How Was This SO CLOSE in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing Rinoceronte in World of Tanks in a game that was too close for comfort!



  1. First❤️

  2. ❤ Hey QB, fun fact, the new tier 8 jagtiger has the MAUS gun, statistics to the exact decimal. Thought you might find it interesting 😁

  3. I love my rino. Got it a few weeks ago and am averaging 3500 WN8 over 250 games. It’s apcr is a laser beam and the accuracy is .26. It’s an insane gun and it’s fun to work with the 10 degrees of gun depression

  4. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Rinoceronte, Panzer 7 and 113 feels so outdated and underrated tier 10s

  5. As soon as QB said to allow my team to I got an ad so it worked out as “to allow my team to get a free audible book” 😂

  6. should do a T57 Heavy gameplay to show that you can get amazing games even in a tank with bad win rate

  7. Its one of the HUGE flaws of this game…. That you always lose money on even a completely EPIC tier 10 game. You feel like you are losing even when you win. And it makes me never play tier 10.

  8. Really well played, dude. I would not have been able to hold back all those shots.

  9. I wish we had community replays more often, maybe something like 25% of the uploads 😬

  10. What happened to featuring other people’s replays?

  11. 3% more dpm of 0 dpm is still 0. I take the reverse speed on mine lol so I don’t need a turbo lol. Just like how I don’t take a gun rammer on my 122 TM.

  12. 6:45 educated guess. At what are you shooting at qb??????? Blind?

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