How to Win Games on El Halluf

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Heres my battle plan for anyone whos interested in seeing it


  1. my mom Just Died last weekend (im 14) lemmingrush your video’s are keerring my attention ??

  2. Love the map tactic vids! Didnt know you should push down to be more safe vs TDs 😀

  3. Why are you such a god? Like damn.

  4. another great vid..keep ’em coming 😉

  5. another quality upload! keep it comming mr rush ?

  6. Hey LemmingRush which one do you prefer 140 or 62a… I don’t mind 5km/h top speed difference. I have heard 140 burns a lot (when hit frontally) and ammo racks frequently (when hit on the right side of front rotor wheel). So is 1 degree worth the risk of being ammo racked and fire prone?

  7. Canadian eh ?

  8. Hello Mr. Rush.
    I am a noob.
    If you spawn on the south base, do you follow your advice to the letter in this tutorial also?
    Drive down the valley, up to north base, then follow your exact method in this vid?
    Would that work?

  9. I liked particularly the move you made to avoid shots from the Grille.

    How would you play this map in a light tank?

  10. what about other side. enjoying you videos, and the nonchalance.

  11. Another great video as always. Just broke the 1600 mark and these how to vids definitely helped with that

  12. Your videos are great!! I love the 62a, moar plz!!

  13. What clan are you in at the moment Lemming?

  14. sweet thanks rush for that info but i will say due to you being a gun tanker you can pretty much pull any game play off ay 07 RUSH thanks bogan1

  15. Hey LemmingRush, wil you make amx m4 49 guide and review?

  16. Ok what you showed was fine. But my critique is that you team played smart and did the right things at combat corner (my term for the area where the teams meet in this map). However, it almost never looks like this. Most of the time one or both teams have tanks in place able to poke and shoot around any of those 3 or 4 corners. It usually evolves quickly into a standoff with the team that gets in the most damaging hits first (if that made sense) becomes the team that is able to push first and drive the other team back. So while it was a nice replay it’s not indicative of usual behaviour

  17. Feels like pretty poor map design when only one corner of the map really matters.

  18. GreaseMonkey Supreme

    Great video. The map explanation near the end was very effective.

  19. Fantastic anticipation + great map awareness…..that is why you are a Unicum kind Sir 😉

  20. Damn you lemmingrush,I love playing tds on el halluf.Stop teaching people how to evade me Q.Q

  21. A very good Video!
    Do you livestream ?

  22. Quit making videos that actually inform pubbies how to play. How am I ever going to get to blue with you putting all this useful info out there???? /s

  23. I found it humorous you mentioned that long route short route thing as I advised a T34 yesterday that was doing that not to go out in the open that way. However you are saying it’s the ‘long route’ when really it’s the shorter distance between those two. It’s pretty close to an isosceles triangle actually so obviously the lower path is shorter (but more dangerous). Cheers!

  24. El halluf is a map that’s good for tanks with good gun depression cause there are a lot of mounds. Lemming Rush is the Pershing a good tank for you? Thanks

  25. Good video. I like you make it noob friendly enough that I can learn from it without trying to understand what you mean. The only other person I’ve found who does that is Zeven.

  26. Why not load HE against arta?

  27. Thank you very much for your detailed information its always great to give us details that we might not know even if you do it on default and feels like everyone thinks that way. You are understandable and great player too. Keep it up man and honestly that wottactic in the end gave me lots of tips for my future el halufs adventures. Much love from Greece and gg!

  28. notification squad B)

  29. That STA-1 was asking to get deleted or at least team killed. I hate it when friendly tanks start to bully others to get shots on overwhelmed enemy tanks.

  30. love this map

  31. first comment 6th view!

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