How to Win Games with the BatChat on Live Oaks

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  1. Batchat is easy for me to do good with it.

  2. that was a lucky ammorack, i wasnt expecting something like that lol

  3. Generally speaking, would you go to k9-k0 for a batchat from south spawn? Or do you find that too aggressive of a play?

  4. NoHomeLike

    Real bat-chat players yolo into a tier 7 light, clip them, then die. Tsk tsk, Lemming

  5. I particularly like the strategic explanation.

    At the lowest tiers, the main problem is one of trying not get to get blown up by en equal or worse, seal-clubbed by stat-padders bringing high-tier skills to low tier games. This aspect of the game, it’s de-facto ranking, keeps you from figuring out the strategic stuff that translates into wins and losses as the side that wins a flank sweeps through into good positions. Players who have had no time to give thought to how strategy works and lack resources for studying it even if they have had the time.

    Your explaining how strategic advantage translates into wins is, to my mind, very useful especially your reduction of it to a principle that you frame in the adage: “You have to win at least one flank if you hope to win the game” and “losing both flanks is how roflstomps happen.”

    All in all, a very good, very useful video.


  6. Another great video, I do struggle on this map in meds. A quick point I would like to add tho my good sir, towards the end the e5 could have gone hull down on you instead of poking the ridge for the jadg pz e100 to shoot at him. At least thats what I would have done if I were him, plus if u did rush him while he did that he also had the support of 2 teir 8’s and the m103. Do you think that going to B0 would have been better as u could bush that m103 then flank the e5?

  7. Hey lemming. I’ve been playing wot on and off for about 3 years and I always find it so intimidating and overwhelming when I get a new tank and have to grind out the stock guns and such. Any recommendations to help with the grind?

  8. but you didnt explain how to play autoloaders.

  9. Would this tactic work if using a lower or mid tier light/medium tanks???

  10. Awesome again mate, ur kicking it hard…also good explanations while doing it…….Bags2247 NA

  11. What is your equipment loadout on the bat-chat? I use vert stabs, optics and a gld. Love the videos btw 😀

  12. oh this was the game you was telling me about the other day. Well played. I usually just go south on this map to try to stop the enemy from doing it. I shall have to try this strat instead. Also it still amuses me that you have no idea what those medals are, or the reloads of most tanks are, and you still play on this level.

  13. I’ve stopped using that initial bush, because if im on the other side, in a slow heavy, I pre-aim that bush. Seen so many batchats, tvps etc, getting rekked lately becasue people have caught on.

  14. I wouldnt yolo that e5, in theory you can ofc kill him, but you need to pen all 5 rounds and its e5, also you take 1-2 shots just to get to him than 1 while clipping him and if you fail you are fucked, too much rng involved for this play imo. Its not like you dont have any other options, your team is in ok position to defend, so Id just go around, there are some easy kills like that patriot and there are possible sideshots on e5 and its not like your team gona die without you, just my 2 cents 🙂

  15. rush the way you tank it don’t matter what tank you’re in you fight great mate at the same time time say what you’re doing at the same time fuck that that would fuk me i could not fight and chat about what i’m doing and fight but you do it thanks for that ay 07 rush

  16. “There’s always that one guy in a heavy camping with the artillery”

    That had me laughing. XD

  17. “Sometimes it´s a mistake to rely on your team mates.” In my experience, it is almost ALWAYS a mistake to rely on your team mates.

  18. great video!! was really helpfull! i feel if i watch enough of these videos, esspecially yours, i will get decent one day.

    ome question, if i am in a td, and spawn in the same cap as in yours in this video, where do i have to go?

  19. Attacking the E5 seems to be a very risky move as it showed. Maybe going towards their base and killing the patriot would have been better choice. Also, it was very lucky that the patriot and wz could not pen u. That was big luck. The strategy is great though. I usually do something similar.

  20. unsubed haker clear aimbot enjoy ur ban

  21. You should take that act on the road: “sometimes it’s a mistake to count on your teammates”, lol. Another good video sir.

  22. hah blew his head off. sad they’re turning E5 into pre-buff in next patch. nice replay and the explanation was on point. take notes guys, this one applies to most auto-loaders .

  23. The quality of your videos is really super-hyper-mega unicom… when it comes to the quantity… yellow maybe :)!! Just kidding, thanks a lot actually

  24. ‘Hopefully you will have teammates who know how to left click’ Ha ha ha superb mate.

  25. the way I like to win games. well I guess confidence is key lol

  26. Was a “tomatoe” for too long in this game 🙁 No I have learned the hard way and I finally started listening to what other players do. My game has improved huge and I find your vids are reinforcing what I know and giving me the little tid bits to get to the next level. Was hoping to get your view on TD play, I enjoy playing them but unlike meds or heavies I cant seem to get a MoE 🙁

  27. “How to Win Games” to much click bait

  28. Really great video thx! As a typical heavy, is city almost always the way to go on this map? When would you go rail line in a heavy? and from the north spawn, what’s you favourite direction to go with a td? thx!

  29. hey bruh could you make something about heavy tanks (like maus not like amx 50b) on open maps such as prokhorovka?

  30. Trying to 2 mark my Bat be ike :/

  31. What am i doing wrong? With the emil2 i only have 2.5k normal dmg over 50 games but with the emil1 i have the same! Im not playing it that differently but my matches are terrible, i had 20 games and i was only in 4 of them top tier! How can I have this MM with this tank??????

  32. Excellent my man excellent keep teaching

  33. Another excellent teaching video with game analysis!

  34. Justin Raug Veggerby

    “Generally you have team mates who have figured out how to left click”
    Hahaha! There are MANY games where they don’t know….

  35. Awesome video i learn so much . Thanks for taking the time and making these videos

  36. Your sarcasm is very much enjoyed. really. lol.
    Thanks for sharing!

  37. I could’ve gotten so many good games if my team would just do the logical thing… But that’s only in a perfect world

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