv-1 best tank in the game i hope it gets
    buffed up to 800 hp 110 hull armor and more view range

  160. E-25 is what they gave us on NA servers for the damage mission, personally
    i play alot and have 12 premium vehicles all earned from just playing the
    game with not a dime spent. If you’re active in tournaments and are a
    decent player you could also buy all the prem time you like with gold
    earned from those. Also important to be on the look out for free gold offer
    for changing your password or recently 250 gold for taking a short survey.

  161. normally i make 40k to 50k in my kv13 and wz131

  162. I cant play all day Wot just to grind a free tank i got work thats why wot
    is punishing to real live :D

  163. Thanks for making this video! Got a question though, is the IS-6 a good T8
    premium? I don’t have a T8 premium yet and I would like a premium heavy so
    I was thinking about the IS-6.

  164. Well this thing only helps people that are playin wot from long time i can
    buy anything i bearly have 270 000 money 😀 and i have to unlock my new
    tier 6 heavy tank and it cost 900 000 and i dont play alot :D

  165. How to save money in world of tanks:

    Don’t play world of tanks.

  166. why does the usa have the shittest sales right now, 25% off eqiument, and
    30% off t6 and 7 Thats it, wish we could’ve have the same sale

  167. even though, as an experienced player, I didn’t learn much new, I have to
    say this is an excellent video. GJ !

  168. Does somebody have some account to give me?
    Im soo bad…plss

  169. Also missions are really good for getting money, especially the ones that
    you don’t need high tiers for (i.e. non-damage missions). It’s difficult to
    complete missions regularly after T28HTC though :/

  170. Great tips. I always pre purchase my consumables when they go on sale. Nice

  171. Broken Heart Martinez

    Also a very sneaky way to save money is to not sell your tanks once u have
    them completely researched unless u equip them first with their stock
    modules. Why u ask? simply, most tanks use their previous tank modules so
    unless u want to re buy them i recommend u restock your tank before selling
    it, it saves u perhaps 200k credits in high tiers and far lower in low
    tiers but saving is saving :3

  172. I was sure the title said how to save monkeys and I won’t lie, I was fairly

  173. what will be the best tier 7 money maker as a premium tank. I guess the
    E-25 or the Type 62

  174. i strongly recommend to anyone who wants to make a s!*t load of money with
    a prem tank, get the FCM 50 t, why? because it has premium mm so i doesn’t
    see tier X, it has an amazing gun with really good pen so you wont need to
    spam gold, the repair cost is below 8k i believe. Basically what i am
    trying to say is, it s!*ts money

  175. You can buy even Tier V premium tanks,there were a lot of events which gave
    you gold, if I remember one in December which got my first premium tank,the
    Churchill III,there was one in august which gave you around 1000 gold and
    left me with 200-250 gold and I bought the T-25 and now it’s the
    private-maior event which gives you a total of 600 gold and bow I want to
    buy the excelsior or start keeping the gold. I bougth them all on 50%
    discount and I do not regret anything,most fun tanks I played and you make
    some good money aswell.

  176. Wait EU gets consumables specials every 2 months. SEA server gets that
    maybe once per year. Don’t know if anyone can afford to buy a years worth
    in one go.

  177. Dirk-Jan Lambregtse

    tanks 😉 for this usefull tips 😉 goin to buy my wolverine again now…
    maybe a replay on your channel from the wolverine someday qb??

  178. great video

  179. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    While informative, I think a lot of this should be common sense to us, I
    mean I have 20 tanks unlocked right now, I’m waiting for them to go on sale
    before I purchase any of them. Also we can use the Calendar to know when
    the specials are; something I don’t think you mentioned.

  180. I’m glad you made that profit chart. Many people go “hurz durz, I lose
    money in everything above tier 6”. It’s nice to have some data to prove
    that you can break even even in tier 9 if you’re at least half decent.

  181. I Love my SU-100Y, i got it free in the “Daily Login Bonus Missions” it a
    T6, high alpha damage, low repair cost and medium ammo cost, with premium
    it gets much credits per battle! but you need to learn to use it a position

  182. Spammed KV-1 for 2 days. = 600k creds

  183. GREAT VID!!!

  184. thanks qb, helped a lot :)

  185. my monemaking top 3 is:
    Pz1C and Pz2G! roughly about +10k credits and 6kills per match.
    su-85 with the 122mm! when the tier5 mediums peek over a corner, I can do
    lovely snapshot! and they have 450hp but my gun has 450 damage 😀
    okay the 3rd place is! Chi-To! 75mm gun with 155mm of pen! 🙂 3,8sec
    reload! it can challenge even the frontal armor of some heavys! I’m
    planning to buy a cute Locust! aww. so cute tank! sorry! The comment is so
    long! This will cause some answering 🙂 okay bye…

  186. +quickybaby what are you thoughts on the PlayStation 4 getting world of
    tanks which was announced by wargaming about a week ago

  187. 7:00 I AM NOT buying any gold. i am not gonna waste really life money!

  188. I’d like to say this video helped me out, but there’s just one little
    problem. Practically none of this applies to Xbox. There’s a lot of very
    good advice in here, don’t get me wrong, but there are so many features on
    PC that Xbox doesn’t get. For instance, we don’t get the personal missions,
    we don’t get anywhere near the same options in the store, and we don’t get
    sales on consumables or equipment.

