How to Scout or Play Light Tanks on Overlord

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Source: LemmingRush

Thought I’d make a step by step that goes over the multiple roles scouts can fill and when to fill them. None of which include all game for people who can proxy spot their enemies! Lights are much more versatile than that!


  1. Thanks for these videos, they are very helpful.

  2. Good video, well explained. This is going to help me out on this map for

  3. gg rush no mater what situation you get yourself into you pull it off good
    to see that as a scout you done it all most scouts i see either just camp
    near base and die in the first minute being a top tanker helps recon they
    should watch your game play 07 rush bogan1

  4. Better than Qb

  5. Lemm, what is your aiming reticle setup? Is that vanilla or a mod?

  6. Let me just say that you are not making enough videos 🙂 I would love to
    see more of these! Where to go with what tank on which map. With “only”
    7.5k games played, I’m still learning a lot every day and your videos and
    playstyle help me a lot. They are much more practical then videos of QB or
    Jingles for instance. Would love to see you take on QB in a match, where
    you show him how it’s done, haha. Keep up te good work LR and I will keep
    on watching.

  7. The last spg was trying to kill himself, denying your kill, like a true

  8. Spelling T28 wrong XD (5:46)

  9. Dejan Arandjelovic

    awesome video LR, thanks, we need those guides and stuff

  10. thank you and indeed a Lategame Scouting / Lighttank Guide would be great.

  11. 666 views and 69 likes…

  12. If I have a great game in my wz-132 and would like you to commentate over
    and analyze and show my mistakes, do you have somewhere I can send that?

  13. ya the arty tried to kill himself, classy guy…..

  14. Pablo Mojica (FastCatAle)

    Please, make more of this!

  15. great video Lemming… picked up a few little pointers from this video.
    Keep it up man

  16. Could you do a video depicting what to do when your team gets over-run, and
    it is looking like a loss, give examples of how to maybe turn the game
    around, or how to maximize your effort in a loss to prevent an landslide
    loss? See, this is my biggest problem, I most always land on a team that
    folds like an origami worm, and my problem is, even with over 10k battles,
    I still make noob mistakes. I’m not trying to become a unicum player, but
    just wanting to be a 1k Wn8 player would make me happy right now. I,
    somehow, have improved in the last year from a sub-500 Wn8 player to just
    short of a 700 Wn8 player, but seem to have stalled a bit.

  17. Maybe that batchat arty shot the building trying to suicide?

  18. i think the bulldog chased you because you are in MAHOU and was an XVM
    suicide sniper

  19. Just a random note but that wasn’t a T28 Protoype, it was a regular T28.
    Great video though.

  20. I appreciate your analysis. Thanks.

  21. 6:47 perhaps he shot the building to commit suicide. I met an idiot driving
    a Grille 15 one time; he said the team was too bad, before ran to a wall
    and shot HE until he killed himself. lol

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