"How well Wargaming support works" Not a fake

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Source: Rita Sobral

Hello Warriors,

noticed a lot of speculation on the “How well Wargaming support works” post was a fake or not, and I can tell you, it is not a fake.
To be honest was my fault, at the time I was under heavy multitasking, didn’t explained it right and completely forgot to add the source. But at least I’m capable of calling my own bad shots. 🙂

So “hakuna your tatas” while I explain…

shh…shh… there you go, all will be fine dear.

First things first, this is the source: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/504797-so-this-is-how-the-ingame-reporting-system-works/#topmost

Basically, the player “X3N4” from FAME (EU server) got unfairly banned for 24 hours via reporting system after being harassed by random players who abused the system simply because he/she shot APCR and belongs to the clan FAME. (Lets take a second to admire the astonishing random player logic: “I come into a game where people shoot each others but who dares to shoot at me! Report it is! Hurr durr”)

And this is not the only player from FAME and I’m pretty sure from other clans having the same issue, “forbidden1” got as well a 24 hour ban for a very similar reason, he contacted support and this was the answer he got:

“If you are persuaded that you are getting reported “because of your clan”, I have an easy solution for you – choose another one.”

When I though that EU support couldn’t surprise me anymore… *sigh*

I have to point out that I do not defend FAME or any other clan, I’ve been a silent witness, like many of you, of the flaming that comes from certain clans and even those who are more under the radar eventually always get a rotten apple. These guys are not angels but its wrong to unfairly abuse on the system. Those who do that lose their rights to complain and are no better than those who flame or grief.

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