How To Win Games on Ruinberg.

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  1. I love your honesty and pointing out what you could have done better. it takes courage to learn from your mistakes.

  2. I think that in the situation when you bounce ton of shells of this Type 5 you should try to get his track even with HE, a cheap and easy way to reset. By the way Type 5’s turret side is probably as strong as it’s front so it was risky as you didn’t have so much chance to pen it reliably.

  3. Šašo Počmáraný

    this is why you play type 5 heavy to be a better player

  4. Oh oh … I know. “How to win with huge lag spikes”

  5. They are buffing the m48 turret next patch and it is going to be called the m48a5 Patton and has 254 mm of armor on the turret

  6. you are just a reroll…

  7. about your illness: there can be a cure that can solve the disease permanently: bowen technique

  8. How to win video shows a lost gg lol

  9. “Here I see a Carne Varn”… the hardest tank to pronounce, only matched by how bad it is.

  10. Lemming… if you consider the likely changes to the t-34-3s turret and hull armor, and aim time, all buffs, do you think the tank would be more profitable than the super Pershing? Also how painful is each tank to play?

  11. Hey, what do you think about position J4 on airfield, if you are in a light/medium starting on the east side with about -8 or more gun depression?.
    I mean, you just rush in there in the first few minutes, and or you have good shots and good cover, or you take the focus from your teammates in the first few minutes. I think it’s really powerful, but I need confirmation. Thank you!

  12. video is 13:37 minutes long
    see what u did there.

  13. new gpu?

  14. Henri Liimatainen

    Play Maus

  15. Lemming do you know that the Patton gets an bettet turet next Patch?

  16. I think the t28 prototypes turret cheeks are weak

  17. Absolutely should’ve fired HE.

  18. Great game with unlucky result.

  19. Lemming. How do you feel about the proposed buffs to the patton?

  20. That poor t-34-2. Such an awfull tank. It has been the worst tier 8 medium tank since its release. But don’t worry guys. WG has heard our cries and next patch they will be buffing the T-34-3.

  21. Learn more from defeats than victories. Thanks for showing this one. Very nicely played anyway.

  22. Really great video, love your videos in general, but this more than avg, you make it so easy to follow your logic and by that learn more, keep up the great work 🙂

  23. NIce try. Type 5, not OP. Also, mid wins games… you can sit the middle and cover city, and dominate the opposing spawn. RNG ftl. Nice game.

  24. You make mistakes Lem??? My world has come crashing down!! 🙂
    Good stuff as always.


    *obvious joke is obvious to see who gets triggered and for daily memes*

  26. What do you consider a “higher end player”?

  27. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    That was the strangest thing Ive heard. Trying to track an angled Type 5 and do damage at the same time at 500m with 268mm of pen… Bruh that only works on E100s.

  28. I’ve seen this in a previous video of yours were you went to this position in the field. What about if you start from the other side?

  29. I would like to know how to play this map with a casemate TD….

  30. Learning in game from LR > everything

  31. “How to win games on Ruinberg”

    *Bounces game saving shot on Type 5*

    “God fucking dammit”

  32. sébastien coupé

    just a general question, why no one plays the obj 430 ? is it that bad ? or the 2 other russian meds are just better ?

  33. yet another great video.

  34. Wot stream yegru

    Try this in SEA server or at least put a replay with all tier 10 tanks against tier 10 because this is so ez with top tier tank against tier 8 . No offence

  35. Thanks for the video. As always, it was illuminating.

    What is the strategy from the south spawn? The distance is slightly longer to the Delta and so the same tank will not get there as quickly as from the north. Comments?

  36. stephan demerdjian

    Hey LemmingRush I recently started to grind the chinese tech tree and I want to know if I should go for the 121 or one of the heavies (If the heavies should I do the 5A or 113)?