  189. I play on xbox, they were selling t95e2 as one of the xbox one founders
    packs, it makes the same money as other tier 8 premiums, it has
    preferantial matchmaking and I got 30 days of premium all for the price of
    a super pershing… Best buy ever…

  190. Flex those wicked Excel skills!!! Nice!

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  192. WG will be maaaaaad.

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  194. I use the box tank

  195. Very helpful… didnt know about the premium vehicle thing and buying bulk.

  196. I have a type 59 should I buy another premium tank?

  197. we had a sale on NA last weekend and I did exactly this 🙂 I liked seeing
    the graphs concerning non-premium tank profitability tho, pretty helpful

  198. Guys one way to get gold easily is to pla ESL, there are lots of Europe
    cups which provide gold prizes and national sections which allow you to
    often get gold just for signing up. All you need is 2 friends to join for
    the 3v3 cups and 6 for the 7v7 cups.

  199. Hmm… what’s the ‘Best Before’ date on Tea & Pudding?


    Does anyone know if/when there will be a camo discount?

  201. if you play more than 50 hours a month you should buy 1/3/6/12 months of
    premium. (depending on how long you will play WOT)

  202. we need a fcm 50 t vid

  203. WoT Dutch Epic Replays&Reviews

    Thx quicky

  204. Best Premium Creditmaker in still the 112. Amazing Highrolls, cheap repair
    costs. If you know how to play this beast, you will earn 70.000+ credits
    EACH game. 2000 dmg and 2 kills = 50-60.000 credits easy

  205. how did he magane to get almost 5 crew skills on the AMX 30 B so quicky???

  206. “use a discounts” somehow he managed to stretch this sentence to 15

  207. QB this is one of the best vids I have seen for a long time. Thanks for
    explaining in easy to understand details

  208. WoT CEO already said a couple years ago that T5 is the sweet spot for

  209. I personally play tier 3 to farm credits because if you are a kinda skilled
    player you pretty often have very good games which isnt that much the case
    at tier 5

  210. i had no idea about the half price tic when you buy consumables in bulk,
    also good job using exel helps alot

  211. hi all!

  212. I have like 300k credits and LOTS of tanks I want to buy. But I don’t have
    the money to buy a tier 8 premium tank or gold account for the day I play.
    And I never move my crew, recruit new ones and barely retrain them :/ And
    never buy modules because that will litterly cost all my money even with
    15% off!

  213. great informative vid QB, keep the good work going :)

  214. You should make a Super Pershing Review :D

  215. Well,I recommended buying these premium tanks : IS-6 or KV-5 ( KV-5 > IS-6
    ,cause they both have weak penetration,but KV5 has a good RoF)
    Panther 88 or AMX CDC (P88 for sniper role,CDC for Medium tactics)
    Believe it or not,i manage to lose 16 battles in a row but still profit
    640k without premium in both IS-6 and KV-5

  216. I used to buy a bunch of T92 premium shells when they go on sale and sell
    them back after the sale is over for a few million profit. Wargaming have
    since found out and thus increased the price of T92 premium shells when on
    sale. Also ammo rarely go on sale nowadays.

  217. 1. stop sucking
    2. join a good clan
    3. get gold from clan

  218. Good video, i liked it 🙂
    It was no news to me, but i think it is a very good and compact guide for
    players who are just starting the game or havent spend too much thought on
    the ingame economics yet. Keep it up, see you on sunday-stream ;)

  219. Now I wont be the only Firefly tank in most games…

  220. I have CDC myself and I love it, have racked up almost a thousand games in
    it and got 3 marks. 😀

    Before I thought premium account was only for crazy rich or really
    professional players (etc),but now I get how so many people have premium
    accounts 🙂

    I did not want to spend too much money every month but now I’ll probably go
    buy some premium account 🙂
    this was really helpful thank you so much.
    another great video from you, QB

  221. How can I get some of that Quickybaby premium matchmaking and RNG?

  222. Well done Quickybaby

  223. What is the best T8 premium tank that is fun/pleasure to play ? :/ I really
    need one but i dont know which tank …

  224. Really nice video. Good advice that won’t go out of date.

  225. Васил Димитров

    With these bullshit teams 😀 i get 6 loses 1 win (because of me 1vs 3)

  226. very nice tips!

    but who needs credits anyway, when you have more than an entire clan 😉

  227. omg this helped me

  228. i am 9k from e75 but i am on xbox 360

  229. Cool video, but the most important question still hasn’t been answered:
    Obj140 or T-62A?!?!?!?!

  230. I have 300k + credits on both of my accounts but only tier II and tier III
    tanks lol

  231. iam srooy! but i have a ST ACC. and i have 25KG In WOT and Closs Beta.!
    i get a profit after all my IS-4 Games! like 10K and 20+K.. Just need to
    play Good to get money in all tiers!

  232. heyhey

  233. I will definitely stock up on medkits/smrepkits. Also Coke, Chocolate, etc.
    for my fav tanks. Though, when are ammo sales? I heard they used to be a
    thing but I’ve never seen one.

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  243. Today I’m going to give you a few tips on how to get the most from World of
    Tanks in the shortest possible time.

    Let me know if you thought it was useful.

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