How to Win/Carry Games on Redshire in the M48 Patton

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Source: LemmingRush

Thanks for watching, as always if you have any questions please let me know:)

I’m currently offering training sessions for those of you who are looking to at WoT.
Please include:
-Your WoTLabs link (or just your ingame username)
-What you hope to improve on ( early game, reading lineups, when you should be rotating, deciding whether or not to push or go back to base, finish carries) are all types of things I can help you with, and of course, much more)
-And your timezone/server.



  1. Last time I was this early someone already commented “why only 360”

  2. So early only 360p is available. Fuck it, I’ll watch it anyway.

  3. It's not what you think

    They took my fucking S51 ammo

  4. lol at that platoon on your team.

  5. “Today we’re gonna be watching a replay of me” How self centered… XD

    On a more serious note, this video really opened my eyes to how important positioning really is. I knew it was important already, but I figured knowing stats and reloads was just as important. Obviously knowing stats/reloads is important so you can know when to be aggressive against certain vehicles etc. but it’s evident in this video that position knowledge outweighs stat knowledge to a degree (weakpoints are still a huge importance). I think definitely my biggest flaw in how I play is just sometimes not knowing when to fall back, when to push, and different positions. If I knew the maps in WoT half as well as I know the maps in War Thunder, I’d be golden, but the map designs are hard to learn imo for good positions in WoT.

    Either way, I enjoyed the video because I just got my Fatton and any video showcasing it helps greatly for me to learn how to play it.

  6. I just splooged… amazing carry.

  7. I get always spottet there by lights in the bushes. Especially when your own guys stay all clumped together at c5! Then the arty fun begins……

  8. Friendly arty was on point. Good and informative vid, I wouldn’t think of going to those positions.

  9. Thibault Giesbertz

    Hey lemming, do you prefer the m48 patton over the centurion AX if so why? and thnx for the videos, the really help

  10. “pubbies” – guys who aren’t hiding their Tier 10’s behind Tier 8’s. Look at me – I’m a Super Unicum – mind if I go hull down on you?

  11. Thank you for your content, I learn something about playing every time.

  12. lee christmasgaming

    Lemming, what do you think of the new patch?

  13. nice game! I do think I’m learning something here, my consistency in dealing damage got better after you and Zeven hammered winning and pushing a flank idea into my head.
    Btw, what do you think of preferential MM in the new patch so far? Is it still worth getting a premium tank that has that feature? We on EU are yet to find out.

  14. I love your content, but pls get rid of the mid video ads, they just destroy any video

  15. your so skilled when you take more prem ammo then normal :p

  16. Lemming can you do a overall review and opinion of 9.18?

  17. Just wanted to say you are a GREAT? player, not just because of your stats. but how you are willing to take time and explain your ideas/ plays. GG Wish it was possible 2 platoon with you.

  18. gg lemming, i need more vid’s of ur game play bro.they r realy helping me out. Edmonton.

  19. Thanks for this replay Lemming. I tend to struggle on this map, especially from the other spawn side. I’ll try the advice on E3, with a tank with good gun depression of course:)

  20. Every game is different as soon as I saw this replay I remembered my last game on Redshire and I was exactly where Lemming was and I was totally overwhelmed even though my tank was pretty good hull down. I just didn’t have the support of my team. They were not camping at the back and on the hill side instead it was a totally scattered mess. You really do need those pubbies as you call them. If they aren’t in the camping spots you get run over

  21. That grille position is a decent position. You can double bush behind the tree, and hold and heavy tanks back that try to inevitable push around the rock. If you play it smart you can rack up a lot of damage, kinda boned if they rush past the rock though.

  22. Nice battle! You were pretty lucky in the beginning though. Arty has perfect shots where you and the t34 were, but they chose not to click you.

  23. Great work!
    I was thinking that was going to go a lot worse on the 0 line, I was really suprised on how you went over there, and it worked, I mean if there was a lot more heavies would it have went so well?
    And I don’t think you should apologize for meat shielding, if anything you should encourage it, not enough players meat shield for their softer teammates and they end up losing because they become more valuable late game, especially higher tier ones, so yeah, I vote to use the armor and HP pool that is out there.
    Do you have a video on swamp? I have been playing again, on my EU account, with the pz 3/4 and I realized I don’t really know what to do up north, and there seems like quite a few options. Your reading what the team is, and what they are doing, and how to adapt to that is invaluable, so thank you for that!

  24. Now if only all arty players ( on US servers for now ) could start using the darn T button on the ground to warn us [ ENTER AT OWN RISK ] in the form of a BIG yellow target he/she is shooting There ! Tired of dying in those nice intense ( and rare for me ) moments owning the enemy , having 1 of those match that leaves you shaking even 5 minutes after battle ended by my own arty ! -_- And of course it’s my fault that I did not pay attention to the chat box and remained focus on the enemies I was about to go execute .

  25. 4:56 “good left click.” that had me fucking dying

  26. KNAWLEDGE! // Are you turning into Mr. Maw Lamborghini? LOL

  27. I memorize stats not on purpose a lot of the time and it helps but is not necessary

  28. I just love the M48, my first and favorite tier 10! GG

  29. Discovered your channel a couple weeks ago. Man your a great player (no one can argue that lol) and I love how you explain what goes through your mind and why you do certain moves. In just a couple weeks I’ve been able to be a lot more effective in games and my stats are sky-rocketing.

    Keep up the greats vids man!

    Cheers from a fellow Canadian 😛

  30. Henri Liimatainen

    i hate this tank so much, and no, i am NOT a tomato

  31. have you ever use HE on light amour tank like AMXs/German’s Turreted TD?
    triggered me abit when i see you use normal shell to hit the cap circle instead of HE

  32. As a new player i learn alot from your videos, thanks for that!

  33. I am still wondering why their arty did not click you at the start of the game on the 0 line ? 3 huge arty and no shots on you with shining purple stats making you the most dangerous player.

    If one of their arty knew wtf to do then this would have turned from the best carry ever to a never seen on youtube game. I mean WTF , arty always pre aims that spot where you were brawling.
    I watched a video of Circonflex playing arty aimed at that very spot whilst eating cereal and rebalancing the enemy 1 left click at a time.
    I would have far sooner watched a video where you got hit for 1k dmg and then had to adapt your tactics rather than just sit in the strongest position available. The running away from the Lorraine is a play I most likely would not have made and would have gotten me kiled most likely, those are the type of things I like to see and learn.

  34. “arty outplays the lorraine” xD

  35. “Nice left click” 😀
    On EU mocking clickers can end up with a HE in ass, so I hold myself back 😛

  36. That moment when you’re reading a 3 year old forum post and suddenly come across lemmingrush’s reply.

  37. “In this replay im going to do that”

    *5 secs later*

    “I dont want to play e3 if theres no arty cover”


  38. Any vid of how to play the E3 position? 🙂

  39. ay rush i thought better from you sure you are a better tanker than the t34 but just because he is not as good as you it doesn’t mean he is your shield you are a better tanker so use that skill and try not to treat the t34 like crap just because you reckon he is not needed

  40. I love playing this map

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