How to Win on Ruinberg – 180,000 Credit Type 59 Game

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Source: LemmingRush

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Thanks — James


  1. Jokes on you, because Adblock.:D

  2. thanks for the great advice, I’m often struggling with that map

  3. blue lemming? PogChamp

  4. It's what you think

    Hey cunt, how do i play heavies on sand river when there is artillery? Quick, game just started

  5. I’m a simple man. I see Lemming upload, I click like.

  6. great vid lem, but I think this strat lacks at least 3 mice 😛

  7. Hey man, thanks for the help on this map because I am a mid tank player and I often struggle with this map.
    Love your vids!

  8. My favourite tank 😀 even tho its outdated lol

  9. At least you have a smart choice of a new processor… I’m looking at the 1700 though, that thing overclocked seems like a deal breaker.

    But, nice video… Made me remember the pain I went through to 3 mark my Type…

  10. Why would you want the memezen?

  11. I was watching this live while on my break at work too! Great game bro!

  12. you like t-34-3 but hate Defender, both have bad gun handling and that’s why you sold the latter. What makes the difference?

  13. How does one get brain dead enemies like this? The gold paint you gave them wasn’t even required like 90% of the time but I guess that is the life of a “gold spamming faggot” 😉

  14. Very together, very informative video.

    Your explanation of the how and why of the thing was very lucid. I got it immediately despite my being saddened to see your type fifty-nine’s immunity to forty-four, twenty-two shells (guess which of the two vehicles I actually own).

    I think the most impressive part of it was your explanation’s leaving me with the impression that given the right tanks on both sides, your performance was not a mystery or a miracle but something that was understandable and repeatable–something that a relatively clever ordinary mortal could accomplish. The map work really worked to firm up and increase this impression.

    The yellow tracer information was especially interesting.

    Thanks for the vid as always.

  15. The SP face hugged the other SP because that’s what SPs do ;p

  16. Another great video explaining winning tactics…Thanks!

  17. Hey Lemming in this map is G1 a good spot to get some shots on heavies? Cause some viet who thinks he is so good called me a noob for going in that side in my STB 1. i dont really know how to play this map if you get spawned in the K sided map.

  18. Dave Pawlikowski

    Nice job!

  19. Volume normalization is way better on this video, The last couple were pretty low. Great content!

  20. What skin is that and where to get it?

  21. Shit lemming. I knew gods only prefer gold 😉

  22. Otto von Chesterfield, Esquire

    what equipment do you use on this tankoo?

  23. Hey lemming are you streaming tomorrow?

  24. lemming any thoughts of making the game more interesting

  25. Thank you. As usual, great stream of logic with your play – very helpful.

  26. on the wottactic pls do both spawns if possible, thx for the vids,

    Oh also, if possible when you stream can you upload it to youtube, or if you stream via youtube idk how it works, but I loved the archived stream on your channel and not just the highlights, it’s good for a quick lookthrough to find some spots I may not of known about.

    I’ve really noticed vids like this raising my wn8, over the course of 500 games I went from a 2k avg wn8 to 2500+ Now I hate playing T8s as they lower my wn8 bc MM hates me. As I get better I hate low tiers more and more…

  27. saw you ingame and people were talking about your channel, checked you out, you have such a nice, soothing voice, +1 new sub

  28. Would you still go east side if your the only top tier as a medium? I don’t know why but that tends to happen to me on that map, especially with my Cent 1

  29. I started it! lol jk

  30. Wow you’re only good because you shoot gold kappa

  31. hey nice videos and good play but do you mind dialing down the ego a bit??? i am really amazed by how can an 18 YEARS OLD be like this! I am sure if you have the brains to play a video game very good you can also be a little bit nice and who knows maybe you can win people hearts along with wot battles.

  32. What did u do to turn blue??

  33. How do we get that cool blue color for our tank icon?

  34. I love the description! set up a donation thingy on your stream? ill happily donate a few bucks

  35. gr8 vid. as a fellow type owner… should i just use full apcr loadout to counter the powercreep? is that your reasoning on this one?

  36. Another awesome informative video. Thank you Lemming

  37. nice fight rush just for a stir did i see you blue or what

  38. عبد الهادي

    i realy think that map is unbalenced cause the team that spons north have a big advantage on the easten flank while the other team gets a big advantage on the city so you already know what will normaly happen befor the game has even started

  39. New unicorn colour is blue? kappa

  40. Christian Rautjärvi

    yeah more of these kind of vids 🙂 .. very good to get an insight of how to play a map. Don´t forget I was your sub when you had less than 50 subs! 😀

  41. Lol that ammo load out.

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