  37. 11:38 “At tier 10 game play, everyone knows how to left click and aim for weak spots”
    *You sure about that Lemming?*

  38. You dont know about HE and their ability to reset cap ? Unicum….pfff

  39. Next time..reset with HE!

  40. A bit to hard. Great vid LR.

  41. Hi Lemming, can you please do a video with several examples when to retreat from flank or when to stay and fight? And explain why you do it.

    I find it a little difficult when to retreat or stay.
    Thanks 🙂

  42. can you play the object 416

  43. Great job. I think I learned more from this loss than your other wins. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  44. We need more E-100 vids

  45. Ruinburg has several avenues to winning is is completely dependent on your team composition and the tank that you’re playing

    There’s no real one set strategy for the map and that’s a good thing

    Now we could discuss the many different strategies that there are for the map but to say that any one of them are better than the other is false because people need to be in their correct positions or the entire team will be overrun, so if you’re a heavy tank that is supposed to be brawling the enemies in the city that’s where you should be towards the center of the city, if you’re a medium tank you have options but choose them wisely. It’s not like people can cross into the open so if anything you don’t really need to control mid if your team mates are smart enough to not expose themselves to enemy fire down the mid lane. If you are a TD it depends on what your team is doing and what type of TD that you are running (aka glass cannon or front line TD) but TDs can go to any lane on this map and be effective so long as they are not the swede TDs that are limited to using camo and sniping only.

    This map has a lot of options and is one of my favorite maps to get. In one game I even stole the G1 corner from the enemy team in my 121 and did over 3k damage and allowed my allies to have a strong push helping us win the game by a landslide because I had 5-6 tanks occupied with dealing with me and 4 of them try to kill me and fail miserably and it would have been even worse for them if my RNG wasn’t so bad and if I didn’t get so many low roll on my penetration (I’m not even joking I couldn’t penetrate the frontal hull of an FV202 3 times in a row which is almost all of his HP and he penned me twice in a row and that’s all he was getting from me before I put his ass down from full HP).

    Going to the field in the middle of the map is one of my least favorite positions because people have yoloed me for no reason 24/7 and you are exposed to multiple lanes of crossfire and artillery. It is definitely not my go to spot at all.

    Edit: Do you see how you are putting side shots into those in the city? That could just as easily be them shooting at you and you weren’t paying attention at all, it happens all the time and I blind fire because enemy positions are telegraphable and it’s always the same spots so if I know that you’re there and I have a shot I will take it and I’m always looking for people who are in the field exposing themselves.

    Seriously bro, look at how many lanes of crossfire that you’re dealing with and how many people are looking in your direction and not firing or people who are just so oblivious that they aren’t taking the free shots at you guys in the middle that they have. I’m honestly surprised that you’re still alive at this point.

    You also state yourself that you were so busy dealing with multiple lanes of fire that you can’t even get control of the city from that position because you have too much to worry about. I’m not saying that the field is just a bad position in general but it has so many risks that I don’t think are worth it.

    Also you state that there was a lot more that you could have done. Are you sure about that? You were occupied for a reason right? What about all of those bounces that could have been penetrations? Or all those people staring at you who did not take the shots that they should have? If you look closely at the gameplay you can see a lot of luck here and people not shooting you when they should because you exposed yourself (some of them were completely out of cover which is their fault but still)

    Also if they had been shooting gold I doubt they would have bounced most of those shots fired at you, hell the LTTB could have decided to go for a tracking shot to leave you there for the Jag. That would have ended your game and it wouldn’t have been pretty.

    Basically what I’m trying to say is that playing the middle is extremely risky and a lot of the time I don’t see it paying off.

  46. patton getting some buffs and new turret woop woop

  47. How to win a game in WOT…… playing tierX tanks and get 357MM as many as possible, period

  48. If I had a dime for every time he said obviously.

  49. Always love watching your vids. Thanks for platooning with me on your stream lol

  50. GG man, thank you for the vids….very good comments and very informative videos, thank you for walking us thru the thinking of the supah-unicums 🙂

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