How to Win with the New Tier 9 and 10 Light Tanks – Cliff Light Tank Tutorial

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Source: LemmingRush

Not a spectacular run of the mill luck game, but imo its a good replay none-the-less because I barely do any scouting, I just it like a faster medium, which they basically are 🙂

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-And your timezone/server.



  1. “Ehehe… that’s a rock”. – LemmingRush 2017

  2. easy, play meds shoot lights

  3. LemmingRush, when will be your next stream? I really want to see you live streaming the new patch.

  4. thx for your great explanations, really enjoy them.keep up the good work 😉

  5. Great job. Have had some good matches as well but they don’t seem as fun to me. Just don’t see the point of them now that they have worse spotting and base dispersion. Really miss sniping and carrying with the 131 100mm.

  6. Precisionmetalheadx

    @Lemmingrush The first game I played in my 13 90 I felt like the gun handling was MASSIVELY buffed and 205 is awesome for the basic round. I also feel the 18 sec reload is a huge upgrade. In my opinion the best T9 is by far the 13 90 die to the gun handling buff and the regular round being APCR.

  7. heres a question for ya lemming, do you think they srewed over lights because they arnt as “scouty” without optics or is it the community blowing things out of proportion. I havent tried the new 10s but loving the 54 light and the 13-90 both of which dont use rammer (yeah not using it on the 54 light its weird but i found it to be more fun) so im not sure if they “nerffed” it as bad as people claim.

  8. Really enjoying your explanation of strategy on these videos. Great work!

  9. wait Lemming you have a kill??? Wow you must be really good to get kills before games start 😉 0:00

  10. This was a very good pick for a replay and a great explanation. Hopefully over time expectations for light tank roles can be changed from the old one-dimensional “scout” role to something that reflects the overall capabilities of these tanks in the game today.

  11. I prefer “regular” games instead of amazing games. It gives me a more realistic look into how you play, think, and react to challenges.

  12. with the recent downgrade to lights I think they are sort of useless, especially when you have meds with same or higher view range, not to forget the rest of their stats which are much better…Whats your opinion friend? Guide was awsome though..can use it with meds..

  13. Well. 90% of the player will still get mad because u don’t go sporting. Lol.

  14. It's not what you think

    Alright cunt, WG says that if the arty changes aren’t received well they they’ll remove arty. Should we all still complain?

  15. Great video, as always. Two questions:

    1) Do you use this same philosophy on Mines and thus not try to take its hill (outside of playing the “pocket” as you’ve described in previous videos)?

    2) Given that you play the high tier lights as fast mediums, as opposed to scouts, do you think they provide enough of an advantage over mediums to be really played like this? In other words, personal feelings and things like “fun factor” aside, would you be better off just playing a real medium like the regular T-54?

  16. Don´t you think a fast tier9 med would play this game better. You would get to the rock a bit slower but it have better dmp, gun stats and more HP.

  17. I’d like to hear you weigh in on what the 9.18 patch did to light tanks in general once you think you have enough games under your belt to have a sense of things.

  18. For a while I was watching QB and didn’t really understand how to improve more.However, now I’ve found you’re channel, it’s helped me improve so much quicker.Your vids are so informative and well explained.

    Btw, what’s your favourite light atm?

  19. *that’s a rock*
    Quote of my life from now on.

  20. So, LR, you are telling us that with the big LT nerf WG achived exactly what they said they wanted to avoid? i.e. LTs being played like fast mediuns?

  21. I’ve never seen tanks climbing to the lighthouse in such numbers. Weird. One or two maybe.

  22. hey nice video very informative and yes the donut is rather odd now its really only viable in CW if you can take the bowl first but as for the hill unless you are in something with gun depression its rather lackluster and 07 from a FELOW member!! gg

    on a sidenote I find the 54 ltwt to be a better version of itself this update its now more like a squishy medium with less HP

  23. Not sure if you know this or not Lemming but when you get stunned by arty go ahead and use the crew kit to remove the stun! Great video btw enjoyed it a lot!

