HOW TO WIN IN 1 MIN!!! QuickyBaby Best Moments #22

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. QuickyBaby’s Best Moments #22 in WoT.


“The Ice Giants”, “Egmont Overture” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Thanks to the Top Clippers:
Maveric 2448


  1. That was truly beautiful! Tanya did an astounding job!

  2. I laughed so hard with the Jojos edit lolol Thank you so much for that Tanya!

  3. omg this was awesome great work MS QB

  4. That thumbnail…

    Is that a JoJo reference?

  5. KV-5 jumping in and spanking everything arround.

  6. 1:45 do you have french nails on your fingers?

  7. Editing was on fire this episode!!

  8. Brilliant

  9. Tanja is this is the best frickin edit ever!

  10. The E4 looking afk reminds me of one time where appearing to give up actually paid off. I was in the 183 in the middle of a huge brawl. Took my shot and thought, “That’s it. With the amount of guns here I’ll be dead before I reload.”

    Turned my gun away and stopped moving and suddenly all the guns turned to my team mates. I proceeded to be ignored until I was reloaded and… well… I got another shot off. I don’t remember the rest of that match. Whether I lived or died, whether we won or lost. I just remember that moment.

  11. I came for QB and I stayed for JoJo memes

  12. Nicholas Pagdanganan

    World of Tanks: Battle Starts
    QB: Bring it on.
    Also QB: Uses KV-5 as jojo stan to wreck half of the enemy team.

  13. love this!

  14. Hello Quickie and and Tanya, regards from NY state. These edits are great.

  15. 3:52 that was quite the experience if I say so myself

  16. Great job Tanya. Very funny and entertaining

  17. OMG these are the best things ever.

  18. what’s the music at 5:00 onwards?
    I’d be very happy to know.

  19. what was this video

  20. Favorite part was the glorious KV-5 fighting sequence. Great video!

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  21. the KV king. we are always here for the rammings

  22. Call of Duty master188 G

    was there for the flying progetto and it was one of the best moments i have ever witnessed

  23. Fav was the Jojo moment

    • Text me on telegram @QuickyBaby1

      you were selected amongst the
      shortlisted winners for the ongoing
      MacBook-M2/PC/Ps5 giveaways 👆

  24. Best. Need more.

  25. Hard laughing and can’t stop laughing 😆

  26. Thank you Tanya! You are QB’s backbone. He can’t sit in THA CHAIR with out you!

  27. The editing was so top notch and I didn’t expect so many anime references, especially the JoJo ones!

  28. Benoit Poulin-Fillion

    Thanks for the great video Tanya and Quackybabs. I was in a foul mood before i saw the video, now i’m just foul.

  29. I love the highlights. since I can’t be on the streams 🙂

  30. I remember watching on Twitch during QB’s ‘therapy session’😭 best bit was the ‘suppressive individuals’ at tier II 😂

  31. I give view, thumbs up and comment in hopes that we get more of these videos!!

  32. Tanya is your best moment QB!

  33. Finally a video of QB memes

  34. this reminds of how I used to play. this way is much more enjoyable

  35. Fun video thanks QB

  36. Great video but now I want to know what happens in the final clip 🙁

  37. Very funny

  38. “Who needs a gunner?” – QB 2022

  39. More of this videos …hilarius

  40. Love the edits xD

  41. Finally a knew best moments

  42. Omg this was the funiest thing ever and the clip at 5:05 is just legendary

  43. I was watching live for that KV5 routing half the enemy team, so good.

  44. A video, where QB isn’t all the time calling numbers precise to the last digit, for a change. This was actually fun.

  45. Hey QuickyBaby! I am watching you and 2 months ago i’ve started playing this game becouse of you. I’ve been wandaring if you could create a discord server where you cna find mates to play with and all of that stuff. Just a comunity discord server where you can have some fun talking to other people and just change opinions on there.

  46. LOVE IT, well done tania i think that how you spell it im sorry if it wrong love the work you 2

  47. great job Peppy 🤩

  48. Why won’t you include clips of how you’re malding as well?

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