HOW TO SPEND BONDS in World of tanks?!?

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Source: QuickyBaby

Bonds are the rarest and most sought after currency in World of Tanks that can both purchase and make tanks powerful – here’s how to invest them!



  1. i feel sorry for people buying t103 for bonds hahahaha

  2. I just save my bonds for the rank tank. (I’m not good enough to get a bond discount.) Since I don’t like the next T10 Chinese TD, I think I’ll probably buy M60 with the remaining bonds.

  3. Was saving up for the m60. Guess I’m saving even more now. *exhausted noises*

  4. All very well spending my bonds but I can’t even get into the store…. Click on store button and goes to blank screen? Help!! Please.

  5. Was leaning on the 121b, but now I’m wondering if I should wait for the concept 1b…. Hmmm

  6. I’m slowly crawling towards 1600 WN8, and I can’t get into division 2, god knows I’ve tried. I think you overestimat the skills it requires, most likely because you’re very good yourself 😉

  7. Lol my bonds buy equipment! 2 vents, optics, gld, rammer, bounty aiming

  8. I didn’t know that my well-deserved reward this year would contain 2000 bonds, and so I bought a Venting System for 5000 just before it dropped in November. I could have saved up to 8000 bonds and got myself a Senlac instead. What a fluke!

  9. yes show us games against tier 7… the concept is overhyped… get a kmpf pz. 50t… its better… also in a concept you are target #1, but all the guys will realize by themselfes…

  10. QB: “Think about it, how many premium tanks do you really need ?”

    ME: “laughing awkwardly in 98 Premium tanks and regretting my life decisions, yet still waiting for Christmas event to spend even more money”

    • Just for players like you that have that many premium tanks,there should be a special mode that is always available so you can play only with premium tanks against other premium tanks ,you earn money and exp just like in regular battles and the regular mm isnt filled with premium tanks but only tech tree tanks and some reward tanks,again this is only up to tier 8,and this would be much better for all of us free to play players,still I also have about 12 premium tanks even bit I got those thru marathons and bonds,also with the fact that I am playing the game for more than 8 years

  11. not quite good enough for ranked, i hate the point system.. I think all players on winning team deserve points. i have 55,580 bonds now and only used a few to buy Patriot! good buy.. good vid & info !! i have all of the BP tanks except for K-91-PT .. don’t want that one.
    i am still looking at FV215B… looks interesting.. i also heard Black Market will be using Bonds.

  12. If the concepts 1B was the worst tank in the game. I would still buy it. Because ist 💖 beautiful 💖

  13. I was about to spend my 18k bonds for equipment, till this video showed up

  14. when you get venting get the 500 vent boosters too at large discount.

  15. You know that there’s one degenerate that uses bond equipment on their LefH

  16. People say theese unbalanced tanks are bad for the game, well I listened blindly to the influencers that said so until I really thought about it. LEts be real Wargaming is always going to add unbalanced tanks in the game as a motivation for people to grind or buy them, but it feels sort of like the good old days were you were in you chafee facing tier 10 tanks, your tank was completley underpowered but that time you managed to kill tier 10 tanks or thoose moments you managed to carry the end of a game were fantastic. That is the new side I see now I dont play free to play games for them to be balanced, I play them for fun, and killing a 279 e or chieftan is rewarding for me and fun, or when me and a random player go out and rush the chieftan so our team then can go ahead and win is a great feeling, its fun for me, if the game was balanced I feel like it would be boring.

  17. Andrei - Bogdan Dascalu

    WG should enable us to sell all those Directives and get extra bonds

  18. I never had problem spending them.. i had problem getting them..

  19. 5:57 “but what they doo doo”

  20. my question is, if ive gotten to div2 in the first stage, but want to wait and stack more discount on the tanks, do i have to get div2 in the second stage to be able to access the bond store, or was getting it once enough?

  21. I choose yesterday the KPZ 50t and I hope I will not regret my hard choice between 1B and KPZ 50t. Some comments for that choice?

  22. I’ve been playing the game since 2013 and i feel that wargaming is destroying the game with these OP meta reward taks…Whenever I enter a match and see a 279e, or a chieftan or something like that i just lose interest in the match and all i think about is trying to evade those tanks in the match.

  23. QB, can you do an up-to date video on crew training and how to use tanks to transfer them and up skill them , cheers

  24. HOW TO SPEND BONDS in World of tanks?!?
    Buy any tanks for bonds in garage. you have already 83 000 bonds! 🙂

  25. Next video, best ways to spend gold xD
    I got 10k gold gifted to me, and since i never have gold nor buy, i have no idea on what to spend it. I was thinking of the battlepass, since i dont play enough to fully unlock it. Past 3 times i got up to level 130, 80, and rn am at 100. Barely managed to get Char Future and only thanks to the tokens for some reason staying over from previous pass, in this one (pretty sure they should be converting into bonds at the end of the bp season?). I am currently looking at these deals from the advent, but i dont think i am a person to buy a premium tank, at least not some of the older premium tanks. I don’t remember how does the december go, when it comes to deals, events and so on. Is there any other better thing to wait for to spend gold on it? Any help would be appreciated!