  24. Siddharth Chenrayan

    One thing that seems even worse about arty is that at they can theoretically keep you stunned indefinitely and getting repeatedly stunned gets really annoying really quickly. May not be as much of a problem for mediums but for slow heavies it’s extremely aggravating.

  25. How to play high tier lights after all those nerfs:
    1. Sell all high tier light tanks (maybe except T49)
    2. Buy high tier mediums

  26. 5:57 why use the tilt on the hill when you can just use the tilt from getting shot by arty all day?

  27. what about mountain pass north spawn as a light?

  28. Really great and informative video, one of the few youtubers to showcase that the new lights aren’t all about scouting and viewrange and that they still have a place in the battlefield which was really refreshing to see. Keep it up!

  29. so generally speaking from the other spawn in the same tank do you aim for middle still or would you try and flank some heavies using the lower path on the 9 line?

  30. lemmingrushs favourite word ” realistically” XD

  31. I’m considering using the 90mm as standard now on theT49 due to it’s recent changes, I’d like to say I find it to be possible more competitive than the 152mm howitzer now. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this – *90mm, or 152?*

  32. before the patch I would completely agree with the statement ‘lights are really fast meds’ but wg nerfed the lights guns into near uselessness. eg. walker bulldog has 1600 dpm. German blackdog has 2600 dpm. the Ru lost 600 dpm. amx 13 105 has like what… 22 rounds? the tier 6 vk light lost its only quality, the 105.. I for one, really hope they will pull back the nerfs. I am actually angry at how they neutered my favorite class of tank. high tier meds do everything better. even their view range is superior.

  33. muahahahha that was me in the lorr.155

  34. If you can’t win the 9 line cause your team has almost no heavies, and their team has a lot more heavies? Could you play the donut and the middle and try to put shots into heavies as they try to push? Great vid though and I love more LT gameplay

  35. Hi LemmingRush, do you take replays for gameplay annalysis, i have a lwt replay that i think is worthy of one, made mistake and good plays, but its also entertaining at the end where i spanked a 113, a e100 and a emil 2.
    Keep up the nice content.

  36. No, no, no you have it all wrong. You want to take a hard left and sail right off into the ocean because these tanks are a joke and should be ditched.

  37. GreaseMonkey Supreme

    Lemming is actually Chuck Norris.

  38. what if I don’t want to win….. this changes everything :O

  39. Simple and easy to understand and use his tactics, best guy around to learn from imo.

  40. Awesome as always mate, have already changed my equipment loadout on what higher tier lights I have.
    Bags2247 NA

  41. Well done.

  42. I’ve seen so many decent players get flummoxed by even in CW and stronks with either poor calls or scatterbrained reactions that I feel like this is a really important thought process to outline in general.

  43. Herr Schicklgruber

    Couple times I’ve driven into that obvious fucking rock that I _know_ is there. Now I’ve seen Foch and Lemming do it, it’s nice to see better players than myself making the same potato moves I do.

  44. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Did that “Draw on the Map thingy” actually work? Well i saw it worked for me but did other Players see it?? would´ve been hilarious if that worked^^

  45. Is this the Update or Sandbox ? And when comes the Update?

  46. Love your content Lemming, please keep it comming! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new LTs and where they stand (in your opinion) after the nerfs.. For me (EU) I still havn’t had the chance to try anything out just yet but from what I’ve heard the tier X are very poor choices due to the extreme DPM cuts.. I used to love lights because I feel it’s the most challenging and fun class to play and I fear they are becoming so very outclassed by Meds in all regards (expect slight mobility and the camo on the move..) :/

  47. Will you do a video to the French lights like the Batchat-12t, AMX 13 75, AMX 13 90 and AMX 13 105? They probably play the same, but it would be nice 🙂

  48. You forgot to mention in the title that you are an unicum…

  49. I looked up a bunch of WoT youtubers quite early and after only 1k games I managed to be over 1k wn8. But after that the *tips* and *advice* they gave and understanding of the game was very basic. This is the only channel I’ve seen that actually explains the thought process of why and when you do something. Best channel out there if you want to get better at the game

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