How to Win Games on Pilsen

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Source: LemmingRush

Looking for advice/feedback on this .
Did it illustrate the point I was trying to make? Too lucky?


  1. 1’se5t~!!!!

  2. Wait wasnt this already up? i thought you had one like this before

  3. NoHomeLike

    Just in time for a cinematic 360p experience

  4. NoHomeLike

    Get donated, noob

  5. On vacation, sorry I can’t annoy you on stream that much. 😉 (Have you seen my replays yet?)

  6. Great analysis as usual LR. Thanks.

  7. Awesomely helpful as usual!

  8. LR, another great video. How would you have played the map if everything were the same but there were two arties on the red team? Keep up the great videos!

  9. I was on your stream last night and I asked u if u had any tips to complete LT 15 I did what u asked me today and I finshed it thank you so much:)

  10. Noice video Lemming. I’ll probaly be able to apply this knowledge soon and then I’ll be the dankest unicorn player ever

  11. Herr Schicklgruber

    Another Pilsen video? Better than constantly getting it in game I guess.

  12. Hey lemming, how does one get the most out of a game where the whole team fails on every flank and there are generally, no spots available to shoot?

  13. Is it bad that I watch your videos, go to my garage and go all medium tank mode in my skorpion G?

  14. Thanks for the thought process lemming. It really does help.

  15. Nothing special, I would have been able to the same less 6k damage!

    awesome support and break down of map tactics!

  16. How to win on Pilsen is to play a Russian medium tank. Ok thanks for the tip.

  17. Some advice for newbies, that maybe LR you can get the word out better than me: Do not buy a tier 8 tank until you have had at least (at least) 1000 battles. Do. Not. I wish someone would have told me that, I thought this was just an arcade game when I started, but it is not, it requires a lot of experience and you should avoid higher tiers until you have some experience under your belt.

  18. Good video man. I really like your videos. Knowing when to run is what makes good players good and give opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise had. For your ending tagline. Just say “If you want to see more. Support & join the Lemming Rush/Train by hitting the like and subscribe button. We’ll see you next time.” Something like that. Pre planned short and easy to say.

  19. 10/10 wood woch agane

  20. how can u platoon with a tier VIII tank?is it a bug or something?

  21. Outstanding replay Lemming. Thanks for sharing.

    Edit: Exemplary ending <3

  22. Lemming You probably made 5 videos on this map do Fjords Erlenberg and Radshire 🙂

  23. Obviously, pretty good video

  24. Dave Pawlikowski

    It seems like watching the map and knowing when to retreat are very Unicom traits. Sometimes you think the last stand and dpm can save the match but it usually fails. How to read the map to me is the greatest skill you can develop.

  25. a suggestion, that i have no idea if its even possible, make videos on the same map, in different tanks basically like this one but with games with arty or on different flanks, so we could have loads of videos that make us better players.

    Great video as always lemming

  26. Charles-André Richard

    18 heat shot vs 8 apcrn a game vs tier 8… can’t say im impressed.

  27. Your videos are really helpful. I am constantly improving my WN8 and various other stats. I scan the map more and try to place myself in positions were I can make a play to help the team as a whole.

    I have had WAY too many bad battles and these better battles I am having are really slow to offset the earlier bad games I had when I was learning the game.

  28. “…be sure to hit the like and sii…fuck”

  29. damn dude 0 dislikes so far

  30. Great video, I learn things every Time I watch.

  31. Lemming, do you still do streaming?

  32. It’s amazing how you just so fluidly changed your playstyle when it was required. You’re brain is basically 5 seconds ahead of reality.

  33. lol wat cent ax is faster then ru hover med?

  34. t-34 confirmed unicums stat pad tank cause lol 2 sec reload and no dispersion memes

  35. Cent AX got 2 kills and survived, he will probably use the same strat next time.

  36. Marshall Allshouse

    5 minutes before this video was posted i played a battle in my type 64 on pilsen that panned out very similar to this.
    I was curious as to how to win that last game, then comes this video. The point in the video is very clear, and the replay shows exactly how you need to influence this map.
    Honestly the way lemming thinks about, and talks about winning has changed my ability to win infinitely more battles than previous.
    Great video, I’d love to see this kind of video for all the maps in the game (what positions can help you win, what positions are actually a waste of time)

  37. Lemming, what would you do if the situation was like this:
    Your team was semi aggresive / max aggresive with you in start at 9 line, but their Bat and TVP was on 9 line as well.
    Will you stick around and prawl them or run away from their autoloaders? Or will you let the situation decide?

    I find it difficult when to stick around or run away like you did and then do a difference somewhere else.

  38. That was great advice.

  39. So how many games have you made about how to win in Pilsen?

  40. Dejan Arandjelovic

    nice mate, and lol for the ending 😉

  41. Henri Liimatainen

    I’ll save 13 minutes of your time
    Platoon 3 Maus’ and spam APCR – win

  42. Buy a Russian medium. That always works.

  43. What you said in the beginning is something that should be included in the ‘training’. Never count on teammates, unless they have shown good performance. Thats another reason I use xvm as well. Its easier to target ‘weak’ players on the enemy team and you can also see the allies who might actually care for what is happening in the battle.

  44. This is the only channel that has helped me to improve as a unicum player, ur vids are great and very helpful 🙂

  45. T62a is a better med for a city. Pilsen in lets say a amx30 tier 9 vs tier 10 e100’s and mauses is just fucked up. This map together with Ensk is just a matter of who has the most armour and hp pool. This map should be tier 6 max, not tier 10 brawling. The amount of games i ended up on this map with my udes03 and not be able to do anything because you are getting spotted everywhere is just crap. I hate this kind of maps.

  46. Could you do a video on ‘medium heavies’, you know, heavies that don’t really have armour nor speed (like the Conqueror)? I keep having problems with these tanks and I would like some help

  47. your luck is through the roof!!! when you said about the guys that stayed behind to snipe in medium line and left them they all start moving when you got yourself in heavy line you got in a lot worse situation than in medium line but a lot of factors played role in order for you survive . example if you were in a e50m you just couldnt out dpm all this guys or if you havent your friend there you will be dead before you know it so your scenario is pretty much situational. so what i extracted through this video is that you are impatient and expect a lot of your teammates without communicating to them if you need any help or what is your general plan. communication and patience is key to victory. and please dont mislead people to use your example here because most of them wont succeed .

  48. Got to love that slick presentation style 😀
    Only recently found LR’s channel & finding so much good advice here. It’s refreshing to hear it without a huge helping of unicum condescension. Just a really good player being a really good guy & trying to help the rest of us git gud (gooder? #humour)

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