How to Win Easy in War Thunder

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. I hate this tank it kills me almost every hand and it one shots me too

  2. Play the hellcat

  3. I think the reason that the Germans are so high up is that if you play
    Germans your good at Germans, you need to be good because you only really
    get armer at 5.0. But with Russians it’s supposed easy mode so everyone
    plays it, including the not good players. Just my 2 cents. What do you
    think Baron?

  4. I have noticed when facing up against the Flak 37 9 times out of ten I
    lose. I’ve also only destroyed one of them at least that I remember. I
    fucking hate those things and they are becoming more and more common.

  5. “Flak”

  6. Fun fact, if you drive the 88 truck backwards, the gun is completely

  7. #Ivotedtrump

  8. Baron I have a challenge…
    Use the 88 tank bus as its primary role, AAA.
    Good luck if you accept this challenge…

  9. Brits used to have the impression that they were “op” because everyone was
    a noob, went head on with hispanos and got in turn fights.. now they’ve
    been nerfed unfairly. Look at the Hispano AP penetration compared to the
    AN/M2.. why is it like 2/3 the pen when they are the same gun? Why do
    Russian ShVAK get loads more penetration than hispanos, when they were
    weaker guns? British need some love.

  10. You should use the panzer lV G

  11. I’ve been trying to play this game again but everytime I go on to play I’ll
    get a 2/3 or so kd ratio and lose a couple thousand lions and it pisses me

    How do I stop sucking ass and losing money every single game? I’m about
    4-5.0 br as America right now

  12. This is why I got pissed off with WarThunder: No British vehicle over
    50%win rate!! WTF balance!

  13. Kv-2 pls

  14. T-34-100

  15. Wow sense when USA got ghost tanks

  16. Thank you for not talking politics and giving us some positive thoughts.
    It’s been a long, long election cycle and I know many of us are burnt out,
    like an ammo-racked Sherman.

  17. Baron i acdently shot a freakin plane

  18. Trump is going to start WWI

  19. realistic is where its at!

  20. war thunder is so bad

  21. Dude, I played it and it’s a tin can :)

  22. I agree with you. I believe the 88 mm flak truck should get a MUCH higher
    battle rating.

  23. Pz IV E and F is probably the best Tier 1 tank in War thunder on PS4

  24. Commander Greenback

    “Cromey is down” Cromey died to a bomby.

  25. Otis L. Richardson

    who the fuck told you “that you alone have more impact on your life than a
    president ever will?”

  26. Easiest way to win in War Thunder is TEAM WORK! CAMPING! and DEFENDING THE
    OBJECTIVE! after you capped it… but nooooooo….. We all want to #FHRITP

  27. play the worst vehicle in game and try to dominate.

  28. Enough with the *BS* the Stug F at tier 2 have a better gun than the flak,
    the 88 it’s not op for 3.7 (again, stug) the only reason why it survives
    (truck) it’s because it’s big, people tend to shoot at the driver or in the
    middle of the truck and the shell just fly past the truck.

    Plus, the gun is a little bit higher so the sloped armor isnt that big of a
    deal, the crew doesn’t do justice to the vehicle, you just shoot to the
    left of the gun and leave him hopeless (no gunner and loader, shoot the
    other side, 2 more loaders wipped out); burn him and he dies really fast,
    people just suffer from the *new and shiny syndrome* they just don’t know
    where to shoot, people don’t even use arty to kill it, but eventually they
    will notice that, sadly people will never get the fact that there are
    better guns for tier 2.

  29. the 88 would only op if it was made into a tank

  30. Baron pls play the f9f 8 cougar

  31. Baron why didn’t you show up when Trump congratulated you on stage

  32. But the flak truck is a very new tank

  33. I’m part German

  34. See title. Its teamwork. Right?

  35. well baron i have got some news for u the m22 is faster than the bt5

  36. Baron… I’m working on the T44-100 and i’m really excited about it and
    cant wait to play it.l! Can you do a vid for that tank thank you!!!

  37. Comrade the su125 plz

  38. Last thing I expected was a concrete-penetrating philosophical bomb at the
    start of this video. Very wise message..”Back to Videogames”

  39. Siti Azwan Mohd Kamal

    Do Tiger 2 p

  40. play more battlefield 1

  41. the Sherman 105 is a good counter to the 88 flak

  42. SU85 the ultimate struggle bus

  43. Curchill Mk.lll (2nd attempt)

  44. Russian bias thing is a little bit outdated. Germans have so many
    overpowered vehicles, but as soon as Russians get a new tank, they always
    call out Russian bias, but then look at Leos, Flak Truck,
    Rakketenjadgpanzer… Not to mention Panther 2, King Tigers, Jadgtigers…
    I guess the Russian bias is the most accurate when put to word when playing
    low BRs, but even then Germans and even Americans have solid tanks down

  45. I like trump more than that bus

  46. Benjamin Coltish (Grievous)

    welcome the NEW HITLER:)

  47. tonight a decided to start with the German tanks. I don’t know why but I
    have only ever played British tank. I’m such a looser

  48. What button lets you use binoculars? Is it an unassigned control? If so,
    what button do you assign it to?


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