How to Win More in World of Tanks — An explanation of How Wins and Losses Happen

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Source: LemmingRush

Hope this was helpful 🙂


  1. Hey, Ive never tried to explain how wins and losses happen.. So I’m sorry if anything didn’t make sense.

    If you had trouble understanding parts of my video or have any suggestions for the next one, please let me know 🙂

  2. New drinking game: every time lemming says ‘how do i describe it’ take a shot

  3. Every replay I have ever posted gets one download no matter what. I think something data mines the replays. haha

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  5. you cant damage a 130b frontally if your gun caliber is 120 or less. Thats because of the autoricochet due to the slope of the tank. The little grille/fence on the front stops HE and HEAT shells. If you have a caliber of 120 or less, your only hope is to track and get around them. If they repair they will be turning quick enough to follow you though

  6. ooh an is-57 heavy what tank is that new tier 10 confirmed?

  7. Hey Lemming, I really appreciate the time that you put in to generating useful & informative content. Thanks from a Canadian pubby lol.

  8. excellent video plz continue the series LR!

  9. lemming why did ya crossed the river?

    on the EU Server its commen to not cross the river and to clean the side first where your base is at

    normally all people who are crosding it will die fast with no impact on the outcomd of the battle

    and btw
    dont say the leo is trash pls
    not until you finally get smooth ride and snap shot!
    it will massively increase the gun handling and you will see that also the leo is able to hit difficult shots and snipe

    so please dont complain about it all the time and keep up the good content 😉

  10. the way to win: put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger

  11. really interesting and far more usefull for our own games than the majority of other youtubers videos ; ))

  12. I find this helpful, but it feels like it should be a part of a series! You could do stuff Zeven does not; he doesn’t really showcase much of his replays in this manner, he comments on other people’s and does live commentary – not the same. So, I like specific situations and then how you try to generalise them.

  13. Please continue to provide us with these videos! Very helpful!

  14. Says leopard isn’t great for sniping in a review. Shows a great game with the leopard while sniping.

  15. lemming shoot heat at the strv’s, it’s better for angled armour and you’ll pen every time with a 105mm gun

  16. I pushed up to 56.55% win rate (40k games) about 4 months ago and since then I have been in a free fall (56.1% win rate now). The more videos like this, the better. I especially like knowing the thought process that goes on in your head when the match begins. – Liberty75

  17. It's not what you think

    How do you win the game in an O-Ho

  18. lemming new favorite saying “you don’t have to be Ewin Rommel to know that… “

  19. Hey Lemming, how does one get past the “these are the good spots/follow what a Unicum does” to “Being able to come up with what a Unicum does?”

  20. Define ‘Roffle Stomp’ pls

  21. why dont you use xvm?

  22. Nice explanation, really helps lesser players understand whats happening

  23. Good map awareness and positioning by the E75 as well. He recognized you need his gun at the castle to keep them back.

    Otherwise they would’ve simply pushed and taken the west side of the map. E75 gave your Grille and other mediums time to come and support.

    Great content, keep it up!

  24. To pen a strv 103b shoot heat through the middle of the lower plate the dozer blade isn’t enough spaced armor to block the heat.

    other than that the cupola…

  25. Hey, I have the strv, and the only way to pen it with guns 120mm and less, is by hitting heat close to where the top and lower plates meet. Other than that you can go for the commanders hatch, which is an over match, or flank it. Of course if you hit the heat shield too high up it will bounce, and if you hit the plow too low it will do the same. If you have a 122mm+ shoot the lower plate, or above and below the gun.

  26. lol RNG game they bounce all shots and you guys pen!! typical wot 1 side gets to pen the other bounces!!

  27. TL:DR- the W key is OP. Simply being able to advance and secure positions has a massive impact on the round. If anything its disappointing how few players understand the positional nature of this game and reduce it down to “I haz big gun! Bang! Bang!”