    Edit: Just found out that i misunderstood how the battlepass points work, and that they only convert to bonds after the whole year is over, in this case on 20th of december? Did i get it right this time? :/

  26. 112.000 Bonds and 2.499.000 free xp without any gold spent on my account. I just don’t feel like buying anything cuz the game gets worse and worse. As for Concept B that is the only tank i regret not getting cuz i had 6 out of 7 ranked tokens but I just couldn’t do it because of life obligations… Cool video tho✌️

  27. @QuickyBaby; the ranked store is only available if you have reached a certain level. For me, I see a big pad-lock even though I have over 40k bonds. Can’t buy anything in Ranked store.

  28. I never really liked the idea of grinding, and that’s why I never completed ranked or frontline because I get bored after some battles😅 I guess I won’t be able to get those OP bond tanks🥺

  29. kpz 50t>1b sorry qb

  30. Average Stegosaurus

    I’ve played 3k battles in 2 years and so far I’ve managed to get 10k bonds without playing ranked & tier 10. Rewards from daily mission and battlepass & more adds up overtime. I guess I should buy the Tier 8 prem.

  31. Concept 1b Vs Kampfpanzer 50T for me
    I plan to get one of them when i get out of the hospital,
    storm4710 EU server

  32. When is ranked starting again?

  33. i feel like the best thing i could get as a f2p player is a t8 premium

  34. The Consept 1B might be nice, but since none of us can be sure tha WG wont implement the new Crew concept, I have sold all my T9 & T10 vehicles. All my Bond Eq have been moved to T5 and T8 tanks. Much more fun. Especially with a Lefh with Bond rammer, Bond aim help and a bounty Rotation device. The best part of T5 and T6 is that most of the tanks was mass produced, existing as more than a paper sketch or a wet fantacy in of the developers pants! Believe it or not, but Tier 5 tanks with bond equipment makes a hell of a difference 🙂 And the best part is the fun of knowing that what it might do to the lack of influx of new players 🙂

  35. I really want to get the Concept 1B… but I can’t play Ranked (I’m below average)

  36. or just hear me out… save up every bond you get your hands on and squeeze your way into ranked and squeak by the bear minimum to get to the shop and buy the kpz 50t and realize it’s almost godlike. It’s got gun handling, mobility, armor, firepower, camo, and most importantly RAMMING CAPABILITIES. But I would skip the concept because everyone will blow their bonds on it and then WG releases another broken tank next year for ranked aaaaaaand then you have to do it all over again. That’s not what casual players like doing.

  37. Ranked would be slightly better to do if the META wasn’t so rigid. Fact of the matter remains, if you don’t have an STB-1 or Obj 140, Kranvagn, UDES 15/16, 277 or WZ 5A, or a Super Conqueror, you’re not gonna get very far. The meta is stuck with a few tanks, and any of the others, are beleaguered to say the least. Taking a non-meta vehicles into Ranked, unless you’re an exceptionally skilled player, is just going to make you lose ranks, rather than make them.

  38. This timing is epic just googled this and got a video that is 1 day old hahahah

  39. 100 bonds for 1 token. You can play an entire year, collect your tokens, trade them for bonds and not even have enough to get ONE piece of bond equipment. That should tell you all you need to know about token tanks. If Wargamming is giving it away, it ain’t worth selling.

  40. QUICKYBABY there’s is only 1 tier 8 tank that i know of that you haven’t done a video on which is the hwk 12

  41. omg thank you for this, the donkey that i am didn’t even realise I could purchase the concept 1B, just need to grind a few thousand more bonds and ill get it

  42. Competitive = OVERPOWERED

  43. QB: you only need 2-3 tier 8 premiums
    Me: woops

  44. Is5 is worth it ?

  45. I have 20k bonds but i cant take one tank. Why?

  46. @5:14 you can judge, you have certainly put your time in to understanding the nuances of this game. IMHO I would say a tier 8 premium for each type of Tier X that you love in order to train the crews. I love my E3 so (sorry) bought the TS-5 yesterday. That 50% bonus to crew training is hard to ignore when you need 300k to go up 1% …

  47. That’s a nearly vague comment.

  48. you don’t need turbo on concept.with modifications you can go with 49 km wich is ok for a ”heavy tank”

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