How to Win the Hill on Prokhorovka

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  1. According to the Wiki it is 5-10 seconds. WG loves RNG so much they even added it to the spotting mechanics.
    ==== Spotting Duration ====
    Once spotted, a vehicle stays lit up for a minimum duration of 5 seconds which can extend up to 10 seconds after the spotter moves out of spotting range or gets destroyed. The exact duration seems to be random. Tanks spotted right next to each other may stay lit up for different durations. The ‘Designated Target’ perk for the Gunner extends this duration further.

    • why does this need RNG? Like out of all things in the game this one makes the least sense to have such a random nature :(.

    • LemmingRush btw lemming ur outro is the best ive ever seen lmao

    • Plus that JT might not saw you when he shot, but he might still saw you when you moved out from that hill and just took a blind shot to your current movement trajectory

    • My six sense goes for 10 seconds so I don’t need to count in the middle of the heat. (It’s a flock of goats btw. I love goats :>)

    • Its accually 12s, and lemming is almost stationary at about 10-11s – meaning the JT could have shot blind right when (or after) he went unspotted.

  2. “I’m a professional youtuber” But professional YouTubers think leopard 1 is a sniping tank.

  3. Face reveal at 30k? 😉

  4. Justin Raug Veggerby

    4tankersanddog did an excellent video on the spotting mechanisms of WoT – go check it out (easy answer somewhere between 8 to ten seconds).

  5. “Profesionnal Youtuber”

  6. How to hack wonka and goonz 101

  7. Isn’t there like a standard time frame your tank remains lit after getting spotted with deviation being the perk? Quite sure it’s 10 seconds discounting the perk, i might be wrong tho. As for the hill…might be me or EU servers in general, but someone would have just yolo’d my ass, usually if they don’t see a heavy resistance from the other side other than a light tank or paper TD, they tend to just rush down and push from the ditch or go straight for the railway. They done fucked up by not shouting at grille to back off closer to zero line’s map border, it’s a great gun, but it might as well be an elephant shooting from a cover of fuck all, he basically pissed away a dream-come-true opportunity with that position not being challenged much other than a single light, and best of all – no arty – waste of T10 td. P.S – why the efc hill at the end, instead of the ditch at southern crossing to push straight over?

  8. 10 seconds for unspotted if I’m not mistaken.

  9. Am in my OP gull down tier ten meds shooting through the cover of bushes and am pretty sure am at least over 15 meters behind the bush and I keep getting spotted every time I shoot when am in that side of the hill. Can someone explain to me what’s going on

    • OK so lets imagine the guy that’s spotting you is in a 140 with 450 view range (for example). And lets say you are in a 140 as well because why not and you have to a pretty good crew which means that you have got 25% camo. Then you are hiding behind a bush which gives you an extra 10% camo so lets say you have 35% camo (all numbers are made up by the way, but that’s not important).

      So you fire your gun so the camo of your tank goes to 0% so you only have the 10% of the bush, assuming you really are hiding behind it and you don’t have a bit of your tank sticking out, and you aren’t a bit too close or there is a hole in the bush or someone is spotting you from somewhere you don’t expect.

      So the 140 that is spotting you has got 450 viewrange, but this is reduced by 10% due to the bush so he has got an effective view range of 405. If this is bigger than his distance to you, then he’s going to spot you.

      I think that each bush you are behind reduces the viewrange again, so you want to try to line them up like lemming does, that way you can get more effective camo. Also, make sure you don’t fire when you are too close to any of the bushes you are using or that bush goes to 0.

      Finally, if you get within 50 meters of any tank, then he will spot you no matter what due to proximity.

  10. Most of the time it’s 5-10 sec to get unlit from the last time you were spotted. However, if the tank spotting you has Designated Target trained, it can be as long as 12 seconds. Normally you are safe after 10 seconds, but if you want to be 110% sure you are unlit, wait 12 seconds. From everything I understand, 12 seconds is the absolute longest duration you can be lit after you break spotting. But unfortunately its random every time within that 5-12 second window.

