How to Win Games on Pilsen

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. can u show how to win city,coz many players make BIG mistakes on this map with slow mashines

  2. Great tips, but video seems to be kinda choppy for me. Is it just me?

  3. much respect for the vids

  4. Great video once again. Tks

  5. i really needed this…this map drives me crazy while playing bat chat

  6. How can play this map with a slow auto loader like T57?

  7. very helpful, thanks

  8. I enjoy this map as well. But as Svetlomir Dimitrov32  mentioned in an earlier comment the 1-4 line is hard for some. Its so easy to just see teams crumble for no reason.  Swamp is another map I like playing in fast meds or lights. There’s no set paths, lots of hard cover. You can get away with going either side in any tank and most importantly I find it very defendable.   Thanks and keep up the good vids.

  9. youre like a god that came to the humble dumb idiot lifeless community of world of tanks to explain us how to play

  10. great video 🙂

  11. Off Topic but would you say the AX is worth the shitty 7/1 grind?

  12. would I play similarly in a light tank on this map? Be it one of the lower tier French autoloaders, or others?

  13. Thanks! I actually have some difficulty with Pilsen, this guide was very helpful.

  14. As always a great vid for me as Im definitely one of the people who hates this map, as I have never thought of it the way that you showed it. I now know how to handle it as a med or light I think and a TD will its just camp time waiting for the people who dont subscribe to you lol. As some others have asked can you do a heavy tip session for this I know its mostly trade your shots well, but what are the better sight lines to try and do.

  15. Can you do a guide for scouts in the same map?

  16. Great video again, learned a lot again even with my 31k battles 😉

    For your BC25t, i suppose Vents, VStab, but Optics or GLD ? (i spend my time switching)

  17. It’s a factory complex, not a city.

  18. is it worth it to try spot in a light tank? And if not…it’s adviced to play the light tank as a medium…right? (lights like the ru 251, wz-132)

  19. I usually play kinda like this but I don’t really think about it. I really like the way you explain the plays.

  20. Thanks for the guide I always wonder where to go on this map to get damage. I crindge when it comes up if I am in a light or a paper armor TD.

  21. I have to say, your thumbnails are very recognizable with unique style. I always know it’s your video in my subscription feed just by looking at the thumbnails.
    Great commentary as always!

  22. Good logic assessment. In my view, a skilled and good manner for people to improve their game.

  23. I saw a certain someone playing their conq cgc today, i was utterly disappointed :'(

  24. I usually try to win city cause most of the times win city = win game, considering that if they win the 9-0 line I can come back and reset the cap on the ridge line from the city.

  25. again, thanks so much. i so enjoy your commends and layouts. learned so much from your vids!! you are way out of the league of Moral-knight Q.fingers, Mr greybeard and rascal Sir. Hav etc etc….

  26. which medium tank line you suggest for starting medium tank players?
    except russian

  27. If you are a td in south, what is better to go city, mid or 9-0 line?

  28. William Taylor Payne

    I really like how you mentioned the artillery time. I never really gave much thought into the speed of artillery and setting up. I usually just assume its up and aimed at me at all times until proven otherwise.


  30. Best WoT youtuber as far as how to play maps/tanks.
    I like your style, straight to the point.

  31. Really enjoy your videos mate. Thanks for the tips

  32. I love that Strat Sketch at the end of the videos. Keep them coming! – Liberty75

  33. Great video. I really like these “how to win on …” videos. They’re really helpful for scrubs like me. I’ve probably made every mistake you pointed out numerous times (I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to get that pushing into TDs and crossfires is a bad thing, lol). I particularly like how you point out what you might have done in other situations instead of just commenting on the replay how you played it. Anyway, thanks.

  34. Great vid man really helpful. Wish you would cover how to fight from both sides tho

  35. Great video. I hate this map, I usually get it in a light or medium and go 0 line, but I find there are too many angles for me to watch constantly, like the Ruinberg little town on the hill which I also have a lot of trouble with. The other big problem on this map for me is that I usually get it when I’m bottom tier as well, and I play a lot of different tanks, some of which are no where near as mobile as I need to play this map. I will use what I learned from this video, probable the best one I have seen on this map, to do better in the future, who knows, maybe I will learn to like it.

  36. must… kill… purple…

  37. excellent strategic overview!!!

  38. nice video. Love your content and keep up the great work

  39. This map plays itself until at least half way through the battle as this is a typical map where heavies go here, meds and scouts go there while tds have their thumbs up their ass as usual. I would enjoy the medium and scout area more if there was no sky cancer.

  40. why did you put 3 marks on your batchat in the thumbnail when you really have 2? 😉

  41. Another great video, thanks for doing this!

  42. nice rush BUT how the fuck do you tank with double vision this is why i suk 07 nice fight

  43. Can i see the video where you made us lose a game, cos you didnt carry HE… plz plox i wanna see that gameplay video.

  44. The lack of a city on this map combined with how many times you say city… *shudder*

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