How to Win on Highway – North Spawn in Meds

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. finally batshit nerf

  2. Thanks for that: helpful.

  3. Hey Lemming Rush, could you do a medium/light tank guide for Kharkov? personally it’s the most difficult map to play in a fast lightly armoured vehicle.

  4. A slightly disappointing nigger

    could you make a is7 video after the buff?I’d really like to know how to play this kind of a tank

  5. Richard Gustafsson

    Have you heard of the BC rework? What do you think? I find it a nerf/homogeniticising act. Big drums is not allowed anymore it seems

  6. Lemming, How do you think about the Bat getting shit on.

  7. Thanks Lemming, good video and good tips.

    One thing I’d like to add. If you go city in a medium, please don’t get in the way of side-scraping heavies. It’s good way to get wrecked, as well as prevent the friendly heavy from fighting effectively.

    Finally, I’m with Circonflexes on this map…blech…really not a good map. Good guide, though 🙂

  8. Thank you very much for these videos. It really gives us insight of deeper strategies and positioning, which I find the most important as I progress and try to be better at this game. Well done, and keep them coming!

  9. Thanks for the advice. One day I might get better.

  10. this kind of advice is most helpful -thanks

  11. Marshall Allshouse

    Hey lemming, how do you know when to push a fight? How do you pick and choose the fights you can win and the fights you cant?
    also great video, i really need help with playing highway because of how bad the map actually is ;-;

  12. The guy in his training room, PirateNinjaJB, what a name. I wonder if it is a Modern Rogue inspired name, they talk about pirateninjas in some videos and their names are Jason and Brian

  13. Nice video man pls make how to play Ensk,kharkov,and fishermans bay positions idk just cant do well in thoose maps :/ in med/lt

  14. I am not a great player by any means, but since I have stated watching your videos, and learning tactics, I have brought my WN8 up over 1k points. I am now at 1234. Thank you so much for your videos! They have actually made the game more enjoyable for me

  15. I don’t see why some Youtubers think this is a terrible map, I don’t mind it at all.

  16. thank’s for the info!

  17. It's not what you think

    How much of a seal clubber will the O-Ho be after the 9.2 buffs?

  18. Thx lemming! it was very helpful. I personally think highway is one of the worst maps in the game

  19. I’m glad someone else prefers pushing J instead of K from town. Good tips, will steal a little of your insight on some of those positions, although most of them are familiar I like your thought process in eliminating first the positions that counter them.

  20. LR why dont u play autoloaders

  21. Also be careful when playing city in a medium. Teams get mad you didn’t go to the traditional medium spots, and sometimes try to punish you by pushing you out into enemy fire, or outright shooting you. Seen this a lot.

  22. i cant find your stats on wotlab?

  23. what do you think about the changes to batchat when it becomes HD model? I mean the it is only in the supertest, so the changes might not even happen, but still…

  24. Very helpful!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!

  25. Thank you for going through this map! Always gives me trouble 🙂

  26. Hey lemming, since you’re using a batchat for this video, what are your thoughts on the proposed bat rework?

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