  11. At 6:40 I’d like to point something out. Although it is sensible to turn the tank around for a quick retreat, I think that it it would be better if you went over the hill forwards. This because tanks has the same hp/ton ratio forwards and backwards, meaning that by the time the t54 ltw accelerates to 23 km/h backwards, the tank would be already safe, and not require turning the tank. This also increases the chances of a lucky bounce if the E5 had snapped a shot.

  12. Using the time from the video, it was 14 seconds from when the 110 died to when you got shot. You could not have been lit at that point unless something else was spotting you. Could have been the TD in back with binocs or something from the Pilot in the middle of the map.

  13. Have to disagree with your opening spotting move, especially with no arty in game. I would say you have to spot enemy scouts before they can take f1 bush or your whole team gets stuck on road side. your team got fortunate that it looked like the wz fired from cover and was spotted otherwise that game could have been far more likely a loss. If you had arty in game i’d say your opening spotting run would have been ok, then thye could assist your damage.

  14. Probably repeating things said earlier. I believe a tank will spot for 10 seconds after being killed. If You are in view range of the dead tank at the 10 second mark, you will be lit for another 10 seconds. So I think the answer you are looking for is 20 seconds being the longest you will be lit after killing a tank. I think the perk allows another 2 seconds.Truly, how many players get that perk?

  15. Fuck you. You make it sound like you won the fuckin hill singlehandedly. That game was bullshit. If you didn’t have help from the two other unicums in their T-55As tearing up all the retards in the middle, your little lame ass hide job on the backslope would have amounted to nothing.

    • wow…. someone needs a hug (or perhaps a snickers)…. I look forward to your public contribution to making players and the WOT knowledge base better.

    • Doosh Bagg Since when do you play alone in MULTIPLAYER? Lol haters gonna hate what can we do about it ?

    • Let it all out

    • Did you see the Ace Tanker, 5 kills, 22/27 hits. There were 3 hits from the team on the enemy tanks on the hill – enemy that he kept lit. Credit where credit is due – if the str and grille had been able to sit in the hill and snipe, the outcome would have been very different. I didn’t see anyone else push the hill with him. You really are a douche bag aren’t you?

    • YoungHittaTrappin [DFNT]

      Bruv your wr is prolly like 30% lmao stfu

  16. A brilliant game, as always….

  17. I’ve been tkd for playing this the same way you did lol. They said it was because I didn’t spot the 1 line. I told them don’t support the 1 line because it’s a bad play to go there in my opinion.

  18. ”run out of Normal apcr” spam gold before shoot Normal APCR

  19. WTF even spotting duration is varied. Everytime I come to know something is RNG based in this game, I feel FML

  20. lemming you should upload my replay :p

  21. I heard that 10 seconds is the max time it takes to become unspotted, and it seems to work when I actively count out… If you’re in the moment counting fast, count to 13 as to allow your quick counts to add up to 10 real seconds…

  22. MikeProductions1000

    Had a fail in a game on mines. A tiger I just needed to stay in cover in the encounter cap. it was 96% there with two cappers. He had a majority of the points; he pokes out and gets hit with HE and is reset. Just making sure, but does anyone else agree that’s a 100% loss on that guy?

    Just to be 100% clear, there was no other way for the enemy to reset since arty wasn’t in the game and they were not close enough to yolo.

    I mean I usually don’t get salty, but it kind of just made me depressed to see someone throw a game like that.

  23. 10 seconds after being spotted, i believe

  24. Man, I love watching these replays even though I know I’m never gonna be able to pull off these moves and desicions.

  25. Another game where the LT DOES NOT DO THEIR MAIN JOB.

    S C O U T I N G

    With these replays you are sending a very bad signal to most of your naive viewers to be SELFISH dickz on a LT.

    You should do these types of manoeuvres in a MT and you will be totally justified.