  28. hi lemming,
    realy realy love your videos. please keep it up!
    one thingthough, i would drop the last part with the map, not that i don’t like it, i just think that your explaining during the gameplay it’s enough. consider it.
    love from Israel:)

  29. Shoot HE at the Swedish TD’s works every time, or shoot the commander hatch.

  30. How can that 113 stall a push from 4 to 5 tanks eaven hulldown, everytime i try to hold a flank(for example with a t29), the enemy just goes around and shoots me in the rear, since he dindnt have any help(none that i could see), i just think that if he stayed he would just loose his tank.
    Now you were able to keep your flank cuse the e75 just “wasted” his to give those extra 15 seconds so that the tds and the tvp would positin to support, in my eyes if that e 75 would just followed the lemmings, i think that they would just rofl stomp and spot the tds killing the entire flank.
    But then again im only a 50%…

  31. Very well played…

  32. Isnt any Guide, Tank/Map Review a explanation of how to win more games? 😉 Well done anyways 🙂

  33. One of the most helpful videos I’ve seen in a while.

  34. yeah you are right ay but even tho you held your side they won the other if you have high stat tankers on your side you should always win except if they are overconfident so i think that if your side is full of tankers with good stats you will alway win because regardless of the tank if your team is better skill wise you will always win if you fight with your skill just my opinion ay

  35. not a good look at how to win all that was is happening, the enemy team simply failed to take advantage of their advantages, nothing more, the enemy lost you didn’t win

  36. WTF was with that FV215b attempting to drown themselves? That annoys me so I usually report the player for unsportsmanlike conduct.

  37. Andrew's Pitiful Life

    I’m usually the one to go and try to hold the flank alone. It is just so depressing when you and 2 or 3 other tanks hold back 10+ enemy tanks for half the game only to have the 10+ tanks on your team who went the other way get killed by the 3 or 4 tanks they met.

  38. all ur winning tutorials and win guides include medium tanks.

  39. you do it very good
    best regards Digger007[GL0B]

  40. You are using the word ‘usually’ a lot . Usually your team is moving as a bunch to one side of the map , every player trying to hide behind a team mate or more and waiting somebody else to push .If you are trying to push nobody is gonna support you , so , if you are in a team of idiots (wich often happens ) you are not gonna win no matter you do .

  41. you did good mate, both with the game and the explanation…. well I understood it anyway, and I’m only green..

    Bags2247 NA

  42. So in other words: You’re always on a timer. Push your strong flank, or you lose. Stall your weak flanks, to give your strong flank more time. Camping in the back causes losses.

  43. Thx for great vid this help me get 73 percent wr today. Btw u can pen Strv 103s by overmatch with 121+mm gun or you can try the cupola on top. Worst case is you use HE and do 100 dmg, lol. Also your voice gives me AMSR

  44. Sometimes I feel even buying time for them to push doesn’t work, I’ve encounter situations where I try to buy time for the other flank only to find that our other flank totally collapses just because of 2 or 3 unicums holding it so I contemplate sometimes maybe if I had help to push the other flank more aggressively instead of buying time we would have won. wherelifetherehope from the SEA server here hahah still stuck at 53.85% WR haiz.

  45. it makes sense. but…

    every time i get stuck in that position i just get bum rushed and shot to pieces. you just got lucky with a bunch of passives.

  46. I really enjoy your videos, and find them helpful. The fact that you dispassionately try and describe the context of the game along with what is going on in front of you is a reminder to be constantly aware of the minimap etc… Cheers

  47. @LemmingRush can you please provide a guide how to win one square brawls with heavies (pilsen, ruinberg, paris, highway, ensk …), especially with heavies that are suited for hulldown defense or that have significant weaknesses preventing them from push?

  48. In theory, you’re right lemming. Thing is, 9 0 is way easier to perform a coordinate push from South and 1-3 tanks that go Castle side always just get rushed and die. Thing with this map is, you need to clear your side and hopefully take a position in the middle, and 9 0 side has just better positions in the middle.

  49. Hey Lemming, great vid as usual. But now I’m a bit confused by the contradicting info of leading the lemmings and holding the enemy off. Are there certain situations in which one option would be better than the other? And how should I hold a flank effectively against multiple enemies without getting stomped?

  50. best way I have figured out to kill those swed flat pack TD’s is to get on their side knock out the tracks and shoot middle to take out the engine too. the get behind and nail them there

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