How To Vaporize A Tank (ft. @OddBawZ)

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Source: Spookston

The Sturmtiger is a vehicle that does not need introductions. The rocket tank has become a fan favorite in War Thunder, so here's some more gameplay with it.

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Command and Conquer: Generals OST

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How To Vaporize A Tank (ft. @OddBawZ )


  1. BlueRaptor The Night Fury

    I like how Artillery direct hits don’t destroy you but a CAS bomb (likely 100lb??) can just nuke you back to the stone age… the logic is flawed in War Thunder.

  2. did enjoy, i fucking love the sturmtiger, best artillery in game

  3. Planetside’s JGX-11 Cannon deals enough AOE to damage the Vanguard using it when fired point blank.

    The Kingsnake P4-120 for the Prowler is the TR’s barrel-balanced turret design. 4-round salvo with a RLRL firing sequence.

    Feel free to make a new video about those if you want to make content other than WT.

  4. I love what you do big fan hope to see a vid on the Fiat 6614 keep it up the amazing vids

  5. pls can you play the isu 152???

  6. The amx B2 BRENUS.

    Day 3

  7. Obj 435

  8. Not surprised they aint hearing ya, sound is so bugged and location characteristics so atrocious.

  9. Once killed a sturmtiger by hitting the rocket in his barrel, never felt so much satisfaction from a War Thunder kill

  10. Just maybe, the ST-A1


    Could you try the kind of obscure German tanks like the DF105?

  12. what is the other one saying i dont speak scingglish

  13. Day 5: Play the Japanese Type 89

  14. Day 1 of asking spookston to play SU-122

  15. Spookston can you play the TAM 2IP (day 6)

  16. Dirty Fiends with Needles

    Captain MacMillan be gut spillin.

  17. Rare spookston CAS clip

  18. You should play t54e-1

  19. I really wanted this vehicle, but my parents said no, and we went on a “mandatory vacation”

  20. 9:44 they thought he was a building 😂

  21. Day 3 of asking for you to play the maus

  22. 13th time asking Spookston to play the Tortoise 🙏

  23. attempt #29

    could you please play the Type 60 SPRG?

  24. day 59 asking for cruasder 3

  25. Day 13 of asking for a Marder1 A1 video

  26. Swedish meme in a Spookston video was not on my list of things i expected to see today

  27. Hi I am once again asking for you to play the italian 90/53. Its fun… when you aren’t reloading.

  28. I would insta leave my vehicle if I saw a SturmTiger Turm the corner.

  29. ItalianStarAnimations

    Day I lost count but probably 18 asking for the AMX-13

  30. I’ve been getting bombed lots more lately. Time to increase the spawn points for CAS

  31. probably the most fun video that u 2 guys make

  32. Day 3 of asking spookston to play the T-35

  33. I would love to see you play the M103. My favorite American heavy, the only American heavy.

  34. That looks like a lot of fun. How about something like fun? This is video 19 of asking for something on the Churchill chasis.

  35. My theory of Sturmtiger stealth is that since it’s front is taller than its back and the barrel is so short that through psychology of proactive interference means your opponent thinks your a truck.

  36. King Dude Thingy

    (Sorry to ask but) Video 55 of asking for AMX-50 Foch or CA Lorraine Gameplay

  37. play the jammy swedish ikv103, but use primarily the heatfs round

  38. Nathaniel Nerquaye-Tetteh

    Day 17 of asking spookston to play the m18

  39. Play the M18!!!!!!!!!

  40. My Sturmtiger reload is slower then my Grandpa’s Reaction time.

  41. play the Type 75 SPH

  42. Christopher Vanoster

    Every time I hit something with this thing I just think of the thanos line ‘gone, reduced to Atoms’ when it hits

  43. can u please play tanks like this at top tier it would be so funny

  44. 3:18 what is this railgun sound?

  45. Can you play AMX-13 (SS.11)

  46. Please play the valentine 1

  47. Algirdas Radzevicius

    Rocket artilerry (Type 75 MLRS) is only actual tank

  48. Alexander Tasche

    One hundred forty second video asking for the Spj fm 43 44

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