How to Slap a Mosquito

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Source: DezGamez

We all know how annoying light tanks can be in this game… A little sketch, how to slap a Mosquito aka Manticore in Badger… Easy! World of Tanks Manticore vs Badger.

► Shout-out to the mega--epic DezGamez community making possible! 😛

Stay tuned Badger vs 15 Manticore, coming up soon!

What do you think?


  1. Felt like uploading it… Have a nice Sunday! 😀

  2. Please Dez, my man….NEVER stop making these short and long normal videos! Love it!

  3. that doesn’t seem fair. Next time do ebr 105 vs Badgers

  4. Pesky little bugs.

  5. I’m pretty sure ebrs are more annoying than manticore

  6. haha u crazy….hahaha…was a nice one

  7. le clap

  8. The more you know…

  9. this pleases the soul

  10. Aweeeesooomeee! 😍 That was so cool to see live! And this Edit! Just awesome!

  11. bruh what xD

  12. Fun to be with you Dez and all in this experiment, was really great.


  14. christopher stovell

    What next a race between the totortoise and a hare?

  15. Manticore? What insect is the EBR then? Cockroaches?

  16. LOL

  17. Now do ebr

  18. Very very nice video. 😁😁😁

  19. amazing stuff

  20. Good use of Ooyy, love his music

  21. Damn we need a wheeled autoreloading arty for this!!!

  22. Fuk~Yeh !
    Thanks Dez .

  23. Nice one before sleep 😀

  24. wonderful you crzy lovable man :*

  25. t62a with fast ammo and full tracking accuracy works well too. <3

  26. Welcome to Dez’s animal planet TV 😀

  27. In my opinion, I think the mosquitoes should have been the EBRs…

  28. General Vasily Badaev

    My god finaly you posted some memes that lighten up mah day

  29. I hate the sound of mosquitos. That said, I gotta be honest, I was expecting EBRs over manticores. I feel that the result was rather predictable against Manticores, but maybe wouldn’t be so predictable vs EBRs. I also feel EBRs’s would more accurately install the level of anxiety & frustration as a real mosquito.

  30. what is that outro song?????

  31. Răzvan Partebună

    Take this litlle buzzers!

  32. Not gonna lie i thought there would be EBR’s coming in but then again that wouldnt fit the British BIAS flair for the channel xD

  33. I need to know-what is this epic song at the end of this video

  34. I think you missed it entirely Dez … Borrasque is the mosquito, not Manticore! Manticore players deserve respect. Borrasque even got 2 sharp bent antennas to prove it as well … :/

  35. Has Dez secretly been playing Valheim?

  36. Beautiful simply beautiful

  37. Lionnel Lacouloumere

    manticore better mosquito than ebr ?

  38. Ebr 105 can be a more dangerous musquito

  39. I think your Manticore love gets too intense 😀

  40. Feels better then heroin

  41. absent-minded goldfish


    badger don’t care

  42. Holy sh*** that was so cool

  43. Shoutout Dez LMAO! Because it’s so true and yes the Manticore and other light tanks can be like mosquito’s, I hate them and flies, they are so annoying during the summer especially when it gets to about like 30-40 degrees Celsius, so I can unbderstand the frustration of the Badger players in this vid, lol:)

  44. Lol love it

  45. It would be even better with ferraris and JPE100s

  46. Davie504 approves… SLAPPERS

  47. This… made me uncomfortable. Amusing.

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