How to Scout Ghost Town feat. TOXIC HEAVIES

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. As usual great video very informative thanks Lemming !

  2. Hey lemmingrush this is guy.

  3. I think you guys fucked up. Repositioning was a good idea, but you misjudged what the enemy was going to do with the 1 line.

  4. Canadian Knucklehead

    Press m to access minimap. lmao. I feel like that in too many games.

  5. WingedParasite0 Gaming

    Ty Lemming. Love learning all these little positions, and some work for pretty much all tanks 🙂

  6. Gotta try that G3 position out, thanks Lemming

  7. Deformed_xD_Is_Banned

    The light tank star padder

  8. so u just need to snipe ,shoot gold and play like td

  9. Usually toxic players are those who want to do better, but are unable to

  10. From the tittle alone I hope you scrubbed yourself down afterwards…….

  11. Jesus I had head phones on and shat myself when that dog barked

  12. Actually the east is often much more productive, especially at lower tiers where you can double bush and shoot undetected more often than not.

  13. That was very helpfull. Thanks! Been pressing only F1 too, pretty great TD spot at times.

  14. I keep watching your videos and have them remind me that I really should spend more time in training rooms. It’s not like the kinds of positions you find are magic, you just have to find them and use them.

    Thanks, Lem.

    • Not worth it, just play the game and try being safely creative. Also copy others. No fucking way I would spend my precious gaming time on a training room, absolutely not worth the low result output

    • @Jyuppiter

      I only wish I could spend more time in them, preferably with intelligent company.

      Once, while playing, my team and I found ourselves on the same side as at least one guy from Mahou who decided to be charitable. He took us into a string of training rooms and showed us things that we had no idea about and how to make them work. We got to watch while he taught us the basics of boosting by putting a Maus on top of a hilltop.

      I don’t know about following other’s being enough, or in some cases, anything like a good idea since the person you’re following could as likely as not be a complete idiot whose only lessons will come from how he costs you the game.

      To each his own though.

  15. like every loser in a heavy says…. “If the light tanks would do their job and die in the first 3 minutes we would have won that game”

  16. lemmingrush can you mentor me?

  17. when you move and then think shit why did i move 😉

  18. I liked that 7th sense sound to leave

  19. Your platoonmate sounds a bit like Bert from Big Bang Theory.

  20. I used that bush for 3200 assisted. Nice to know these op spots. TY lemming! Sure helps for marks.

  21. I’m a British tree patriot, for no reason besides the fact I am British, how should I play AT7, Comet and Bishop?

  22. Unicum strats at 5:59… “I got lit” proceeds to drive directly behind unlit team mate in bush :)…. P.S. can we all acknowledge the fact that Lemming still plays on NA server ( at least for mentoring ).

  23. snowisthebestweather

    C’mon, Lemming. Obviously you were supposed to YOLO into those 3 higher-tier and 2 equal-tier tanks.

  24. Everyone should have a gaming dog.

  25. Artificial intelligence A.I.

    I want a gaming dog!

  26. So M accesses the Map ? I always learn something new watching your vids thanks I hope the rest of your team was reading your message

  27. Lemmingrush can you teach me how to play?

  28. 6:54 pens E4 and says “thanks man” at the same time

  29. lol

  30. You should rename the title of the video to pointless heavies because that’s what they were in that battle. First the E75, the Conqueror and one S. Conqueror take too passive posotions and were completly out of the fight. Also the rest of them were completly helpless when the IS-3A and the Jagdtiger pushed the middle square and were eaten alive by the enemy team and everyone stand watching it. Your heavies had the DPM advantange over them and couldn’t put it to use. But of course it’s way easier to blame the lower tier lights for not pushing 1 line against 1 tier X and 2 tier IX and also another scout.

  31. sorry to be completly off subject but just saw a video with a emil 1 and this guy has a 4 shell clip and video is not that old. different clips on different servers ?

  32. that spot is great. can be done in meds. ppl seems to stick to the edges on that map. Keep up the work.

  33. LR, you did not lose the game as a bottom tier light tank. I love how Tier X’s blame the bottom tier for their shit plays…

  34. I know you are a good player but you left the 1 line open by retreating. That other guy was left alone and was overwhelmed, then you lost the spots and the 1 line and the heavies in the town were flanked. I feel the job of light tanks is not to snipe from the back because you will inevitably lose map control and the battle even if you get damage from sniping. I play TDs a lot and often I find most of my team tanks deploying behind me. Once exposed, TDs (and SPGs) are dead in seconds and although the lights may survive and do some damage from the red line, having one or two TDs still shooting would help win a battle. And also it helps keeping the flanks safe for the heavies. Some of the heavies will die to arty from being spotted, and to mediums advancing on the flanks. That’s just how I play in a light, I try to survive while staying up front, trusting that my other team mates are sensible and will do the right thing and help me from the safety of their secure positions if I am threatened.

  35. Maybe renamed now to ‘almost’ spot on Ghost town – Lemming why didn’t you poke the bush when you were forward ?

  36. Lmao that was me and my friend on the enemy team having a disaster game.

  37. Arguing with this kind of players is waste of time.

  38. Wargaming has made quite a few bad things with this game. However, I fail to understand why people think creating a map with good scouting positions which people are to thick to find would be one of them…

  39. There are always people out there who blame others for a lost battle.


  41. Are you teaching Neil Degrasse Tyson?

  42. kovacsistvanhetfield

    So pen an E4 on the move frontaly with 210 (or whatever) pen and Bounce a Leopard 1 hmmmm a god of the random number generator smiling on you.

  43. I think telling the dude to retreat was the worst option among the two. In solo if you are in his position retreating would pull more personal damage and would be better for your WN8 and consistency, but in platoon having him to retreat early basically gave the enemy gigantic map control too early. Yes, he will most likely die eventually, but it gave a much better win chance compared to total retreat — which was a near 100% guaranteed defeat.

  44. I just presume you managed to turne around and won the game finally

  45. Dead men tell no tales… but they sure gripe about the other tanks who didn’t die early.

  46. Camping in the corner like a pussy……lmao

  47. I enjoyed this vid! Informative as always!

  48. “press m you’ll get access to your map” *END VIDEO* love it

  49. It was a loss not matter what, one side abandoned but I think falling back and leaving the waffle was the wrong move. I think being more aggressive on that side when the patton was alive would have fared better but this is also armchair QB so…

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