How War Thunder got Review Bombed into SUBMISSION (Documentary)

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Source: OneAndOnly016

If you're a or just a fan of gaming drama, grab some popcorn ready. Protesting, boycotting, and even taping onto Gaijin's windows.

00:00 Intro
00:37 Why it happened
01:40 How it started
02:17 Review Bombing
04:20 Gaijin addresses concerns
05:48: Bombing continues
06:09 Gaijin gets it right
07:26 Late night placarding
08:06 Steam hides reviews
08:46 Anime body pillows
09:09 War Thunder Boycott
10:54 Roadmap reveal
12:21 War Thunder player union ends
12:39 Operation “Touch Grass”
13:13 Best comment
13:56 Sad.

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  1. My brain damn near melted researching this clusterf*ck!

    Gotta satisfy the damn Youtube gods!

    Love ya’ll!

    • Loved it!

    • OMG! You used anime pillows to boost your stats!!!!

    • Boss this video is 10/10 you did more than i would ever expect from a guy that play wot 😀

    • At mark 13:06 I’m in the middle of the photo, kinda funny.

    • I hope you haven´t seen all the disturbing stuff Gaijin did get rid off, deleted and supressed. Especially in the forums. That place is hell on earth. I swear if I had the brains to take screenshots of everything and record all I have seen about the Snail.. geez this “Union” would nuke the Snail into oblivion. So if you guys wanna do something to help the game, join the forums and go pushing stuff you wanna see ingame in the suggessted section. Like Air RB EC or Ground RB EC which are being actively suppressed by Gaijin for years now. They can´t possibly delete all our posts.(Yes they delete stuff that doesn´t violate any rules at all, just because they don´t like it.)

  2. Very nicely made video, let’s hope the algorithm spreads it around even more!

  3. ❤😂😂

  4. The dislike review war montage is so HILARIOUS HAHAHAHA

  5. It was clear to me back in 2013 that the day would come and gaijin have problems with the game being free

  6. You noticed in steam they took down the RECEN REVIEWS. I didn’t like what they did before and now at all, thanks I’m deleting the game

  7. War Thunder reviews still say very positive on steam.

  8. Please continue supporting predatory monetization concepts in the “free to play” genre by throwing more and more money at those companies who see their playerbase as what they are: stupid ATMs.
    Or just don’t spend money on that shit and reward companies who offer a full game for a fixed price.

    Your choice.

  9. 名無しのキャス子

    When the US and China for put aside their differences for a moment just to salt the snail.


    also lets be real the boycott didn’t work 100% because of the dakimakura

  10. Lol…world of ours. Yea they need to take notes

  11. Noscopes Allowed

    Dude I love your editing style. All the little clips with the down votes are just so funny

  12. Hope Wargaming communitys around the globe learned from this and wake the f*ck up.

  13. Pakorn Wattanavrangkul

    Oh fk me, finally free fpe

  14. I liked it, bring more of this stuff.

  15. @Fischbroetchen2k
    vor 1 Sekunde
    1:27 Oh boy, they not just “delete” stuff they don´t like. They get super fancy about it, hide it. Delete it and say to the people who wonder where it went that it was “deleted by OP”.. which said OP then denies just for them calling it a “technical error” for some reason.

    They delete posts on the threat on the suggestion of AIR RB EC and reset the push so it lands back into 5 years ago so no one can´t find it without digging. That´s some next level shit. They are living their wet dream of being dictators there in the Forums. I wish I was exaggerating.

  16. “The Playerbase may think they want this, but they actually don´t. Trust me, we know better what you want then you know what you want” -Head of Dev Team, War Thunder.

    -Gaijin Head of Development, Dev Q&A Video

  17. I hope this can help teach more people that speaking with your wallet, or hitting the offender in the wallet, works. So tired of people rolling over on being treated like shit by companies. Don’t support them, and they’ll cave.

  18. Imagine you’re so stupid paying real money to fix pixels or pay SIXTY DOLLARS for a stupid tank. What’s wrong with people?

  19. Warthunder is a terrible fucking game. I dint get why people get so crazy about it. Much rather play world of warshits: battle of the turd.

  20. Sven's History Lab

    There definitely were bots in live games on the 26th

  21. I will keep review bombing if they don’t fix the economy
    If 14th june comes and its still not fixed the review bombing will continue

  22. my way to protest was by never pay for repair for months lelz

  23. Oh Hey, it’s Internet Historian!

  24. yessssss !!!! finyally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. At least usa and russia now allies again in war thunder boycott 🙂

  26. What we learned: Waifu Pillows will solve inflation.

  27. More like this video please.

  28. Imagine if bud light listened to it’s customers!!! Lol. Too little , too late now I imagine!!!!

  29. To be fair, War Thunder deserves everything they got there. The game forces you to buy tanks and planes with real cash in order to play past rank 3 for normal players

  30. They didnt do shit yet we will see when it all drops

  31. man imagine if the destiny community manned up and did the same regarding bungie

  32. I’ve been playing war thunder since 2013 and because of its horrible economy I stopped playing. I haven’t touched the game in months because I was tired of dealing with it.

  33. they learned from VRChat, this same thing happened during the EAC update

  34. Ididntthinkofaname2577

    I played warthunder for 3 years ive been playing on and off mostly because of the pay to win aspect, i enjoyed the game so much but it was hard to progress, as a 14 year old who dosent want to spend lots of my money or my parents money on a game about military vehicles i struggled hard, warthunder is already perfect but holding it back was the bad economy.

  35. I didnt play the game not because i was boycotting, but because the game was unplayable

  36. Seeing it a week later. Best video I’ve seen on it yet!

  37. anime body pillows can’t save you

  38. you gota respect warthunder players at this point
    not only did they manage to obtain higly secret documents from the USA government, they make an entire union and made their spin off of the french revolution

  39. cool video,remind me of Internet Historian.

  40. Просто Илья

    Guys, I know how we fix TF2!

  41. So funny they say 80% of players not paying a dime, well, perhaps, they’d consider paying those packs if they don’t cost 40 dollars to 60 dollars, as those price means buying literally a video game.

    Those packs are ridiculous more pricey than even any Call of Duty games, HELL, all the money can buy you probably ALL call of duty at this point.

  42. I love all the plebbit grade “memes” sprinkled throughout the video

  43. onE mEmbEr studio

    Wow, I had played the game twice
    Once, from 2015 – 2016, again in 2017 – 2018 and let me tell you, the game had zero changes. Free to play but pay to win!
    That’s a long road for them to make some changes. If the changes are good as they promise, I might visit the game for 3rd time

  44. Marcinkovic Fran

    We warthunder playera ste built difrent

  45. You were the funniest WoT creator, and realising youve migrated over to War Thunder is the best news all week. Looking foward to the content!

  46. Review Bombing on Steam is the most stupid thing and works 1 out of 50 times Gaijin is not the Rule but an exception.

  47. One thing I’ve learned is most people are either too impatient, lazy, or just forgetful to actually go through with boycotts. Same things happening with Niantic, most people end up just hopping back on the game anyways making no difference.

  48. wargaming watching it unfolding in the corner: 👁👄👁

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