    I have seen many games where LTs go on solo attacks will total disregard to their team members.

    I already HATE LT players because I can see their behaviour through your game plays.

    You have an amazing situation awareness and great skills but using it on the wrong type of tank.

    • Wrong, I never like ANY tank to go the “typical” places, my argument is that in the begining of the match if you are a in a HT don’t scout and if you are in a LT don’t brawl unless absolutely necessary for the team.

      You can be in your type of tank and performing according with your type anything else you are putting your team at risk. The difference with LemmingRush is that he is a very skilful player and can do different types of tanks roles with the same tank.

    • That move IS one of the standard scouting move. Where did you actually learn about scouting? Go check some actual LT experts like Ilya Red or Dauntless Tanker and even them will say that E6/F6 are valid scouting moves to spot mid and also heavies moving to line 0.

      When he met enemy LT, of course he should shot it. No actual proper LT player will say that it was wrong since he’s already spotted anyway. When you met an opposing LT, one of the most important thing is to counter enemy LT by either killing him or suppressing him from trying to play a good light play. The way he dug in after he shot is correct since he should not risk getting a return shot (since LT must conserve his HP).

      Shooting the railway is a weird move indeed, but that alone did not invalidate any of his other play since it’s a low risk low reward thing that in the end does not matter much.

      I agree that LemmingRush sometimes did a questionable moves in his way of using LT as pseudo meds, but this match is NOT an example of such case. YOU are the one who decided that he did not play as a proper LT without even noticing that he did a pretty good job as a scout and also earned decent spotting damages. Plus, with his setup (a T-54 ltwt with no optic, let alone binoc), other traditional LT tactics such as passive scouting in line 1 became a VERY bad idea.

    • I think you killed his day by that thumbs down.. 🙁
      I suggest you do your homework first.. Early spotting on that map makes no sense, unless you have a good arty player on your team who expects where you will spot tanks first. The other tanks will not even be in position to take shots, so focussing on early damage yourself is a very good point, as early damage wins a lot of games.

      Funny how you judge while having watched only a quarter. Maybe I should have stopped at a quarter of your bullshit. It’s easy to condemn when not having your facts straight. Strange that he probably wins more then you, because of playing multiple roles at a time with his tanks, which he does in his other tanks as well. It doesn’t matter that he got lit because of blind firing, since clearly no one was in position yet to fire at him at all. Speaking of selfishness.. did you see where his allies went? All meds went straight into camping mode. Löwe with good armor and gun depression clearly did his ‘sniper role’ with every tank of the enemy behind behind the middle ridge. You have to adjust to the situation, which is what he did. Come up with some sense instead of dropping some bullshit.

      I don’t agree with all the plays he made, but it worked out, so I don’t see any reason to start throwing shit at the guy.

    • “That move IS one of the standard scouting move”
      100% Agree, IF YOU SCOUT
      Enough said

    • What can I say, I agree 100% so you and LemmingRush feel happy.

      There, there, I took the dislike and I made it a thumbs up.

      FUCKING HAPPY NOW???????

      BTW, check this and YOU FUCKING LEARN

      It was 6 dislikes now 5, GOOD JOB.

  26. I understand the “Unspot” time to be as others say, I have noticed though that this does not seem to apply to Jagtigers, this may seem tinfoil hat territory but they seem to have an uncanny ability to see and shoot things other tanks can not.

  27. Pretty sure the time to be unspotted is 10 seconds, 12 if they have that crew skill


  29. Blagoy John Terziev

    Its 10 seconds, if he has the skill he spots you for 2 more seconds, you where in the 13th second when you got hit so he did blind fire just at the end

  30. About 10 count

  31. I think some of ya’ll have Designated Target confused with Call for Vengeance.

    • They are cumulative, but the 110’s reticle wasn’t on you when he died (so no DT). Most likely you just caught a lucky blind shot.

