How to Win Games on Fisherman’s Bay

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. First comment

  2. First 😀 Gonna check the video then i’ll give an useful comment 😛

  3. First!! Lol JK. Love your videos lemming, I have become a significantly better player because of you.

  4. @LemmingRush rank the tier 10 autoloading heavies start to finish

  5. Me:Damn almost 1 needa go to bed…
    Youtube Lemmingrush uploaded

    Me: Sleep can wait 🙂

  6. ok, watching it “realtime”. So my current opinions: 02:51 Why is that all really bad? Your team is andvancing on the left and the rest seems also to be ok…
    and if your team is controlling that left part and the middle and the right, I dont know whre the enemy could grow big? In that case the Enemy is screwed…! 😉

  7. lemming whats your opinion on the STB-1 armor changes?

  8. Do you have to be a purple player to make any sort of profit with that battle of glory thing?

  9. Do you think that where you went is also a good place for Leo1 ?

  10. It's not what you think

    How to win games on Highway?

  11. Where was ur mic in last 2 streams? And nice vid btw

  12. Hey lemming, you and I where on a team the other day, you died early but sill had a decent game and the rest of the team and i went on to swarm the enemy team we won like 15-6. Just wanted to say GG.

  13. what about in a heavy?

  14. If Russian mediums are so overpowered, then how come I never see this guy play them? He plays other tanks that have better gun depression to be able to fight better hull down, like in this video?

  15. Please do a video on the best rig to play with. Mouse? Keyboard? Etc? You are doing great stuff with moving your reticle and zooming in and out. I’m sure my rig isn’t the best for this game.

  16. Why do you have grass in sniper mode? Or I’m just crazy

  17. LR, what about playing the other side of the map? The topography is a little different so I wonder how to handle that ridge on the 3 line. Any suggestions? (I play mid-tiers ATM.)

  18. The other side is trash. If you try to push the 1 line all the camping tds in the back will shoot you. The middle is not a very good position if you are in a tall medium, basically what’s gonna happen is you are gonna get lit from the meds on the other side and get pwnd by the camping tds in the back. The city push is also quite useless because at the end you find yourself into a situation, where you have to cross an open field to get to the ABC 123 position where the tds are. In my opinion that position is op, they have both good soft and hard cover over there. This is the worst map of all!!!

  19. “The Grille’s eventually gonna die…and, you know, everyone dies…and that’s the happy ending.”


  20. playing 1 line is also a valid play in a mobile medium like the STB1….the difference is that you will get a lot of assist and relatively less damage initially

  21. “Everyone dies and that’s the happy ending.” fucking laughed my ass off

  22. 1-2 line has always been the way to win this map. Just took people a little longer to understand that. GG

  23. hollered at you on swamp the other day. getting some attention eh? i was on your team and thought about taking a shot =P how many canadian flags do you have hoser 🙂

  24. That spot doesn’t work if SPG exist.

  25. “Everyone dies and is happy”

  26. i would’ve never thought that the middle could work out like that. Gonna give it a shot and see what happens…ty LR

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