  32. Every tank is lit for 10s. Enemy tanks that die spot for an additional second or two.

  33. 5-10 seconds but with the designated target Perk you can add +2 seconds so if you wait like 12 seconds you are 100% sure

  34. The Designated Target Perk enables the Gunner to make targeted enemy vehicles within 10 degrees of your reticle remain visible for two more seconds than they normally would remain visible. This Perk works only while in arcade view or sniper view and not in SPG strategic view. However, any allied vehicle will benefit from a team mate’s use of this Perk, including SPGs using strategic view. If two Gunners on the vehicle have the Perk, the effect is not cumulative.

    Primarily helpful for snipers and in some cases for scouts.

  35. 4Tankers did a great vid on the duration of spotting – basically 8-11secs based on condition.

  36. If I’m only light tank on my team and I go hill, my 1 line will consistently get torn to shreds by the vision from the enemy light and the guns of their TDs. I’m surprised you didn’t lose 7 tanks on the other flank while you were winning hill. That would have happened to me.

  37. 110 died at 7:02 game time and you got shot at 6:50 game time. Maximum spotting duration is 10 seconds + the radio operator skill Call for Vengeance which gives a dead tank 2 seconds of spotting. Also you were basically on a straight line for the last 3 or so seconds so blindshotting is also a possibility.

  38. it is 10 sec until your not lid

  39. YoungHittaTrappin [DFNT]

    My guess probably isnt valid because I play blitz lmao but in blitz it takes 9.5 Seconds to recamo

    • YoungHittaTrappin [DFNT]

      If you must guess why a Blitz nub is on your channel watching pc gameplay is because it actually helps me especially the How to Raise your WR to 60% video talking about how it is important to fight flanks based on your strengths and I find that my skills have been improving quite drastically.

  40. “I ran out of standard so I ended out shooting golds” – LR 2017
    I am not a “you spammed gold you sux ass” type of guy, but what you said is factually incorrect. Your Standard-Gold round composition is almost 1:1, and you practically used gold for almost all of your shots until you ran out of your entire 18 gold rounds.

    So yeah, you only earned 6k in premium account only because you spammed gold, not because of “such is the life of lights” or WG economy system. In fact lights are one of the easiest class to avoid losing credits since it has a mobility good enough to get flanking shots most of the time (and spotting is free). I do use golds when I’m forced to, but otherwise re-position and flanking is a much more cheaper solution.

    That said with your playstyle (LT forced as a pseudo medium) shooting more golds than normal is unavoidable, I guess.

    • The gold shell on the lt costs 4,400 credits.

      If indeed I’d shot 18 gold shells, id’ve been down 79,200 credits just on those 18 shells. Yet my ammo costs for this game were about 47,000.

  41. I always count to 10 at least, to know I’m not spotted anymore. Clearly you were still spotted when the jagdtiger fired at you. I think, probably because you were on open terrain, but it was only 5 seconds after you destroyed the 110. People will still be aimed in your direction. Same goes for the situation earlier on the hill. I would expect people to be aiming for me as long as they are not lit. If they are not lit, I assume that my allies in the middle will not be spotted as well, unless I’ve seen a scout make a run in the middle. The time you stay lit, also depends on your camo skills I think, as (light) tanks with good camo tend to disappear very quickly.

  42. Drop VStabs and pick up optics… You dont need V Stabs on the ltwt.

  43. Nice. Are you a Jedi Master? How did you mind-F the heavy to turn sideways and sit still for you to shoot five times? When I try this alone, three or four enemy tanks yolo from the top of the hill and I’m back in the garage.

  44. Ten seconds

  45. Genius !!

  46. guillem fuster adrover

    I believe it’s 10 s to get unspotted

  47. I tend to do OK playing the hill from the north spawn but not nearly as well from the south. Any pointers for winning the hill from the south?

  48. Do you play wot on ps4?

  49. someone should be spotting hill, agreed. but seriously LR, a Tier9 Light below 445m view range is BS

  50. 10 seconds is safe

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